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Psorinum - Skin symptoms - T.F. Allen

Scabies Vesicle, Psorin, Psor.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Psorinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Eruptions, Dry.

Unusual roughness of the knuckles, extending up to the metacarpus externally (for five days),

On the fingers of the left hand, several small warts of the size of a pin's head, slightly raised above the skin, smooth, as if they were pared off (fourteen days after 10 drops of 30th),

It reproduced a large quantity of small warts, which he had years ago on the left hand (observed on a herpetic patient),

Red miliaria on the neck, beginning with a stitching pain. Pimples on the neck and mammae,

A coarse miliary eruption over the left eyebrow and cheek, which soon passes off (third day),

Eruptions causing an itching-stinging pain, burning after scratching, and feeling sore (observed on a herpetic patient),

Many painless nodules in the face, on the neck and lower extremities, for a long time,

Small burning pimples below the eyes, like heat rash,

Red pimples on the margins of the upper lids, like fresh hordeola; sensation as if something were moving before the eyes, as if one was playing with his fingers before them,

On the border of both upper eyelids a pimple like a hordeolum (fifth day),

A small pimple on the upper lip,

A small pimple on the neck, with a small tip of the size of the head of a pin, with a black point in the centre, very painful when scratched (mornings),

Itching on the right carpus, with red spots, like fleabites, which itch and then pass off,

Eruptions, Moist.

It always aggravates herpes and produces troublesome colic, or stinging itching,

Eruptions, consisting of vesicles filled with lymph, painful to the touch, at various places on the body; some form papules and itch severely (after 10 drops of 30th),

On the face, hand, and back, also on the legs, an itchlike eruption appears, and the eyes agglutinate so that they cannot be opened,

Eruption of small vesicles, quickly filling with a yellows lymph, painful like sores to the touch, during up after a few days, on the forehead and several places of the face, also behind the right ear (after 10 drops of 30th),

Many vesicles on the face,

A yellow vesicle of the size of a pin's head gradually forms at the red edge of the lower lip, feeling sore only when touched (twenty-four hours after 30th),

Around the whole mouth an eruption of small vesicles; outwardly above both corners of the mouth, larger sore spots, exuding a fluid which seemed to originate from scratching the above-mentioned vesicle and cause a continual scratching (in a boy of three years, otherwise perfectly healthy, three days after 10 drops of 1st),

A scab on the nose, which commonly fell off when coughing, is now firmly adherent and hard,

A painful suppurating vesicle on the scrotum,

Eruptions, Pustular.

The left concha inwardly inflamed with suppurating pimples (seventh day),

Small boils on the chest and loins,

Especially on the hands, wrists, and palms numbers of small papules and ulcers, from which, after being opened, a large quantity of watery fluid oozes for hours,

Several pustules in the nape of the neck, with stitching pains,

Towards evening there appear on the buttock numerous small boils, causing a burning itching, which soon disappear, and leave only small crusts,

An old rhagades near the processus styloideus ulnae dextrae suppurated, itched, and remained surrounded by small blisters, filled with clear water; these soon changed to pustules, which healed under a crust (from smelling 28th potency),

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