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Pulsatilla - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Pulsatilla Nigricans, Pulsatila, Pratensis, Wind Flower, Pulsat, Pasque Flower, Puls.

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HPUS indication of Pulsatilla: Weeping

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Pulsatilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Lungs ulcerated, eroded, with hectic fever, and bloody and purulent expectoration),

Oppression of the chest, with cough and expectoration, in the morning, after rising (after twenty-four hours),

Oppression of the chest, with cough, without expectoration,

An anxious sensation in the chest, with rapid pulse (after one hour),

Rush of blood to the chest and heart, at night, with anxious dreams (for example, of being immured), with starting up and anxious cries,

Violent pressure above and upon the clavicle (twelfth day),

Pressure upon the chest, and soreness, . -Hahnemann.

Constriction across the chest,

(The ribs are sore when grasped),

Spasmodic pain across the chest,

Soreness in the chest, under both clavicles,

Weary pain, like that caused by a long-continued racking cough, in the region of the short ribs of both sides, caused by a slight cough (after twenty hours),

Constant spasmodic tension in the lower portion of the chest,

Pain in lower chest and abdomen, obliging her to bend forward,

A cramplike sensation through the chest,

Compressive cutting, almost like a stitch, in one of the lower ribs, when lying on the right side, disappearing on stretching or lying on the painful side,

A cutting pain here and there in the chest (after six hours),

Sticking pain in the chest, on moving the body,

Sticking in the middle of the pectoral muscles, on raising the arm, towards evening, lasting all night till morning (after four hours),

Jerking sensation in the pectoral muscles, especially in the morning, after waking,

Scraping in the chest (trachea), causing cough,

Some violent stitches suddenly shooting through the chest (thirty-fourth day),

Front and Sides.

Pain as from an internal ulcer in the middle of the chest, in the sternum, with headache in the forehead, before midnight (after four hours),

Pressure on the middle of the chest (tenth day),

Drawing, tensive pain in the sternum,

(Drawing, burning, and clawing in the region of the sternum, extending down to the region of the stomach),

Transient sticking in the sternum and left wall of the chest (ninth day),

Pain in the side, two days, during the menses,

Pain in the side, while coughing and on rising,

Cramplike pain, first in the right, then in the left side, then in the chest,

Tearing and some sticking pain in the side of the chest (after one hour),

Stitches in the side, only on lying down,

Stitches beneath the right and left ribs (thirty-fourth day),

Spasmodic constrictive sensation in the right side of the chest, with orgasm of blood (heat), (after twenty-six hours),

Sudden violent sticking in the left wall of the chest, while sitting (nineteenth day),

Violent sticking beneath the left margin of the ribs, extending up to the left wall of the chest (fourteenth day),

Fine sticking pain in the left side, after lying down, in the evening (after three-quarters of an hour),


Swelling of the breasts, with tensive pain, as if the milk rushed into them, and caused pressure, while nursing,


If she lies upon the left side, she complains of anxiety and rapid palpitation and want of breath,

Painful stiffness of the pectoral muscles, on deep breathing and on moving the chest, in the morning, after rising (after twelve hours),

Cramplike constriction of the chest; at times she is quite unable to breathe (after six to seven days),

Sticking in the chest on breathing, during the menses,

A small spot in the region of the sternum is painful, as if the breath pressed against it,

Drawing, tensive pain in one or the other side of the chest, aggravated by breathing,

A stitch in the side, caused by moving the arms, breathing and talking loud, so that the arm became lame before and during the menses,

Pain in the left wall of the chest, preventing respiration (twenty-ninth day),

(*Dull stitches and constant pressure in the praecordial region, with anxiety that impedes respiration; relieved by walking),

The child chokes after coughing,

(Asthma, on smoking, as usual),

Oppression as if in the air-passages, as if they were pressed from without and constricted, so that for a moment he could not get his breath, in the evening, while standing, entirely without cough,

A spasmodic inspiration and expiration that changed to a transient sensation of suffocation, as if one could not get his breath and would die,

Difficult respiration, caused by anxiety in the chest, in the morning,

Shortness of breath, immediately after dinner, lasting several hours,

Want of breath on attempting to breath through the nose, not through the mouth (after half an hour),

Sensation of dyspnoea in the lower portion of the chest, as if it were too full and tight, in the morning,

Dyspnoea in the evening, followed by slumbering, then waking with a paroxysm of suffocation, short or hacking cough, tearing frontal headache, extending through the eyes, crawling on the tongue, cold feet, cold sweat on the face, and many eructations,

Dyspnoea and vertigo, with weakness of the head on lying outstretched upon the back, wholly disappearing on sitting upright, of rising, before one begins to walk, usually gives rise to symptoms more numerous and more severe, the longer the sitting has continued, so also longer continued and more violent motion causes aggravation no less than long sitting still, which, however, are only really felt and noticed after one has again sat down and become quiet. Those alternate actions, which a drug most frequently causes, and which are most violent and most peculiar, are of the most assistance in the homoeopathic cure of disease. -Hahnemann.

(Dyspnoea, )

Violent tickling and scraping in the larynx, and bringing tears into the eyes and causing dry cough (twelfth day),

A scraping sensation in the epiglottis, as in hoarseness (after one hour),

Tickling in the region of the thyroid cartilage, and a short cough caused thereby (hacking),


Hoarseness, inability to speak a loud word,

Cough and Expectoration.

Violent cough, with difficult, scanty expectoration of a little tenacious mucus,


Heart and pulse

Catching pain in the region of the heart, subdued for the time by pressure of the hand,

Palpitation and great anxiety, so that he was obliged to throw off his clothes,

Palpitation, without anxiety, for nearly a minute,

Palpitation from talking,

Palpitation after dinner (after five hours),

Heart's action feeble and irregular,

The beat of the pulse is felt in the pit of the stomach,

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