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Pulsatilla - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Pulsatilla Nigricans, Pulsatila, Pratensis, Wind Flower, Pulsat, Pasque Flower, Puls.

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HPUS indication of Pulsatilla: Weeping
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Pulsatilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), Solicitude.

after waking. discontented.

on rising, vertigo. on walking in the open air, dizziness.

headache in occiput. dryness of eyes, etc.

burning pain in eyes. margins of lids swollen.

inner canthi agglutinated.

eyelids agglutinated. on rising from bed, dark before eyes.

in bed, twittering in the ear, sneezing.

blowing of blood from nose.

smell as of old catarrh.

looseness of teeth. toothache.

dryness of the tongue.

on waking from sleeping, mouth covered with mucus.

bad odor from mouth. dryness of palate, tongue, and lips.

slimy taste. purulent taste.

bitter taste. throat covered with mucus.

aversion to milk. thirst for beer.

sour eructations. after taking milk, qualmish nausea.

pressure in pit of stomach.

pain in pit of stomach.

on rising from bed, clawing in stomach.

colic. pain in small of back.

in bed, itching in region of seminal vesicles.

sexual excitement. difficult respiration.

after rising, oppression of chest.

stiffness of the pectoral muscles.

after waking, jerkings in pectoral muscles.

in bed, on bending forward, sticking in loins.

after rising from bed, weakness and weariness in limbs.

in bed, pain in limbs.

jerking in forearm. tension in joints of fingers.

trembling of lower extremities.

in bed, pain from hip-joint to knee.

jerking in right calf.

tearing across back of foot.

in bed, sticking in heels.

after rising, feeling of discomfort.

in bed, biting in the region of an ulcer.

itching. itching of scrotum.

in bed, itching on the balls of the feet and between the breasts.

on rising from bed, chilliness.

in bed, heat. sweat. sweat of hands and feet..

(Evening), Dread of ghosts.

towards sundown, morose.

inclination to mental labor.

dizzy reeling. headache.

headache, extending into eyes.

stitches in forehead. tearing bone.

dryness of right eye. burning pain in eyes.

sticking in lids. itching and burning in lids.

itching in inner canthus.

itching on the eyeballs.

itching in right ear. in sleep, sneezing.

on going to bed, stoppage of the nose.

6 to 11 P.M., toothache.

after lying down, offensive odor from mouth.

after drinking beer. bitter taste.

appetite. thirst. bilious eructations.

vomiting. colic and rumbling in abdomen.

in bed, moving of flatus in intestines.

before eating, colic. every other day, cutting pains in abdomen.

blind haemorrhoids. pressure in bladder.

before lying down, burning in neck of bladder.

after lying down, cough.

dyspnoea. pain in sacrum.

drawing in the lower extremities, with chill.

in bed, twitching of muscles of thighs.

drawing and tension in thighs.

after lying down, tremulous sensation in legs and knees.

pain in legs. cramp in the leg.

swelling of one foot. in bed, drawing from above downward into feet.

tearing across back of foot.

after becoming warm in bed, pain in heel.

pain in balls of toes.

pain in great toe. stitches in fresh wounds.

on undressing, itching of pimples on scapula.

in bed, itching. itching of scrotum.

sleep. chilliness. dry heat of body.

heat of face..

Diarrhoea, with pinching pains in the bowels, and a sense of nausea and faintness both before and at each evacuation.

the motions were slightly mixed with blood.

the attack of diarrhoea continued for five days, during all which time she was obliged to keep her bed.

the bowels acted at first almost every quarter of an hour and upon the least movement (after two days),.

Fever. thirst about 2 P.M., followed about 4 P.M. by chill, without thirst, with coldness of the face and hands, with anxiety and oppression of the chest.

afterwards, lying down, and drawing pains in the back, extending to the occiput, and thence into the temples and crown of the head.

three hours afterwards, heat of the body without thirst.

the skin was burning hot, but there was sweat only on the face, trickling down in large drops like pearls, sleepiness without sleep, and full of restlessness.

the next morning, sweat over the whole body (after seventy hours),.


Painful sensitiveness, like soreness of the skin, in the lips and face, when touched,

A place that had formerly been burned, but was now healed, becomes painful to touch,

The pain in an ulcer is aggravated when one is about to eat,

Stitches in an ulcer, that cause shuddering through the whole body, with violent sticking pains, that frequently change to a burning, about the ulcer,

Stitches shooting upward into the ulcer on one foot; a burning in the ulcer on the other foot (after twenty-four hours),

A burning biting in the region of the scab (of an ulcer), in the morning in bed (together with dry cough), (after twenty hours),

A burning, as from glowing coals, near or above an ulcer on the foot, in the morning, lasting two minutes,

Biting in an ulcer on the foot, just before dressing it, in the morning and evening,

A (burning) itching over the whole body, on becoming warm in bed, before midnight, aggravated by scratching; is unable to sleep on account of it; less during the day, and only after becoming heated from walking or after rubbing; there is no appearance of an eruption,

Biting itching here and there in the skin,

Biting itching on the upper portion of the sternum, not relieved by scratching, in the evening (after thirty-six hours),

Biting itching on the side of the neck after shaving off the beard, not relieved by scratching and rubbing, but it pains (after five hours),

Biting itching on the tip of the elbow-joint, like itching and rubbing with wool (after two hours),

A violent sticking-biting pain in an ulcer, with itching about it,

A crawling itching in and above the navel, painful after scratching,

Itching crawling in the toes, like that in frozen limbs, in the evening,

Tickling itching under an ulcer on the foot,

Intolerable itching, in the evening in bed,

Itching, fine sticking sensation in the skin, as from numerous fleas,

Unusual itching about an ulcer, as if it would heal,

Itching in the region of the chin, especially in the evening,

Frequent itching of the scrotum, especially in the morning and evening,

Itching of the scrotum, in the morning before and after rising,

Itching of the right nipple, not relieved by scratching (after twenty-four hours),

Itching on the neck and on the cheeks; on scratching pimples appear,

Itching on the back and across the loins,

An itching that obliges scratching, but that is not followed by blisters, on the forearm, especially on the back of the hand and between the fingers,

Itching on the backs of the feet and between the breasts, in the morning in bed,

Painful, intolerable itching; an itching-sticking in the feet and toes, that seem inflamed, especially close to the roots of the nails, as if the limbs had been frozen, penetrating the whole body, before midnight, but without subsequent painful numbness on walking, as is noticed in actually frozen feet,