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Pulsatilla - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Pulsatilla Nigricans, Pulsatila, Pratensis, Wind Flower, Pulsat, Pasque Flower, Puls.

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HPUS indication of Pulsatilla: Weeping
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Pulsatilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Eyes puffy, with a sensation as if one were squinting,

, (after many hours),

Dryness of the right eye, and a sensation as if mucus were hanging before the eye that obscured the vision and that could be wiped away, in the evening (after twenty-four hours),

Sticking pain in one or the other eye, almost without inflammation of the white of the eye, with intolerance of candlelight; he can open the lids but little (after three hours),

Sticking in the left eye on shaking the head, with lachrymation,

Pressure, as from sand, in the eye when reading, disappearing when he ceases to read, and returning on beginning to read again,

Pressive pain in the eyes, as if there were heat in them,

Pressive pain in the left eye,

A pressive-burning pain in the eyes, especially in the morning and evening,

Pressive-burning pain in the eye, as if a hair were in it,

Burning and itching in the eyes, that provokes rubbing and scratching,

Itching sticking in the eyes, that provokes scratching (after twenty-four hours),

Itching of the eyes,


On moving the eyes, pain deep in the orbits, as if the forehead would fall out, and as if the frontal bone was too thin, with confusion of the head, in the evening (after forty-eight hours),


Twitching of the lids,

Swelling and redness of the lids,

The margin of the lower lid is inflamed and swollen, with lachrymation, in the morning,

Stye on the lid, with inflammation of the white of the eye, now in one, now in the other canthus, with drawing-tensive pains in the eyes on moving the muscles of the face, and with ulcerated nostrils,

The inner canthus seems agglutinated with matter, in the morning,

The eyelids are agglutinated, in the morning,

Dryness of the lids, especially when sleepy (after one hour and a half),

Dryness of the lids (after twelve hours),

A biting pain and a sensation of soreness in the inner canthus (after eight hours),

Pressive pain in the inner canthus,

Violent sticking in the eyelids and canthi, in the evening (nineteenth day),

Sticking in the right canthi (ninth day),

Itching (biting) and burning in the lids, in the evening,

Itching in the inner canthi, like the healing of an ulcer, in the evening after sundown; after rubbing, there is a pressive fine-sticking pain,

Lachrymal Apparatus.

Lachrymation in the cold open air,

Lachrymation of one eye, with drawing headache,

The eyes are full of water in the wind (after ten hours),

The eyes are full of water; they lachrymate; blear-eyed,

Weeping eyes,


A red (inflamed) spot on the white of the eye, near the cornea (after thirty hours),

Itching on the eyeball, in the external canthus, in the evening; in the morning the lids are agglutinated with matter (after eight hours),


Pupils dilated,

The pupils are at last dilated,

The pupils are contracted at first,


Great acuteness of vision for distant objects,

Dimness of sight (after six to seven days),

Dimness before the eyes and lachrymation in the open air,

Dimness of vision, like a fog before the eyes,

Weak vision,

Vision and hearing vanish, with a drawing headache and a sensation of heaviness and crawling in the brain, followed by chill,

Obscuration of vision recurring several days in succession,

Obscuration of vision, with inclination to vomit and paleness of the face,

Dizzy obscuration of vision after sitting, on rising and beginning to walk about (after twenty-four hours),

Obscuration of vision, like a fog before the eyes, on rising from a seat and walking (after twenty-four hours),

Obscuration of vision,

Transient obscuration of vision,

Cloudiness of vision, with a kind of flashing of fire, as though she had had a slap in the face; this happened several times throughout the day (after some days),

Asthenopia and photophobia,

Double vision (after several hours),

It seems dark before the eyes, in the morning, on rising from bed,

During the menses it became black before the eyes, and she felt worse on going into a warm room,

(Flickering before the eyes),

The flame of the light seems surrounded by a starry halo,

Fiery circles are seen before the eyes, constantly becoming larger towards noon (they disappear toward evening),

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