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Plumbum Metallicum - Modalities Etc

Lead, Plumbum, Plumb, Plb.

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HPUS indication of Plumbum Metallicum: Paleness
Common symptoms: Paleness, Loss of smell, Stiffness.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Plumbum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), On waking, discontented; bitter taste; dryness in throat; thirst; early, vomiting; after rumbling in abdomen; colic; cough; in bed, stitches in mammae; wrists and ankles weak and painful; tearing in left upper arm; after rising, pain in legs; on rising, soreness and tenderness of soles of feet; faintness.

(Forenoon), Sticking and beating in right side of head; jerking tearing in left eyeball; while standing, sticking in right ear; sensation of foreign body in throat; tearing in surface of left upper arm.

(Evening), Stitches in head; 9 P.M., stitches in sinciput; roaring in the ears; appetite; eructations of gas; colic; griping in abdomen; pain in extremities; trembling of arms; weakness in upper limbs; tremor of upper limbs; itching.

(Night), Furious delirium; random talking; colic; pain in extremities; pain in arms; pain in calves; the symptoms; warmth.

(Open air), Coldness.

(Ascending stairs), Palpitation of heart; pain in thighs; weariness of knees; weight in knees; pain in right knee; faintness.

(Bending toward left side), Sticking in left lumbar region.

(After breakfast), Eructations of gas.

(Cold), Pain in lower back tooth; colic; pains.

(Before colic), Anorexia; nausea.

(After colic), Frontal headache.

(After dinner), Disinclination to talk; tearing in right ear; boring in right ear; thirst; pulsation in hands and feet; yawning and sleepiness.

(Drinking), Paroxysms; the symptoms.

(Excessive drinking), Tremor.

(Hot or cold drinks), Pains.

(While eating), Drawing sensation in oesophagus.

(Eating a biscuit), Pains; nausea.

(After eating), Pressure in stomach; pain; colicky pains; fish; offensive flatus; soup, tearing in eyelids.

(After any excess), Debility.

(Mental exertion), Tremor.

(After fatigue), Tremor of hands; tremor.

(Food), Colic.

(Inspiration), Stitches in left side of chest; pressure of left side of chest; sticking in left mamma.

(When intoxicated), Tremor.

(Laughing). Pressure on left side of chest; stitches in left lumbar region.

(Looking up), Vertigo.

(While lying), Drawing in hip-joint; throbbing in calves.

(During micturition), Burning.

(Motion), Lancinations in face; anxiety about chest; lancinations in lumbar region; pain in joints; pain through paralyzed limbs; cramps in forearm; pains in lower limbs; pain in forepart of thigh; pain in knees, calves, and soles of feet; pains.

(After motion), Weakness.

(Moving eyes), Pressive pain above eyes.

(Moving head), Pressure in occiput.

(Moving right arm toward left), Sticking in right hip.

(Moving limbs), Cramps.

(Pressure), Pain in spleen and kidneys; oppression in region of heart; anxiety about chest; lancinations in lumbar region; pain in mammary region; pain through paralyzed parts; pain through extremities; pains in forearm, elbow, and axilla; pain in arms; pain in lower extremities; pain in knees and soles of feet.

(Pressure on hypogastrium), Pain.

(Firm pressure on abdomen), Pain at umbilicus.

(When pressing at stool), Cutting about navel.

(Respiration), Pain in wall of thorax.

(During rest), Contraction of muscles of sole of left food.

(Rising from recumbent position), Pain in abdominal muscles.

(Running), Palpitation of heart.

(While sitting), Stitches in inner side of left knee; heaviness and weariness of feet.

(After sitting down), Sticking in right costal region.

(While smoking), Sensation in throat.

(While standing), Head dull and heavy; stitch in left groin; sticking beneath right arm; stitch in back; tearing in lumbar region; pains from soles to hips; tearing in left knee; sticking in right knee.

(During stool), Burning in anus; cutting colic, and cutting in anus.

(Stooping), Vertigo; giddiness; pain in lumbar region.

(Swallowing), Swollen sensation in throat.

(After swallowing liquid), Abdominal pains.

(Talking), Pain in pimples on tongue.

(Touch), Pain in hypochondria; pain in abdomen.

(Turning head sideways), Tension in nape of neck.

(Turning body backwards), Stitches in right side of body.

(At twilight), Prostration.

(Vomiting), Pain in umbilical region.

(When anything goes wrong), Trembling.

(Walking), Rapidly, rush of blood to chest; shortness of breath; loss of power in lower extremities; pains from soles to hip; pain in middle of left thigh; stitches in right thigh.

(Warmth of bed), Pain in large joints; pain in leg; pain in knees and soles of feet.


WORSE, at night, motion.

Clear weather

Open air




Grasping smooth objects



(Morning), After eating soup, heaviness in forehead.

(Forenoon), When walking in the open air, short-sightedness.

(Night), All Symptoms.

(Open air), Dizziness; sleepiness.

(Hot-air bath), Head symptoms.

(Cold water), Cramps.

(Eating), Pain in upper abdomen.

(Emission of flatus), Griping about navel; pain in abdomen.

(Food), Faintness.

(Friction), Pain in renal region; pain in knees and soles of feet.

(Lying on abdomen), Colic.

(Motion), Contraction in muscles of sole of left foot; tearing in two first toes of left foot.

(Moving knee back and forth), Sticking.

(During pregnancy), Colic.

(Hard pressure), Pain in epigastrium; pain about umbilicus; pain in abdomen; colic.

(Gentle pressure), Pain in forearms, elbows, wrists; pain in lower limbs.

(Pressure with flat of hand), Pain in abdomen.

(Pressure), Pain in head; griping pain in lower part of head; pain in renal region; sticking in lumbar region; pains in bends of elbows; pain in knees; pain.

(Raising foot), Contraction in muscles of sole of left foot.

(Rising and sitting erect), Sticking in left lumbar region.

(Rubbing), Pain in stomach; stitches in left hypochondrium; sticking in left side of chest; stitches in right side; tearing in nape of neck; sticking in small of back; tearing in right ring and middle fingers; sticking in left leg.

(Scratching), Itching on left upper lid; itching of left nostril; itching on coccyx.

(Standing), Pressure in occiput.

(Swallowing saliva), Dryness at root of palate.

(Warmth), Pain in abdomen.

(Warmth of bed), Lancinations on knees.

(Walking), Sticking in right costal region; weariness in hands and feet; sticking in region of right hip; pain in legs.


BETTER, rubbing, hard pressure, physical exertion ( Alumen Alumen.)

Hard pressure


Desires and aversions

Great hunger.

No appetite, but violent thirst.


Great appetite, in the evening (first day),

Sensation of violent hunger in the throat, extending down to the stomach, returning after eating (third day),

Excessive hunger, he eats an unusual amount (after five days),

Appetite generally craving,

Appetite indifferent,

Appetite poor, ; (after one year),

Appetite very poor,

Diminished appetite (second day), ,

Appetite much diminished,

Loss of appetite before the colic,

No appetite nor thirst,

Loss of appetite, for two months,

Loss of appetite and sleep,

Loss of appetite, , , , etc.

Complete loss of appetite, ,

Almost complete anorexia; perhaps some malacia,

Anorexia, etc.

Prolonged anorexia,

Anorexia before the colic,

Anorexia, with considerable sickness,

Anorexia, without loathing,

Complete anorexia,

Great relish for tobacco (first day),


Thirst inextinguishable (after one day),

Distressing thirst and desire for cold water,

Great thirst; but liquids are returning, with much straining, as soon as taken,

Violent thirst,

Very great thirst,

Great thirst, etc.

Considerable thirst preceded the soreness of mouth, especially in the evening,

A little thirsty and feverish,

Moderate thirst, etc.

Thirst, even in the morning (fourth day),

Great desire for cold drinks,

Much thirst for cold water,

Absence of thirst, etc.

Dread of all drinks,


Eructations, , , etc.

Frequent eructations, etc.

Frequent tiresome eructations, and violent hiccough,

Frequent eructations and borborygmi,

Frequent inodorous eructations,

Extraordinarily frequent eructations, with a sensation in the mouth as after eating sugar,

Frequent eructations, affording momentary relief, and feeling like something sweet rising into the mouth,

Frequent offensive eructations, sui generis,

Eructations of an offensive odor (after two hours and a half),

Sweetish eructations, ; (fourth day),

Uprisings of sweet water, with emptiness of the stomach,

Sweetish uprisings into the throat (after half an hour),

Uprisings of tasteless water (after a quarter of an hour),

Sour uprisings (after two hours and a half),

Distressing eructations,

Eructations of a strange taste,

Eructations of gas after breakfast (after a quarter of an hour),

The gas eructated of a bitter fetid smell and taste,

Ineffectual attempts to eructate, followed by yawning (after half an hour),

Empty eructations, followed by burning in the stomach, soon disappearing (after a quarter of an hour),

Empty risings, eructations,


Hiccough once (after five hours),

Hiccough, ,

Paroxysmal hiccough, frequently repeated,

Violent hiccough, occasionally,

Frequent hiccough,

Position etc

Inclination to take the strangest attitudes and position in bed.

Walking 29, 33. Motion 19, 26, 31, 40. Going up stairs 26. Stooping 2. Bending backward or forward 17, 31. Must stretch 24. Lying on the back 27. Turning eyes upward 2. Rising 27.

Morning 27. Evening 16, 40. Night 5, 24, 34, 37, 40. Day 37.