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Psorinum - Modalities Etc - T.F. Allen

Scabies Vesicle, Psorin, Psor.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Psorinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), Ears stuffed.

(Towards noon), Stitches in the ears.

(Noon), Yawning.

(Afternoon), Hunger and thirst for beer; internal shivering; heat.

(Towards evening), Lachrymation; colic; weakness and tired sensation.

(Night), Lachrymation; gnashing of teeth; feet icy cold; sweat on palms.

(Fresh air), Want of breath.

(Walking in fresh air), Pressive pinching pain in forehead; dazzling of the eyes.

(Before falling asleep), Excitable.

(When awaking), Whistling respiration.

(When breathing), Stitches in right side of chest; stitches from back towards chest.

(During chill and heat), Heat, sweat, and thirst.

(After chill), Great thirst, then heat in mouth.

(When coughing), Stitches in chest; pain in chest.

(During dinner), Thirst.

(After drinking water), Pyrosis.

(When eating), Sensation as if something burst in the ears.

(After eating), Nauseous taste; hiccough; vomiting; pain in abdomen; flatulency, etc.; abdomen bloated; frozen things, bloatedness of abdomen.

(During bodily exertion), Stitching pressing in os pubis.

(Inclining head forward when stooping), Want of breath; pains in chest.

(In the house), Pain in nape of neck.

(When lifting), Feeling as if everything were torn in chest.

(Looking sharply), Pains in eyes; for a long time, eyes fill with tears.

(When lying down), Waterbrash, removed by getting up.

(At meals), Sudden heat over the whole body, with trickling perspiration.

(During mental labor), Fulness of head; pulsation of blood in head.

(Mental exertion), Headache over forehead.

(After mental exertion), Pain in temples.

(During motion), Aching in small of back.

(During micturition), Burning and cutting.

(During rest), Stitches to left of umbilicus; in the afternoon and evening, tearing in left shoulder; pains and itching of feet.

(When riding in a carriage), Anxiety.

(While riding), Griping in abdomen; chafed sensation in rectum.

(After riding in a wagon), Exhaustion.

(After riding), Twitching of muscles in right groin.

(Scratching in throat), Cough.

(When sitting), Sensation of swelling across abdomen; want of breath; pains in chest.

(Sitting with body bent backward), Suffocation and crawling in larynx, contraction in throat, etc.

(When smoking), Teeth seem on edge; nauseous taste.

(When stretching toe out), Cramp in big toe of left foot.

(Stormy weather), Sickness and haemorrhoidal troubles.

(After supper), Qualmish.

(Swallowing saliva), Sensation as if something bursts in the ears; pain in throat.

(Talking), Cough.

(When taking boot off), Cramp in great toe of left foot.

(Taking a deep breath), Stitches in sternum.

(Titillation in throat), Cough.

(Tickling in trachea), Dry hard cough.

(Touching part), Pressure in right eye; pain in teeth; pain in gums; pressing, bruised pain in sternum; itching on neck, face, and hands.

(Turning the head to the right side or backwards and sideways), Pain in muscles of right side of neck.

(Turning neck on left side), Stitch in sinews of head.

(Before urinating), Discharge of prostatic fluid.

(At the beginning of urinating), Pain in tip of penis.

(When walking), Stitches in spleen; tightness in the ischii, extending to the knees; inclination to turn left foot inward; profuse sweat.

(After a walk), Hunger.

(After waking up), Pain in nape of neck.


(Morning), The symptoms.

(Fresh air), Pains in teeth; pain in nape of neck; the symptoms.

(Eating), Colic; something roasted, qualmishness.

(Emission of flatus), Cutting pains in the intestines.

(Lying down), Short breath in fresh air; want of breath; pains in chest; the symptoms.

(Motion), Headache over the whole forehead; tearing pain in extremities.

(Nosebleed), Dulness of head.

(External pressure), Pain in the muscles of the right side of neck.

(Riding), Short breath in fresh air.

(Standing still), Stitches in region of spleen.

(Stooping), Feeling of plug in nose.


Unusually great hunger after a walk (third day, evening),

Great hunger,

In the afternoon, hunger and thirst for beer (first day),

Desire for breakfast (after two hours),

A good appetite, and still greater thirst,

Hunger, in the evening (sixth day),

Hunger, without appetite,

Great desire to smoke, but when not smoking the appetite for it ceased (first evening),

After breakfast aversion to smoke, but when he begins, smoking is relished (first day, morning),

Although he has a good appetite, he is easily satiated,

Diminished appetite,

Perfect disgust for pork,


No appetite to eat, but he wants continually to drink,

Great thirst; dryness and burning in the mouth,

Excessive thirst (fourth day),

Thirst, coldness, dryness in mouth and lips, for four days,

Thirst for beer,


Sour eructations,

Rancid eructations (evening),

Eructations tasting like rotten eggs (second day),

Eructations, with dull headache,

Hiccough and Heartburn.


Hiccough, after eating,

Hiccough, soon after eating, when smoking his pipe,

After drinking water, pyrosis,

When lying down, waterbrash; removed by getting up; colic removed by eating,


He feels qualmish in his stomach after supper; after eating something roasted it ceases (first day, evening),