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Polyporus Officianlalis - General symptoms

Polyporus Officianallis, Polyporus Officinalis, Poly-o.

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HPUS indication of Polyporus Officianlalis: restless
Common symptom: Restlessness..

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Polyporus Officianlalis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Awoke with a dull pain in the head, which continued all day.

thought it might be due to a glass of ale drank the evening before (third day), awoke with a dull pain in the head, with sensation of soreness in the brain, increased by stooping or shaking the head.

this headache is precisely similar to that experienced on the third, which I attributed to the glass of ale.

I now believe that the pain at that time was caused by the Polyporus (seventh day),.

While riding in the country I felt a sharp pain, for about a minute, exactly where the pulse is in the right wrist, and seeming to extend along the course of the artery, for about two inches above the joint.

the pain was quite severe and very sudden in coming on.

about like a shock from a galvanic battery (after half an hour).

soon after, while still riding, I felt a similar pain for about half minute, in the right shoulder, seeming to be in the joint, and thence outward to the deltoid muscle.

at 2 P.M., while writing, felt a pain precisely like that experienced in the wrist just above the elbow-joint, and external to the tendon of the biceps muscle.

lasted but a moment. in a few seconds felt a similar pain in the left knee, on the internal side.

at 9 P.M., felt the same pain in the inner border of the right foot, then in the right arm, and then in the left side of the neck (first day),.

Slight uneasiness in subumbilical region, which gradually increased, with inclination to go to stool, having about an hour previously had my usual morning stool.

during the stool which followed, a shooting pain extended upon each side of the umbilicus, towards the iliac, and then seemed to extend to the floor of the pelvis, in a ring around the rectum.

these pains were not very severe, abated somewhat, but did not entirely disappear after stool (third day),.

At 3 P.M., lacerating pains, here and there, throughout the abdomen, for about five minutes.

the pains then became located in the hypogastric region, and continued one hour, with slight inclination to go to stool.

the pains then became easier, though they had not entirely passed away at tea-time.

felt again ten minutes after a stool, in the lower portion of the abdomen, extending to the right hypochondrium, at 9.40 P.M.,.

Loose stool, at 6 A.M.

soft mushy stool, mixed with mucus, at 6 P.M., the medicine having acted as a mild cathartic in eight hours (second day).

soft, mushy stool, at 5 A.M., followed by dull, heavy aching pains in the region of the right lobe of the liver.

after 8 P.M., stool of a dark color, mixed with bile and mucus, followed by a dull aching distress in the dorsal region, extending up to the shoulders, on both sides (third day).

at 6 A.M., very black-colored stool, mixed with bile and mucus.

before the stool I voided about 1 drachm of white mucus.

after 8 A.M., stool that ran a stream from the bowels, of bile, mucus, and black fecal matter, followed by burning distress in region of stomach and liver, extending down to the umbilicus.

at 10 A.M., copious stool of water and black fecal matter, with great desire to strain after stool, followed by same symptoms as before.

it will be seen by this experiment that 40 grains of the Polyporus, well triturated, will act as a violent hydragogue cathartic in two hours, if it is taken on an empty stomach (fourth day).

in the morning, hard, black, lumpy stool, mixed with bile and mucus.

at 1 P.M., soft, black, fetid, papescent stool, followed by the most terrible distress between the stomach and navel (fifth day).

in the morning, dark papescent stool.

mushy stool at 9 A.M., with great distress in the region of the liver and small intestines.

at 6 P.M., papescent stool, followed by about one teaspoonful of blood, with severe tenesmus (sixth day).

soft, mushy stool (seventh day).

papescent, dark-colored stool, without pain (eighth day).

my bowels have been loose every day, with from one to three stools a day, without pain.

all have been of a dark color.

to-day my stool in natural, and I am feeling well (thirteenth day),.

Loose stool, with qualmishness (second day).

at 9 A.M., at 3.30 P.M., copious fluid stool, expelled with great force, and another of the same character at 4 (third day).

at loose, yellow stool, with pain afterwards, at 9 A.M.

loose stool, with pain, at 6 P.M. (fourth day).

bowels loose (fifth day).

loose stool, with tenesmus, at 2 and 3 P.M. (sixth day).

six days have elapsed since the last dose, and my bowels have not become regular yet (ninth day),.

While sitting in a warm room by a fire reading, I felt slight chilliness creep up the back to nape of the neck, most noticeable between the shoulder-blades.

this was succeeded by a general feeling of chilliness, lasting for several minutes.

for the moment it did not seem that this was the effect of the drug.

I imagined the room was getting too cool, and rose to stir the fire, when the truth occurred to me I mention this to show that this symptom was no imaginary one, caused by any expectation of such an effect (after one hour, sixth day).

chilliness between the shoulder-blades (three hours later),.

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