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Psorinum - General symptoms - Clarke

Scabies Vesicle, Psorin, Psor.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Psorinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Psoricum. The nosode of Psora. Triturations.

rubrum. Enuresis. Eruptions.

moist. itching. Gleet. Gonorrhoea. Gout. Haemorrhages. Haemorrhoids. Hair, dry.

tangling. Hay fever. Headache. Head, congestion of. Hernia. Hydrocele. Impotence. Influenzinum Influenza. Injuries. Itch. Itching. Leucorrhoea. Lienteria. Liver, affections of.

chronic inflammation of. Melancholia, religious. Nose, redness of. Odour of body, fetid. Ophthalmia, scrofulous. Otorrhoea.

fetid. Ozaena. Pediculosis. Peritonitis, tubercular. Plica polonica. Polypus. Quinsy. Sciatica. Scurvy. Skin, affections of. Spina bifida. Spleen, affections of.

As Sulphur Sulphur has been the chief remedial agent in both schools in the treatment of itch and itch-like eruptions, it is natural to find in the nosode of Psora, or constitutional itch, a close analogue of Sulphur Sulph. Psorinum has been proved entirely in the potencies, and I know of no more trustworthy proving in the materia medica. I have frequently seen Pso. develop some of its own symptoms in patients whom it has benefited in other ways. A man who complained of "cloudiness of mind and difficult thinking," and who had among other symptoms, "Left foot colder than right," received Pso. 30. It removed these symptoms.

but whilst under its influence these new symptoms appeared Heavy headache across the eyebrows.

greasiness of face and forehead. A woman to whom I gave Pso. 30 complained that after each dose she had a feeling "as if something in the head were being screwed up and drawn".

one of Hahnemann's symptoms is "Spasmodically contracting headache." A patient who took Pso. 500 complained that it had a "filthy taste." From Pso. 20m (F. C.) I have seen produced an eruption of boil-like indurations in both axillae, first (and worst) in left then in right. The general symptoms were very greatly relieved at the same time. One great mark of distinction between Sulphur Sul. and Pso. is that the Pso. patient is exceedingly chilly, likes to have a fur cap on in summer.

whilst the Sulphur Sul. patient is predominatingly hot. H. C. Allen gives another Pso. is indicated in chronic cases when well-selected remedies fail to relieve or to permanently improve (in acute diseases Sulphur Sul.).

also when Sulphur Sul. seems indicated but fails to relieve. Pso. is specially suited to ($51$) Scrofulous, nervous, restless persons who are easily startled. (2) Psoric constitutions.

lack of reaction after severe diseases. (3) Complaints of psoric origin.

patients emit a disagreeable odour. (4) Pale, sickly, delicate children. (5) Peevish, unhealthy-looking children, who have a disagreeable odour about them. (6) Dirty people in whom the body has a filthy smell which no amount of washing can remove. (7) Those subject to diseases of the glands and skin.

and who have had eruptions suppressed. The chief of the keynotes of Pso. is Lack of vital reaction.

prostration after acute disease, depressed, hopeless, night-sweats. Hopelessness, despair of perfect recovery is part of the jack of reaction.

emaciation and foul body odour may accompany it. "Foulness" may be considered the second keynote of Pso. Eruptions have offensive discharges.

the otorrhoea, is horribly offensive. The diarrhoea (especially of cholera infantum) is profuse, watery, dark brown, and even black, and is putrid-smelling like carrion. The Med. Visitor (xi. 378) collected a number of cases illustrating the action of Pso. (I italicise some of the characteristics) ($51$) W. A. Hawley reports a case of cholera infantum which seemed to defy every remedy. Stools very thin and watery, dirty greenish, smelt like carrion. Child very fretful, had no sleep for two days and nights. Pso. 42m (Fincke), one dose in water. In two hours the child went to sleep.

in four days it was well without repetition of the dose. (2) Another case of Hawley's Miss N., 20, had an eruption in bends of elbows and knees, dry, scaly, with little pointed vesicles round the reddened edges.

disappeared entirely in summer and reappeared when cold weather set in.

violent itching, agg. by warmth of bed or by scratching. Pso. 42m, two doses at six weeks' interval, cured. No return the following winter. Pso. also cured.

no appetite. least exertion puts him into a perspiration. Pso. 40 cured rapidly (J. B. Belladonna Bell). Mr. X., 21, was obliged one day to run till nearly exhausted. Though strong and well before he now became weak, perspiring easily, severe pains right side, agg. by coughing, laughing, and motion. Pso. 40 cured rapidly (J. B. Belladonna Bell). (8) Extreme dulness.

fears inflammation of brain.

amel. by nose-bleed. Headache following darkness before eyes. Black spots before eyes. Pso. cured (Haynel). (9) Horribly offensive, nearly painless, almost involuntary, dark and watery stool.

only in night and most towards morning (H. N. Martin). (10) Mr. C., 43, spare, dark. Hypochondriacal. "Nervous" nine months. Had to give up business. Took much Quinine and other drugs. Complains of very disagreeable feeling about the head and manifests mental depression.

thinks he will never recover.

has lost all hope. Cannot apply his mind to business. Seems confused.

cannot reckon. Numbness of legs and arms, agg. left side.

agg. going to bed, formication and crawling with prickling and smarting on scalp, and same on extremities. Tongue coated white. After three months treatment was stationary. It was then ascertained that he sweated easily on least exertion, and somewhat at night, and had loss of memory. Pso. 400 soon caused improvement, and enabled the patient to return to business (J. B. Belladonna Bell). G. A. Whippy (Am. Hom., xxiii. 391) cured the following case with Pso. 200, a dose every third night Carpenter, 40, long-standing discharge of reddish cerumen from left ear, agg. at night. Sensation of valve opening and shutting in left ear, agg. afternoon. Buzzing in ear, which stopped suddenly and was followed by violent itching. Dull, heavy pain in base of brain in afternoon, with sensation as though skin of abdomen was greatly relaxed and drawn down. Face sallow and greasy.

several pustules on chin and neck which itch intensely and bleed when scratched.

Other leading indications of Pso. are Sick babies will not sleep day or night, but worry, fret, cry.

or good and play all day, restless, troublesome, screaming all night. Weakness from loss of fluids.

after acute disease. with or without organic lesion. Whole body painful, easily sprained and injured. Great sensitiveness to cold air, change, storms.

to sun. restless for days before a thunderstorm. A symptom not seldom met with in practice and useful to remember is "Feels unusually well day before attack." Headache amel. by eating.

from suppressed menses.

amel. by nose-bleed. Dry, lustreless hair.

plica polonica. Acne agg. during menses.

from fats, sugar, coffee, meat. Quinsy, throat burns, feels scalded, cutting, tearing, intense pain on swallowing, profuse, offensive saliva.

tough mucus in throat.

must hawk continually.

tendency to quinsy. Profuse sweat after acute diseases, with amel. of all suffering. Skin has dirty look as if never washed. Pso. has cured more cases of hay fever in my practice than any other single remedy. Many cases have a psoric basis, and when the basic taint is corrected the irritating agents have no effect. Nasal polypus I have also cured with Pso. when the general symptoms indicate the remedy. Peculiar Sensations are As if frightened. As if he would lose his senses. As if stupid in left half of head. As if brain had not room enough in forehead. Eyes as if pressed outward. As from heavy blow on forehead. As if brain would protrude. Back of head as if sprained. Right side of occiput as if dislocated. As if piece of wood lying across back of head. As if head separated from body. As if sand in eyes. As if he heard with ears not his own. Cheek-bones as if ulcerated. Condyle of jaw as if lame. Tongue as if burnt. Teeth as if glued together. Plug in throat. Throat as if narrowing. As if intestines hanging down. Everything in chest as if raw, scratched.

torn loose. Arms as if paralysed. Hip-joint as if ulcerated. Joints as if encased in armour.

as if would not hold together. Hands and feet as if broken. The pains of Pso. may be erratic and alternate (headache and toothache). The symptoms are agg. by touch.

pressure (of truss). rubbing.

scratching. riding. bandage.

blow. fall. Slight emotions = severe ailments. (Pso. cannot bear to have the limbs touch each other at night; or weight of arms on chest.) amel. When eating.

agg. immediately after (rush of blood to head). agg. After cold drinks (pain in chest). Drinking = cough. amel. Lying down (most ailments, especially of chest; but agg. cough, and = gurgling at heart). agg. Lying r. side (liver). agg. Riding in carriage or exercising in open air.

(riding amel. short breath). amel. By rest and in room. Overlifting = thoughts to vanish. agg. Walking.

moving. agg. Evening and before midnight night.

morning on waking. Open air agg. (amel. taste; cough; itching) nose sensitive inhaling. agg. Before thunderstorm (restless for days before). Winter = cough. Summer = diarrhoea.

itching eruptions. agg. During full moon (enuresis). agg. Periodically.

Itching on forehead. tip of nose.

l. arm. biceps of l. arm.

r. elbow. soles in evening after a glass of Muscat wine, with tickling and heat.

of face, neck, and hands on touch.

over whole body after rubbing papules and vesicles.

between fingers, and vesicles filled with lymph.

on r. carpus, with red spots.

voluptuous, where a flea had bitten, with white, hard blisters on a red base.