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Platinum Metallicum - Generalities symptoms - Hahnemann

The Metal Platinum, Platina, Platinum Metalicum, Platinum metallicum, platina, Plantinum metallicum, Plat.

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HPUS indication of Platinum Metallicum: Numbness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Platinum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Burning in the limbs, now here, now there.

Drawing in various parts of the body in succession, now in the side of the chest, now in the occiput, then in the abdomen, the shoulders, etc.

Transient stitches all through the body.

Itching erosion, smarting pricking and burning tickling, here and there, especially in the arms, the hands and the scrotum, so that he cannot scratch enough, aggravated in the evening, when he gets into his bed.

Burning pricking, here and there on the body, quickly disappearing of itself. (aft. 1 ½ h.).

Itching smarting all over the body, as if from vermin, not removed by scratching.

Pricking, now burning, now itching here and there, compelling him to scratch (aft. ½ h.).

Aggravation of the symptoms in the evening, before going to bed.

Painful sensation of numbness, as from a blow, here and there, especially on the head, always in small spots.

Contractive pain, here and there, however quickly going off.

Transient, cramp-like drawing here and there, as from colds.

The places seized by the cramp, when pressed upon, showed contusive pain.

Painful tremulousness of the whole body, with throbbing in the arteries.

Occasional sensation of trembling all through the body.

At first, sensation of trembling in the hands and feet then chilliness and violent trembling of the whole of the body, as in the most severe shaking chill, with chattering of the teeth; the face at the same time is warm, the hands cold.

Weariness in the whole body, she is ready to fall over, and totters while standing.

Sensation of great weariness, all over the body, as if she had slept too little.

Weariness from the open air, disposition to sleep.

Staggering while standing, as if his legs had no firmness (aft. 2 h.).

She has to extend and stretch herself, which feels very pleasant, in the afternoon.

In the evening she is very sleepy, she falls asleep while talking.

In the evening, great sleepiness; she goes to sleep over her reading and repeatedly awakes from her sleep asking What? because she indistinctly heard the talk of those around her; at night she sleeps soundly, without awaking from noise.

Starting up, in the evening, after falling asleep while sitting.

Late in falling asleep, not till after midnight, with tearing in the ball of the toes.

In the morning, on awaking, he lies with out-stretched lower limbs, or with thighs closely drawn up and knees wide apart, with one or both hands above the head, and always upon his back, with a great tendency to bare his thighs and constant erections.

In the morning on awaking he lies with out-stretched lower limbs, with the right hand under his head, the left hand on the bare pit of the stomach, with a tendency to bare the thighs and the body, but without any heat.

At night, restlessness in the abdomen, as from a cold.

At night, burning pain in the toes.

At night after rising, cramp and bending of the soles of the feet.

At night, intense itching all over the body.


Tired, languid, exhausted.

Weakness, especially while sitting, the feet feel tired out, full of tremulous unrest.

Lassitude, with a sensation in the face as if a cold sweat would break out.

Extreme exhaustion and drowsiness, at once after dinner.

Great inclination to violent, almost spasmodic yawning.

Yawning in the afternoon, without drowsiness.

Frequent yawning in the afternoon, so violent that her eyes water.

Violent yawning, after meals, so that her cervical muscles ache from it.

Unusual exhaustion and drowsiness, in the evening.

Great drowsiness in the evening; as soon as she closes the eyes she dreams of far off, foreign things, but at once wakes up over them.

In the morning on rising, yawning, though he had a long and refreshing sleep.

Sleep and dreams

Dreams about a conflagration, she cannot get ready with her preparation to go there.

He cannot go to sleep before midnight, the sleep then is short, with constant dreams.

At night she wakes up as if stupefied, and it is long before she can gather her thoughts.

She awakes at night as if dazed, and cannot think at all, where she is and what time it is.

Waking up at midnight, with ideas which he cannot get rid of, and which he anxiously holds fasts; no sleep till morning.

He awakes about midnight, tosses about, and does not find any position to suit him.

He awakes about midnight with melancholy thoughts, and with intense thirst, but goes to sleep again in an hour.

Anxious dreams, and when he quickly wakes up, gloomy thoughts and troubled images before his fancy.

Anxious confused dreams of war and bloodshed.

Dreams which are not remembered.

Incoherent dreams in the evening, when dropping off into a slumber.

Even in his noonday-ape, he dreams confusedly of ordinary matters, and on awaking, he cannot at once recollect what he dreamt.

Sleeplessness after 3 A.M., no position suits him.

She wakes up at 3 A.M., without any pains, and she soon goes to sleep again, for several nights.

He awakes in the morning very peevish and anxious, as if something evil had happened to him in his sleep, and as if he had wept much.

Sound sleep, with pleasant, well-remembered dreams.

After a long, sound sleep, there is, nevertheless, drowsiness in the morning.

Unusual long sleep in the morning.


Cramp-like twitching, here and there, in the limbs, like beating jerks.

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