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Plumbum Metallicum - Fever And Chill symptoms - T.F. Allen

Lead, Plumbum, Plumb, Plb.

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HPUS indication of Plumbum Metallicum: Paleness
Common symptoms: Paleness, Loss of smell, Stiffness.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Plumbum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.





Frequent attacks of chilliness (first day),

Cold chills,

Chills several times during the day (first day),

Chills and fever (with the colic),

Chills, without heat or sweat before the colic,

Chilliness, from morning till afternoon,

Chilliness, towards evening, even when close to the fire; the head is affected and giddy, thirst, redness of the face, and soft frequent pulse, above 100,


Shivering, coldness at the end of the crisis (after about three hours),

Shivering in all the limbs,

General coldness, with frequent shivering, which obliged him to be warmly clad and remain near a fire,

Temperature of the body very low, the skin very cold,

Sense of coldness of body (ninth day),

Sensation of coldness, while walking in the house (after one hour),

Surface of body cold,

Skin cool and dry,

Coldness immediately, in the open air (after two hours and three-quarters),

General sensation of coldness, not followed by heat,

In twelve cases, there was a constant and very strong sensation of icy coldness, both externally and internally, in the paralyzed parts, and especially in the extremities of the affected limbs; this was perceived by others. It was aggravated by the least draught of air which fell on the affected parts, especially in cold weather,

Face and extremities cold,

Temperature in the morning 39.4° C., in the evening 41° C., pulse 126, respiration 28; this condition was associated with paralysis of the elbow and shoulder-joints,

Nose cold for several days,

Coldness of the limbs,

The extremities were always cold,

Extremities cold, ,

Hands and feet very cold, but not anaesthetic,

Coldness of the hands and feet,

Repeated coldness of both arms,

Frequent coldness of the hands and forearms, and a very disagreeable asleep sensation,

Icy cold hands,

Hands cool and cyanotic,

Coldness of the fingers,

Coldness of feet,

Absence of febrile symptoms,



Fever. He had pleurisy. (Is there here a relation of cause and effect, or merely a coincidence?),

Fever, at first slight, with copious sweat,

Immoderate fever,

Fever, with unquenchable thirst,

Violent inflammatory fever, with jaundice (second day),

Hectic fever,

Exhausting fever accompanying the enteralgia,

Taken down with severe fever; the day before had a severe chill towards evening, followed by fever,

A little feverish and thirsty,

Occasional slight feverishness,

Sensation of violent heat,

Heat and thirst,

Heat, followed by perspiration on the knees (after three-quarter of an hour),

Increased sensation of warmth over the whole body, towards evening and at night, as in inflammatory fever, without increased warmth of the body or feverish pulse,

Burning, dry heat,

Heat, with weakness of the upper part of the body lasting a few minutes, followed by weakness of the hands and feet, after breakfast (fourth day),

Anxious flushes of heat, with sweat, in the afternoon,

Flushes of heat, immediately,

Transient flushes of heat, with redness of the face, without anxiety, with sweat on the upper part of the body, frequently in the afternoon,

Temperature 100° to 103°; 106° to 110° in the last twelve hours of life,

Skin hot and dry,

Skin hot, ,

Increased heat of skin,

Increase of temperature, with moist skin,

Temperature of the skin in general normal, rarely when uncomplicated with inflammation is the temperature raise,

Skin sometimes rather warm, and covered with perspiration, but generally cool, as in health,

Skin hot and moist, immediately,

Skin warm and moist,

Skin rather warm, and slightly moist,

Head hot, with the rest of the body cool, especially the hands,

Flashes of heat and of perspiration mounted to her face, almost immediately,

Heat mounts to the head, without increase of external warmth (after one hour),

Heat mounts into the head, with redness of the face (after five hours),

Frequently heat rising from the abdomen into the head (after three hours),

Very great heat in the region of the kidneys; the diffused engorgement can be felt in the lumbar region of the left side; it is apparently a perinephritis from calculus with urinary fistula; but the urine was scanty and high-colored, with fever,

Warmth over the whole abdomen (after two hours and three-quarters),

Burning in the limbs,

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