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Plumbum Metallicum - Skin symptoms - T.F. Allen

Lead, Plumbum, Plumb, Plb.

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HPUS indication of Plumbum Metallicum: Paleness
Common symptoms: Paleness, Loss of smell, Stiffness.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Plumbum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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The skin of the face shines as if oily, and feels oily,

Skin flabby,

The skin of the face was changed in texture and appearance,

Face and most of the body and limbs so thickly covered with white-lead deposit that the color of the skin could not be perceived,

Nearly the whole skin became infiltrated with serum,

Serous infiltration of the whole skin,

Skin feels dry,

The skin is dry and sallow; it is traversed by larger veins,

Skin dry, cool,

Dry skin, ,

The skin of natural temperature, a little dry,

Secretion of skin in most cases checked,

A peculiar discoloration of the solids and fluids of the body; lead jaundice,

The whole surface of the body is discolored,

Bluish color of the body,

The hue of his skin generally was of a dusky cerulean character,

Bluish color of the limbs,

Redness of the lower extremities,

Frightful jaundice, and excessive induration of the intestines,

Obstinate jaundice,

Very decided general jaundice,

Severe attack of icterus, of a week's duration,

The body, the face, and especially the conjunctivae, have a decidedly jaundiced tinge,

Jaundice over the whole body,

Jaundice, , ,

Skin all over the body of a peculiar dead waxy hue, known among workmen as lead skin,

Whole surface of body had a considerable jaundice tint,

Skin pale, with a somewhat jaundiced hue,

Skin and adnata of the eyes tinged with bile,

Yellowish color of the skin and of the white of the eye,

Yellow or leaden color of the body,

Skin of a yellowish hue, not like jaundice, but like that which obtains among workers in red or white lead,

Yellow skin,

Skin had a yellowish tint,

General surface rather yellow,

Skin of a faint yellow hue,

Skin sallow and clammy,

Skin had a sallow dingy appearance,

Slight livid yellowness of the whole skin, especially of the face,

The skin, when most affected, is of a dirty-yellow or earthy color; when less so, of a pale-yellow or light-ashen hue. The discoloration is most marked on the face, though it is spread uniformly, but less deeply, over the body and limbs,

Dirty-yellow color of the skin, with yellow discoloration of the albuginea oculi, simulating jaundice,

Dirty-yellowish color of skin and eye,

Dirty earthy-yellow tint of the skin, at first of a pale-yellow hue (occurring in workmen exposed to the emanations of lead),

Skin assumed a yellowish-dingy aspect,

Skin dingy yellow, flabby, with desquamation,

Very distinct dingy-yellow color of the skin (there it is not hidden by a powdering deposit of white lead),

Skin dingy yellow (lead jaundice), ,

Skin pale yellow, cachectic,

His whole color is that of marked cachexia or anaemia,

The skin assumed a well-marked cachectic color,

Skin pale gray, very dry, in folds,

Leaden color of the body,

General paleness of the whole body, even of the lips,

Surface pale, anaemic looking,

General surface pale,

Surface pale, ,

Surface pale and discolored,


Body spotted with petechiae (fourth day),

Dark-brown spots over the whole body,

Swollen red spots, without special sensation, in the fingers, disappearing after a few days,

Hard movable elevations, six or seven lines broad, on the middle of the metacarpus, at the point where the tendon of the external radial muscle attaches to the metacarpal bone,

Numerous small reddish and bluish veins on the calves,

Erythematous rash spread over the whole breast, and he died,

Cutaneous eruptions,

Two itching pimples on the back of the index finger, and another on the outer portion of the condyle of the left wrist, containing clear water, with simple pain after scratching (second day),

Small red pimples on the chest, that desquamate after twenty-four hours,

Slowly progressive painless red pimples on the chest,

The difficulty he experiences in moving obliges him to keep lying in the same position, which gives rise to bedsores on the sacrum and thighs,

Disgusting eruption on the skin,

Vesicles on the forehead and nose,

Cutaneous eruptions made their appearance on the legs, arms, and face, of a vesicular character,

Excessive inflammation, swelling; eruption of itching vesicles, that contain a yellow liquid; formation of scabs, beneath which an offensive ichor exudes, and gangrene, with delirium and constipation,

Suppuration comes to a stop and disappears,

A small prick inflames rapidly, suppurates rapidly, and then heals rapidly,

Pustules with thick pus in the angles of the nose, that is red; pus exudes after slight pressure (first day),

Thick ecthymatous pustules over the whole surface of the body, with yellow color of the skin,

In one year had thirty or forty-sores, something like boils, on the back of thigh and above; "push boils" in the commencement, but they enlarged and discharged very much,

Small boil on the outer side of the right thigh,

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