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Populus Candicans - General symptoms

Balm Of Gilead, Pop-c.

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HPUS indication of Populus Candicans: Colds

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Populus Candicans in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Seems to have a remarkable power over acute colds, especially when accompanied by a deep, hoarse voice, or even aphonia. General insensibility of surface (worse, back and abdomen); rubbing and pounding borne without pain, and is grateful on account of warmth produced. Finger-ends thickened, horny; insensible to pinching and prickling. Instantaneous voice-producer ( Coca.)

A variety of P. balsamifera. Balm of Gilead. N. O. Salicaceae. Tincture of the resinous buds.

C. F. Nichols (H. P., viii. 234) gives an account of Pop. cand., the effects of which he observed. "The resinous gum exuding from buds and stalks, deliciously aromatic in perfume, is widely used to heal wounds, open sores, and eruptions, and often suppresses these latter to the harm of the patient." As an application, Nichols says, it is like Arnica Arn., dangerous, though most people are not susceptible to its poisonous effect. He has never seen blisters of the size of those of Pop. c. produced by any other drug blisters hang down like bags of water the size of walnuts. Burning was a common symptom-eyes, nose, throat, bowels, vagina. W. C. Stilson (H. P., xi. 88) relates a case of poisoning in a man who one evening drank rum in which Balm of Gilead buds had been placed for making a liniment. A few hours later his wife heard him breathing heavily, and on waking him found he could not speak. Stilson found him only able to speak in hoarse whispers, and he would forget in the middle of a sentence what he was going to say. Face ashy pale.

wild look. Tongue and mouth dry. Throat dry, burning, constricted, felt as if spiders had spun webs on it. It was some days before he recovered. Since this occasion Stilson has cured several cases of catarrhal hoarseness and aphonia with Pop. c., and one case of nervous aphonia Mrs. S. had nervous prostration, and during the attack aphonia. The aphonia remained after the patient got well otherwise. Pop. c. Ø cured. Among the peculiar symptoms observed by Nichols is surface anaesthesia with or without numbness. The finger-ends are actually thickened, horny, insensible to pinching and pricking. There is numbness in back radiating from spine. The skin is harsh, generally dry and cold, with a stinging burning behind the surface as if an eruption would appear.

or as if sweat would break out. Other peculiar sensations are Whole body feels swollen, bruised, lame, sore, and painful, exhausted as in dry, sultry weather. Eye feels twisted with the headache. Constipation, bowels feel hot and dry. The menses were at first scanty, later abundant and early, with dysmenorrhoeal pain amel. by application of hot cloths. The symptoms were agg. on moving. agg. Before menses. agg. After food and drink. agg. Lifting arms. agg. By contact of clothes. amel. Hot applications. agg. After sleep (mind).


Aphonia. Asthma. Brain, base of, congested. Bullae. Catarrhal fever. Constipation. Coryza. Dysmenia. Dyspepsia. Dysphagia. Ecthyma. Heart, affections of. Hydroa. Liver, enlargement of. Phosphaturia. Sunstroke. Throat, burning in; paralysis of. Vagina, burning in.