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Plumbum Metallicum - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Lead, Plumbum, Plumb, Plb.

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HPUS indication of Plumbum Metallicum: Paleness
Common symptoms: Paleness, Loss of smell, Stiffness.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Plumbum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Large accumulation of tartar,

Blue line along the alveolar border,

Blue blotches or lines on the surface of the buccal mucous membrane,

The buccal mucous membrane may present different degrees of discoloration in different cases, or may in the same case, be colored in various shades of blue,

General Mouth.

Mouth drawn aside,

Tetanic closure of the mouth,

Ulcers in the mouth, especially on the sides, with an offensive odor; they afterwards became yellow,

Aphthae in the mouth and throat,

Occasional discharge of wind from the mouth,

Swelling of the glands in the mouth and beneath the chin,

Mucous membrane of the mouth without color,

Mucous membrane of the mouth pale,

Mouth slimy,

Mouth slimy in the morning, on waking (second day),

Clammy mouth,

Breath at times very fetid,

Strong fetor in breath,

Peculiar (saturnine) fetor of the breath,

Fetor of breath so great that a fellow-servant, who slept in the same room, could scarcely endure it,

Breath fetid, etc.

Breath extremely offensive; he is himself aware of it,

Offensive metallic odor of breath,

Foul breath from the mouth,

The breath has usually a characteristic odor. Plumbum Metallicum's offensiveness is indescribable; it can only be called a saturnine breath,

My mouth was usually more dry in the morning than at evening, though the thirst was rather less,

The mouth and nostrils are dry,

Burning pain in mouth, throat, and stomach (soon),

Bloody sputa (third day),

Sputa lumpy, bloody (second day),

Spitting of blood,

Froth in the mouth,

Dry and bitter mouth,


The utterance was panting and puffing, as in diaphragmatic pleurisy,

Speech is slow,

Speech is dragging and slow,

Speech hindered,

Difficulty in speaking,

Speech difficult (with albuminuria),

Speech slow and difficult,

Speech is hurried and abrupt,

Speech hasty, can hardly be understood,

Articulation somewhat stammering,

Stammering, broken, shaky articulation,


Speech faltering and hesitating,

Articulation imperfect, often even incomplete; sometimes, on attempting to speak, he uttered only confused sounds, more or less intelligibly,

His speech is rather impaired; he cannot utter his words so freely as in health,

Impeded utterance,

Speech faltered,

Words indistinctly pronounced,

Incoherent speech,

Speech almost inarticulate,

Tries to speak, but only mutters unintelligibly,

Some want of power of speech, two or three times, after a night attack,

Sudden loss of speech, with short, rapid respiration,

Inability to talk,


End of tongue covered with many small bluish-black spots like small ecchymoses; the upper surface of the tongue was covered with a number of large ulcers, somewhat like mercurial ulcers; associated with painfulness of the tongue and lips, and offensive salivation,

Tongue and lower lip tremulous,

The mucous membrane of the lips and throat was pale, and the gums discolored,

Mucous membrane of the lips pale,

There was for four or five days an almost constant feeling of constriction of the mouth, especially of the lips, which I was prompted frequently, and, as it were involuntarily, to extend,

Mouth and lips are dry,

Gums and teeth

Violent grating of the teeth at night, with frequent waking (first day),

Grinding of the teeth,

Hard chattering of the teeth, as in violent ague,

In general, when the blueness of the gums is very decided, the discoloration of the teeth is also strongly marked, and vice versâ,

The discoloration of the teeth and buccal mucous membrane, by contact with lead molecules, may take place in five or six days, or after months or even years of exposure, the time varying in different classes of workmen,

Teeth in a very bad condition, all brown, and most of them broken,

Characteristic saturnine discoloration of the teeth and gums,

Teeth and gums discolored,

Most of the teeth destroyed, blackish; deep, slate-colored border on the gums; oxygenated water caused a whitish track of sulphate of lead,

Teeth and gums black,

Teeth black with the lead line on the gums,

Teeth black, etc.

Teeth black at their necks,

All the teeth black, especially the incisors and canines,

Teeth black; partly destroyed,

Teeth black, and mostly destroyed,

Teeth all black; gums blue next to the teeth,

Black teeth; gums slate colored,

Teeth of a strongly-marked yellowish black,

Teeth brown, ,

Teeth brown at the base, yellow at the tip,

Teeth greenish-brown, especially on their necks,

Teeth and gums bluish-gray,

Teeth dark-brown,

Teeth dirty gray,

Yellowish color of the teeth was quite apparent,

The teeth become covered with yellowish mucus,

Yellowish coating at root of teeth, and slate colored border round several,

Teeth and gums covered with sulphate of lead,

Teeth covered with sordes (eighteenth day),

The teeth were covered with a dark incrustation,

Teeth partly laid bare; blackish and somewhat decayed (they were sound previous to exposure),

Teeth laid bare,

Teeth mostly destroyed,

Most of the teeth decayed or destroyed, blackish,

The teeth partially destroyed are brown at their bases and yellow at their summits,

Teeth decayed,

Their teeth are usually carious in the extreme,

Carious teeth; teeth break easily,

Teeth much decayed and loose; the edges of his gums are red and raw and ragged, and frequently bleed, and there is a slight blue line,

After working three weeks, obliged to quit on account of a curious affection of the mouth. His teeth became loose, and there were small abscesses on the right gums,

The teeth become loose,

The teeth fall out,

A tooth becomes hollow, has an offensive odor, and breaks off; the side which was thickest had become very brittle,

Toothache in the sound teeth, as after eating sour fruit,

Tearing in two right lower back teeth (after two hours and a half),

Jerking pain in the right lower back teeth, in the morning, aggravated by cold (third day),


The first and most frequent indication of the presence of lead in the system, is a peculiar discoloration of the gums and teeth. The gums bordering on the teeth, to the depth of one or two lines, are usually blue or slate colored, their remaining portion being of a very light bluish-red, passing gradually into the natural hue of the buccal mucous membrane. Sometimes the discoloration spreads all over the gums, or even over the entire buccal mucous membrane. In a good many cases only the gums immediately bordering on the teeth become slate-colored, in strong contrast with the natural appearances of their remaining portion. They at first assume a Viola Odorata violet-red tinge, becoming decidedly slate-colored, sooner or later,

The above described discoloration of the gums and teeth we have never observed, except in those whose buccal mucous membrane has been brought in contact with lead particles. We have examined the mouths of seven hundred and eighty-five persons who had not worked in lead compounds, or ingested them in any way, and in not one of them could we discover the least trace of the specific discoloration produced by sulphate of lead,

The peculiar blue line on the gums, the edge of the gum where it is attached to the neck of the teeth, was fringed with a very distinct blue line, about one-twentieth of an inch in width, so that three or four of the molar teeth on each side in upper jaw were thus half surrounded towards the roof of the mouth with a blue crescent,

The fatal line was more of less present in the gums of all; in two cases a slate-colored line was well defined, and in one of these the mucous membrane of the mouth was strewed with spots of the same color,

Gums blue, , etc.

Distinct blue line along the margins of the gums, , etc.

Dark-blue line on the gums, ,

The gums bordering on the teeth exhibit a narrow and a well-defined grayish-blue line,

Distinct blue line along junction of the gums, and a blackish stain on the teeth,

Blue line at the junction of the gums with the teeth,

Distinct blue line along the lower border of the gums of the upper incisors,

Gums, with the exception of a slight reddish blue discoloration beneath the left lower canine tooth, were natural; later the bluish line extended beneath all the lower incisors and canine teeth,

A blue line on the margin of the gums was always present, which varied in depth, in some cases involving the gum to the extent of one-eighth of an inch, in others being a mere trace, most observable opposite the bicuspid teeth,

Gums show a very remarkable blue line, with the inter-dental processes much shrunken,

There was a distinct dark-blue line on the edges of the gums about the upper incisor teeth, none elsewhere,

A distinct blue line along the margin of the lower gum,

A very distinct blue line, especially on the upper teeth, which were greatly decayed,

Dark blue line around the teeth and gums, both of the upper and lower jaws,

Gums where they run up between the teeth, bluish, but no distinct line (after treatment),

Blue line around gums of upper and lower incisor teeth,

The gums are blue over one-fourth of their surface,

Blue rings along the gums, with accumulation of tartar at the base of the teeth,

Gums covered with a blue tinge,

Ashy-gray margin of the gums,

Gums bordered with slate colored rings; teeth laid bare,

Slate-colored gums, and teeth laid bare,

Gums slate-colored almost all over, and bleeding at the slightest contact,

Gums slate-colored over the greater part of their surface,

The portion of the gums bordering the teeth, to the depth of two or three lines, is of a beautiful slate color,

Slate-colored line on the gum, and similar bluish spots in the mucous membrane of the mouth,

Gum dirty brownish-gray,

Gums slate colored,

Gums bordering on teeth slate-colored, ,

Lead line on the gums; teeth laid bare,

Lead line on the gums, they are bluish and flabby,

Well marked lead line on the gums, which are bluish and bloodless,

Not all who breathe or swallow lead particles, for a certain length of time, have their teeth and gums coated with sulphate of lead; but I have met with very few in whom it was not perceptible,

The coloring matter of the gums and teeth consist of sulphide of lead,

Gums and teeth covered with sulphate of lead,

The gum exhibited a bluish-gray color,

Discolored gums,

Gums generally pale and spongy,

Gums tense and very white (fourth day),

Gum pale,

Upper gums rather discolored,

Gums scarcely at all discolored,

Gums softened,

Gums spongy and tender, and between the teeth slight elevations of a leaden hue,

The gums were very spongy, and edged with a deep blue line,

Gums soft and swollen, with a dark-colored line on the edges in contact with the front teeth (tenth day),

Gum loose, swollen,

Swelling of the gum at the roots of the teeth,

Gum loose, retracted,

Gums discolored and shrunken, leaving the teeth bare to their necks,

Gums retracted from the teeth, covered with tenacious mucus,

Gums blue; those of the lower jaw have retreated from the teeth; the partitions between the teeth have partly disappeared, so that the gums form a mere projecting pad, they look as if cut vertically, but there is no ulceration,

Gums tender,

Inflammation of gums,

Occasional congestion of the gums; they bleed when touched,

Congestion of the discolored gums; they bleed at the slightest touch,

Ulceration of the superior alveolar border of the gums of both jaws, with discoloration of almost the entire buccal mucous membrane,

Pimple on the gum, that was very painful and hard,

Tongue and gums thickly coated,

Offensive odor in the mouth, from the hollow teeth, while eating (second day),


Dryness of the mouth, , ,

Great dryness of the mouth,


Excessive salivation; the saliva dropping from the mouth, immediately relieved by Merc Viv Mercurius sol.,

Profuse secretion of mucus in the mouth,

The saliva is not usually increased; as some subjects say that their mouths are dry, it would seem that in certain cases the amount of this secretion is abnormally diminished,

Secretion of saliva diminished,

Bluish, sweet saliva,

Saliva alkaline,



Some sudden burning pimples on the tip of the tongue, that are especially painful on talking, from 6 to 10 P.M. (first day),

Blisters on the fraenum of the tongue,

Inflammation of the tongue,

Tongue occasionally swollen, red, dry, and large,

Tongue clean, red, and enlarged,

Tongue flat and broad,

Tongue clean, but expanded,

Tongue large and rather yellow,

The tongue trembles, without being paralyzed,

Trembling of the tongue,

Trembling of the tongue when protruded,

When he tries to articulate, the tongue is readily seen to move with difficulty, and to tremble,

Tongue pale and tremulously protruded, with slight yellowish coating in the centre,

Some trembling of the tongue when protruded,

Slight tremor of the tongue, but articulation is perfect,

Tongue drawn quite forcibly to the left side, and folded in the same direction,

Cannot put out his tongue,

Tongue and other parts of the body became partially palsied,

Tongue flabby, tremulous, edges red, indented, a brownish fur down the centre, speckled with enlarged red papillae,

Tongue flabby,

Tongue large, soft, red, rather dry,

Tongue clean, pointed, red on the border (after four hours),

Tongue covered with frothy saliva (second day),

Tongue covered with mucus,

Tongue thickly coated,

Tongue dry and coated,

Tongue furred,

Tongue foul,

Tongue lightly coated,

Tongue pale,

Tongue slightly furred,

Tongue coated white, , etc.

Tongue blanched, covered with a white coat, red at the margin and tip, slightly swollen,

Whitish, thick tongue,

Large white tongue,

Tongue white and red; rather enlarged,

Tongue whitish, thick, and rather dry,

Tongue clean and rather white,

Tongue dry and covered with a dense white fur,

Tongue dry and white, ,

White, clean tongue,

Tongue moist, white, the margin rosy red,

Whitish, very large, moist tongue,

Whitish, moist tongue,

Moist tongue, white in the middle and red on the sides,

Tongue large, thick, and covered with a thin white coating,

Tongue furred and white,

Tongue white and loaded,

Tongue white in middle, and red on the sides,

Tongue somewhat dry and whitish,

Tongue moist and rather white,

Tongue slightly whitish,

Tongue moist, with white fur,

A brownish white fur on tongue,

A white furred tongue,

Tongue yellowish white, but moist,

The tongue, covered with a yellowish-white coat about the base, was otherwise clean, and partly paralyzed on the right side, impeding the promptness and clearness of his utterance,

Tongue slightly coated white (after treatment),

Red tongue,

Tongue clean and rather red (after one year),

Tongue dry and red (second day),

Tongue red at the edge, a brown fur down the centre,

Margin of the tongue red (after four hours),

Dry, red tongue, rather pale and moist at the edges,

Tongue extremely red (after eleven hours),

Tongue red, moist,

Tongue red, and somewhat coated with white,

Tongue red on the sides, and slightly whitish in the middle,

Tongue moist, large, and red, with a whitish coat,

Tongue red on the sides, white in the middle,

Tongue large and red,

Red pointed tongue (second day),

Tongue red and moist, rather white in the middle,

Tongue red, dry, and enlarged, but papillae not prominent,

Tongue red and rather white on the sides,

Tongue red and moist,

Tongue coated yellow or white,

Tongue furred, the mucus on its posterior part very yellow,

Tongue furred, dirty yellow,

Tongue coated yellow,

Thick yellow coating on the tongue,

Tongue covered with a thick, partly dry, yellowish-white saburral coating; its borders red and rough, with projecting papillae,

Tongue coated with a thick light-yellow crust,

Tongue enlarged, and covered with a rather thick yellow coating,

Tongue coated, dirty yellow, flabby, and indented,

Tongue dry, and covered with yellow fur,

Tongue coated greenish and yellow,

Tongue moist, and slightly coated on its posterior part, with a yellowish fur,

Nasty and thick coating of mucus on the tongue,

Large tongue, covered with a pretty thick saburral coating,

Tongue large and red, with a slight saburral coating in the middle,

Bluish line on the margin of the tongue,

Tongue covered with a slight brown fur,

Tongue coated in the centre with a brown fur,

Tongue coated with a thin, moist, whitish-brown fur, clearing off towards tip and edges,

Tongue coated with a thick brownish-yellow fur,

Tongue quite brownish,

Tongue covered with a black crust (second day),

Tongue dry, brown, and cracked,

Tongue dry, with a dark streak in the centre,

Tongue clammy,

Tongue clean, somewhat dry,

Dryness of the tongue, ,

Heaviness of the tongue,

Burning in the tip of the tongue, as though he had bitten it, transient, about 2 P.M.,

Loss of sensibility in the right side of the tongue,

The whole mucous membrane of mouth and tongue slate-colored, with a few scattered, scarcely visible red points,

Heat and burning in the mouth and tongue (fourth morning),

Difficulty of speech, showing itself in articulation, but the tongue was not drawn to one side,


Peculiarly offensive and nauseating smell of the breath,

Breath had a peculiar smell so often noticed in patients suffering from malignant disease of the stomach (eighteenth day),

Sometimes there was a temporary salivation and a slight (if I mistake not) metallic taste,


Sense of taste very much diminished,

Sense of taste much diminished, especially in the right half of the tongue,

His sense of taste was perverted, so that he no longer recognized ordinary articles of food,

Taste perverted,

The workmen, whose gums and teeth show any considerable amount of the sulphate of lead deposit, often complain of a peculiar taste. This is described by most of them as saccharine, styptic, astringent, i. e., exactly like that caused by holding a preparation of lead in the mouth. Others says that it is both offensive and styptic,

Sweetish taste in the mouth, with dryness,

Sweetish taste, etc.

Styptic taste (second day),

Horrible taste in her mouth,

Taste astringent (second day),

Bad taste in the mouth, ,

Bad taste in the mouth, a sort of bitterness, especially at night,

Nauseous taste,

Disagreeable taste in the mouth,

Sweetish, sour taste in the mouth, which is a constant annoyance,

Metallic taste, ,

Disagreeable metallic taste,

Taste pasty,

Coppery taste in the mouth, when she first awoke, in the morning,

Peculiar taste in mouth,

Bitter taste, , etc.

Bitter taste in the mouth, every morning,

Decidedly bitter taste,

Constant bitter taste,

Taste flat,

Acrid taste in mouth and throat,


Tongue and fauces dry (tenth day),

Redness, tenderness, and ultimately a deep soreness of nearly the whole mouth and fauces; almost every sort of food, except the mildest kind, such as rice, gave me pain, both by its presence in the mouth, and by heat and smarting it occasioned,

Where carious teeth existed the interior of the mouth and fauces blackened by the action of sulphate of lead,

Much sweetish, slimy tasting saliva collects in the forepart of the mouth, with dryness at the root of the palate posteriorly and in the fauces, disappearing on swallowing saliva (first day),

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