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Prunus Padus - Chest symptoms

Prunus Padus E Cortice, Prun-p.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Prunus Padus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Some sudden violent stitches beneath the right ribs,

Pressure behind lower sternum, as if heavy weight lying on it, no amel. by deep inspiration; agg. walking.

Some sudden violent stitches beneath r. ribs.

Oppressed feeling; heart; standing


Oppression of heart while standing.

Violent, irregular beats.

Pulse very slow; and small.


Every beat felt in chest while sitting.

Beats tumultuous, felt in neck and actually shake head.


Pressure behind the sternum, with difficult respiration,

Pressure behind the lower portion of the sternum, as if something heavy were lying upon it, making respiration difficult, without relief on deep respiration; worse while walking than while sitting (one hour after 60 drops),

A peculiar sensation of oppression behind the sternum makes respiration difficult; the sense of oppression is less while walking than while sitting,

Painless sensation of oppression, like a pressure behind the sternum, that makes respiration difficult, and lasts two hours, both while sitting and walking, with slow pulse,

Some dull stitches in the larynx, compelling to swallow,

Pressure behind sternum with difficult respiration.

Some dull stitches in larynx compelling to swallow.

Heart and pulse

Oppression of the heart while standing,

Every beat of the heart is felt in the chest while sitting,

Some tumultuous beats of the heart, that are felt up in the neck and actually shake the head, while sitting (one hour and a half after 60 drops),

Some violent irregular beatings of the heart while sitting (one hour after 20 drops),

Some irregular beats of the heart,

Slow pulse,

Pulse slow and small,

Pulse very small and slow (soon after 40 drops),

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