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Psorinum - Generalities symptoms - H.C. Allen

Scabies Vesicle, Psorin, Psor.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Psorinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



After the slightest supper, nocturnal heat in bed; in the morning, constipation and exceeding lassitude.

Tired feeling in eyes.

Malaise feels tired outfont

Constantly tired and sleepy; very little labor exhausts him; exhausted after riding in a wagonfont


Sleepy by day; sleepless at night, from intolerable itching; dyspnoea; congestion to headfont

Sleepless after 12 P. M., from congestion to headfont

Child apparently well, but at night would twist and turn and fret from bedtime till morning and next day be as lively as everfont

Sick babies will not sleep at night, but worry and fret and cry. (See Jalapa Jalapa.).

Dreams anxious; vivid, continue after waking; of robbers, danger, travelling, etc.

On waking cannot get rid of the one persistent idea.

In morning lies in same position as when he fell asleepfont

Night-mare; he usually suddenly awakes at night from a frightful dream, but cannot move, nor call, nor speak, and when he endeavors to move, he suffers intolerable pain, as if he were being torn to pieces.

Sleepiness during the day, often immediately after sitting down, especially after meals.

Difficulty in falling asleep, when abed in the evening; he often lies awakes for hours.

He passes the nights in a mere slumber.

Sleeplessness from anxious heat, every night, an anxiety which sometimes rises so high that he must get up from his bed and walk about.

After three o'clock in the morning, no sleep, or at least no sound sleep.

As soon as he closes his eyes, all manner of fantastic appearances and distorted faces appear.

In going to sleep, she is disquieted by strange, anxious fancies; she has to get up and walk about.

Very vivid dreams, as if awake; or sad, frightful, anxious, vexing, lascivious dreams.

Loud talking, screaming, during sleep.

Somnambulism; he rises up at night, while sleeping with closed eyes, and attends to various duties; he performs even dangerous feats with ease, without knowing anything about them when awake.

Attacks of suffocation while sleeping (nightmare).

Early on awaking, dizzy, indolent, unrefreshed, as if he had not done sleeping and more tired than in the evening, when he lay down; it takes him several hours (and only after rising) before he can recover from his weariness.

After a very restless night he often has more strength in the morning, than after a quiet sound sleep.

Various sorts of severe pains at night, or nocturnal thirst, dryness of the throat, of the mouth, or frequent urinating at nightp

Eating and drinking

While eating ceases complaining.

Immediately after dinner, congestion of blood to headfont

Pain in chest extending to shoulder, worse after cold drinksfont

Drinking causes coughfont

Hiccough, Belching, Nausea and Vomiting

Waterbrash when lying down, better on getting upfont

Nausea; with poor appetite; in morning; with backache, after suppressed itch; morning with pain in small of back; all day, with vomitingfont

Vomiturition, followed by vomiting, first of blood, then of sour, slimy fluid.

Constant nausea during the day, with inclination to vomit; a kind of vomiting of sweet mucus every morning at ten and in evening.

Vomiting of sour mucus in morning before eating.

Eructations, with the taste of the food, several hours after eating.

Eructations, empty, loud, of mere air, uncontrollable, often for hours, not infrequently at night.

Incomplete eructation, which causes merely convulsive shocks in the fauces, without coming out of the mouth; spasmodic straining in the esophagus.

Eructation, sour, either fasting or after food, especially after milk.

Eructation, which excites to vomiting.

Eructation, rancid (especially after eating fat things).

Eructation, putrid or mouldy, early in the morning.

Frequent eructations before meals, with a sort of rabid hunger.

Heart-burn, more or less frequent there is a burning along the chest, especially after breakfast, or while moving the body.

Waterbrash, a gushing discharge of a sort of salivary fluid from the stomach, preceded by writhing pains in the stomach (the pancreas) with a sensation of weakness (shakiness), nausea causing as it were a swoon, and gathering of the saliva in the mouth, even at night.

The ruling complaints in any part of the body are excited after eating fresh fruit, especially if this is acidulous, also after acetic acid (in salads, etc.).

Nausea early in the morning.

Nausea even to vomiting, in the morning immediately after rising from bed, decreasing from motion.

Nausea always after eating fatty things or milk.

Vomiting of blood.

Hiccough after eating or drinking.

Swallowing impeded by spasms, even causing a man to die of hunger.

Spasmodic, involuntary swallowingp

Scrobiculum and Stomach

Stitching pain in pit of stomach.

Weakness of stomachfont

Frequent oppression of stomach, especially after eatingfont

Cramps in stomach.

Dyspepsia; eructations, flatus and stools like spoiled eggsfont

Gastric bilious affectionsfont

Frequent sensation of fasting and of emptiness in the stomach (or abdomen), not unfrequently with much saliva in the mouth.

Ravenous hunger (canine hunger), especially early in the morning; he has to eat at once else he grows faints, exhausted and shaky (or if he is in the open air he has to lie straight down).

Ravenous hunger with rumbling and grumbling in the abdomen.

Appetite without hunger; he has a desire to swallow down in haste various things without there being any craving therefor in the stomach.

A sort of hunger; but when she then eats ever so little, she feels at once satiated and full.

When she wants to eat, she feels full in the chest and her throat feels as if full of mucus.

Want of appetite; only a sort of gnawing, turning and writhing in the stomach urges her to eat.

Repugnance to cooked, warm food, especially to boiled meat, and hardly and longing for anything but rye-bread (with butter), or for potatoes.

In the morning, at once, thirst; constant thirst.

In the pit of the stomach there is a sensation of swelling, painful to the touch.

Sensation of coldness in the pit of the stomach.

Pressure in the stomach or in the tip of the stomach, as from a stone, or a constricting pain (cramp).

Spasm in the stomach; pain in the pit of the stomach as if drawn together.

Griping in the stomach; a painful griping in the stomach; it suddenly constricts the stomach, especially after cold drinking.

Pain in the stomach, as if sore, when eating the most harmless kinds of foods.

Pressure in the stomach, even when fasting, but more from every kind of food, or from particular dishes, fruit, green vegetables, rye-bread, food containing vinegar, etc.

During eating, feels dizzy and giddy, threatening to fall to one side.

After meals, anxiety and cold perspiration with anxiety.

During eating, perspiration.

Immediately after eating, vomiting.

After meals, pressure and burning in stomach, or in the epigastrium, almost like heartburn.

After eating, burning in the oesophagus from below upward.

Feels shaky and exhausted; wants food continually, or else gets cold and wet all overp


Thinner than usual, pale, exhausted.

Great emaciation, in children; they are pale, delicate, sickly, will not sleep day or night, but worry, fret and cry, or child is good, plays all day, is restless, troublesome, screaming all night.

Glandular swellings with eruption on head.

All excretions, diarrhea, leucorrhea, menstrual flow and perspiration, have a carrion-like odor.

Body has a filthy smell even after a bath.

Whole body painful, easily sprains and hurts himself.

Rheumatism and arthritis.

Deeply penetrating ichorous ulcers.

Caries; rachitis, dropsy.

The joints are easily sprained or strained.

Increasing disposition to strains and to overlift oneself even at a very slight exertion of the muscles, even in slight mechanical work, in reaching out or stretching for something high up, in lifting things that are not heavy, in quick turns of the body, pushing, etc.

Such a tension or stretching of the muscles often then occasions long confinement to the bed, swoons, all grades of hysterical troubles, fever, hemoptysis, etc., while persons who are not psoric lift such burdens as their muscles are able to, without the slightest after effects.

The joints are easily sprained at any false movement.

In the joint of the foot there is pain on treading, as if it would break.

Softening of the bones, curvature of the spine (deformity, hunch-back), curvature of the long bones of the thighs and legs (morbus anglicus, rickets).

Fragility of the bonesp

Touch. Passive Motion. Injuries

Touch stomach sensitive; lingual glands sore; teeth worse ; vesicles sore.

Pressure stomach sensitive; pain in region of liver worse ; from a truss; inflammation.

Bandage caused inflammation of tunica vaginalia.

Rubbing causes small vesicles to arise.

Riding pain in abdomen griping and desire for stool; soreness in rectum and anus; in a wagon, exhausted; sweat.

Violent knock left ovary indurated.

Fall caused pain in knee.

Painful sensitiveness of the skin, the muscles and of the periosteum on a moderate pressure.


Excruciating pains in chest.

Intense pain in head.

Violent pains in sacrum and right loin.

Severe pain in left ear; in limbs.

Sharp pain right side opposite tenth rib.

Anguish in head.

Cutting, tearing pain in throat.

Cutting pains in intestines; in urethra, in loin.

Tearing from centre of chest to throat; in neck; between scapulae; in arms; in limbs; in legs; in left knee and left axilla.

Cutting in chest.

Stitches in heart; in eyes; in teeth; in spleen; in chest and back; in sternum; in right side of chest; in cardiac region; between scapulae; from back towards chest.

Stitching pain in pit of stomach; in region of liver.

Throbbing in brain.

Fixed pain right side of chest.

Griping pains about navel.

Cramps in stomach.

Cramplike contractive pain in head.

Ulcerative pain in chest under sternum.

Suppurative pain through whole chest.

Pinching pain in pubic region.

Constricting pain in chest.

Boring in right nostril.

Digging in forehead.

Drawing in forehead; in testicles and spermatic cords.

Pressing pain in small spots in forehead and temples; in eyes; in region of liver; in small of back.

Sore pain behind ears.

Burning pressing pain; in chest.

Stinging in right nostril; in teeth; in region of liver and spleen; in inguinal glands; in many parts of skin.

Burning of eyes; in nose; of face; in right cheek; of blisters on inside of lower lip; of throat; in fauces; in rectum; in urethra; in condylomata; of excrescences on prepuce; around nipples.

Smarting on scalp.

Soreness of eyes; of stomach; behind ears; of external ear; of nose; of jaw; of teeth; of mouth; in rectum and anus; under sternum; of whole chest; in neck; in right shoulder.

Rawness behind ears.

Hot sensation in chest.

Pricking on scalp.

Heat of eyes; of hands and feet.

Rheumatism in limbs.

Constricting pressure at fourth and fifth ribs near sternum; at sternum.

Constriction of throat and chest.

Pressure in right side of occiput; in right zygoma; on chest; in right side of chest.

Heaviness of head; of testicles; in chest.

Tension in right zygoma; in throat; of hands and of fingers; of boil on hand; down to knees.

Fullness in head; in vertex.

Oppression of chest; of stomach.

Singing in forehead.

Dullness of head.

Painful stiffness of neck.

Lameness of shoulders and arms.

Numbness of legs and arms.

Weakness in forehead; of stomach; in chest; in small of back; in joints.

Trembling of hands; of feet.

Restlessness in legs.

Dryness of tongue; of mouth; of throat.

Tickling in throat; in larynx; in trachea.

Crawling on scalp; in larynx.

Formication on scalp; in head.

Itching eruption on head; in canthi; in ears; of external ear; of pimples of cheeks; of excrescence on prepuce; of pimples around nipples; of tetter on arm; of body in bed; between fingers; tetter on palms; intolerable over whole body; of eruption on instep; on soles; inner angles of eyes; condylomata; of herpes.

Disagreeable sensation of dryness over the whole body (also in the face, around and in the mouth, in the throat or in the nose, although the breath passes freely through it)p


Nervous, restless, easily startledfont

Subsultus tendinumfont

Looks pale, exhausted and thinner than usual.

Very weak and miserable after suppressed itchfont

Weakness; of all the joints of the body as if they would not hold together.

Loss of strength, with cough, with oppression of chestfont

Trembling and chilliness, with attacks of pain in chestfont

Stormy weather affects him.

Constantly increasing debility, with abdominal affectionsfont

A man, aet. 21, was obliged to run until nearly exhausted; although strong and well before, he now became weak, perspiring easily and had severe pain in right side, worse by coughing, laughing, motionfont

Frequent attacks of epilepsy; religious melancholy (improved).

Epilepsies of various kinds.

Burning pains on the whole right side of body; felt as if the right side of the head and right eye would burst, was painful and swollen.

Temperature and weather

Great sensitiveness to cold air or change of weather, wears a fur cap, overcoat or shawl, even in hottest summer weather.

Aggravation from sudden changes of weather.

Feels a restlessness in his blood days before and during a thunderstorm.

Cough returns every winter.

Air nose sensitive when inhaling.

Open air when walking, photophobia; taste better ; feels worse ; cough better ; shortness of breath; itching better.

Averse to having head uncovered.

While in bed itching of body.

Warmth toothache better ; of body causes itching; intolerable itching.

Warm food inflamed mouth worse.

Summer cholera infantum; dry scaly eruption disappeared.

Cold toothache worse ; drinks, worse pain in chest; weather, dry scaly eruption returned.

Change of weather headache caused and made worse ; diarrhea.

Washing better pressure in head.

So-called weather prophets; i. efont, renewed severe pain in parts of the body which were formerly injured, wounded, or broken, though they have since been healed and cicatrized; this renewed pain sets in, when great changes of the weather, great cold, or a storm are imminent, or when a thunderstorm is in the airp


In the stomach beating and pulsation, even when fasting.

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