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Psorinum - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Scabies Vesicle, Psorin, Psor.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Psorinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Weakness and tired sensation towards evening; feels better as soon as he goes to bed,

Malaise; he feels tired out,



Much yawning, at noon and in the evening,

Frequent yawning, in the evening,

Frequent yawning and early sleepiness, in the evening,

Gaping, the first hour; shiverings, with pale blue rings; with tearing and spasmodic pains in the umbilical region (seventh day, noon),

Sleep unusually sound at night, several nights (after sixth day),

Very sleepy, in daytime (sixth day),

She sleeps as soon as she sits down,

Sleepy all the time,

For several days he becomes sleepy very early,


Restless sleep on account of disquieting dreams,

Restless, unrefreshing sleep,

Sleep restless but refreshing,

Very restless sleep, for several nights,

Cannot fall asleep, in the evening (for five weeks),


He dreams of his business and of his plans,

Anxious dreams of robbers, travels, and dangers (mornings),

Very uneasy, earnest dreams,

He dreams that he is on the closet, and thus nearly soils his bed (fifth day),

Many connected dreams which are remembered; the body is in the same position when waking up as in the evening when falling asleep (curative action),


He perspires freely when walking,

When taking a walk, profuse sweat with consequent debility, and taking cold easily,

Perspiration on the face,

Copious perspiration on perinaeum, when moving about,

Copious sweat on the palms, at night,

Sweat in the palms and face,

Sweat on the palms of the hands,


He looks pale, exhausted, and thinner than usual; all his clothing is too large for him (fourteen days after 49 drops of 29th),

Hot tremblings over the whole body, with great rush of business,

A very little labor exhausts his strength,

He feels exhausted after riding in a wagon,

Great heaviness of the whole body, as if he would be attacked with an intermittent fever,

Stormy weather makes him sick, and causes haemorrhoidal troubles,

Stormy weather affects him; he feels already a restlessness in his blood a few days beforehand,

When the sun shines upon her, a sensation as if it pushes her down; she has to rest a little while in the shade in order to walk on (fourth day),

(After putting on too light clothing in the spring, he suffers from his old rheumatic pains in the neck, head, shoulders, back, stomach, etc., with constant eructations, irregular stools, twitching in the left eye),

Cannot sleep on the habitual right side, but sleeps on the left (for ten days),

Amelioration in the fresh air; much mucus in the mouth of a nauseous taste. (September 10th till last days of October),

Feels best when lying down,

She feels a great deal better in the morning,

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