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Plumbum Metallicum - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Lead, Plumbum, Plumb, Plb.

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HPUS indication of Plumbum Metallicum: Paleness
Common symptoms: Paleness, Loss of smell, Stiffness.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Plumbum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Violent sticking and beating in the right side of the head, while walking and standing, in the forenoon,


Frontal headache, ,

A very severe headache, especially in the frontal and parietal regions, comes on immediately after each attack of colic,

Much frontal headache,

Frontal headache, worse by paroxysms, with feeling of dislocation,

Frontal headache, with heaviness of the head,

Headache in the forehead and temples, especially on the left side,

Headache in forehead and temples,

Dull headache in the forehead, with tearing in the nape of the neck,

Violent pains in the forehead (first day),

When asked where he feels pain, he says it is in the head, especially the forehead,

Shooting pains across the forehead, with pressing pain,

Headache; tearing in the forehead, with heat in the head and redness, without external heat, lasting a few minutes; in the afternoon,

Slight heavy pain in the forepart of the head,

Temples felt compressed, as if in a vice, and she experienced cruel lancinating pains there,

Dull sticking pain in the right temporal region, that was also sore externally (first day),

Very violent pain in the left side of the head,

Violent pains in left side of head,

Violent headache in the occiput, extending to the ears and temples, dull, pressive, commencing while asleep, so that the patient frequently rose from bed, walked about the room, holding his head with both hands, and as soon as the pain was somewhat relieved, lay down again to catch a short nap,

Headache partly in the occiput, at times extending as far forward as the forehead,

Dull pains in the back of the head, extending from the spine upwards,


(The hair becomes remarkably fatty; formerly it has always been very dry), (curative action), (first day),


Sensation of heaviness in the forehead, soon vanishing, after the morning soup,

Tearing back and forth in the forehead (after two hours and a quarter),

Sensation of tearing and contraction in the forehead (after six hours),

Tearing in the middle of the forehead, slowly increasing, frequently intermitting (after two hours),

Pressure in the forehead, rather externally (second evening),

Sticking in the brain, in the forehead (after six hours),

A small fine stitch in the left frontal eminence (after two hours),

Frequent stitches in the right frontal eminence (after two hours and a half),


Hard throbbing of the temporal arteries,

Temples throbbing,

Constant constriction and twitchings in the temples (second day),

Sensation of "clucking" in the left temporal region, extending to the ear,

Tearing in the right temporal region (after two hours),

Tearing sticking in the left temple (after two hours),

Tearing in the right temple, then in the right ear (after one hour),

Twitching in the right temple (after one hour and a half),


Sticking inward in the upper part of the right parietal bone,

Sticking and tearing in the upper part of the right parietal bone (after five hours and a half),


Sensation of heaviness in the occiput, as if its weight were increased,

Pressure in the occiput forward towards the forehead, with a feeling as if the eyes would close with heaviness, disappearing on standing up (after one hour),

Violent stitches in the sinciput, lasting a long time, at 9 P.M.,

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