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Pulsatilla - Generalities symptoms - Clarke

Pulsatilla Nigricans, Pulsatila, Pratensis, Wind Flower, Pulsat, Pasque Flower, Puls.

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HPUS indication of Pulsatilla: Weeping
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Pulsatilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Constant sleepiness and comatose sleep, with agitation and disquieting fancies, day or night.

Great tendency to sleep during day, principally in evening or afternoon.

Irregular sleep, too early in evening or too late in morning, and sometimes with nocturnal sleeplessness.

Sleep retarded, sometimes until two hours after midnight, and often followed by early waking.

A great flow of ideas hinders sleep in evening and at night.

Agitated sleep, with frequent waking; and general numbness on waking.

Inability to sleep except when seated with head inclined forwards or to one side.

During sleep, chattering, talking, delirium, convulsive movements of mouth, eyes, and limbs; tears, cries, and moans, nightmare; starts from fright; shocks in body and jerking in limbs.

Wakes up frightened and confused, knows not where he is, cannot collect himself.

At night great agitation and tossing, inquietude and anguish of heart, ebullition of blood, dry heat, itching, incoherent talking, with fixed ideas.

When sleeping patient lies on back with knees raised and arms placed over head or crossed over abdomen.

Fearful, frightful, anxious, confused, vivid, disgusting, voluptuous dreams, of quarrels and of business of the day, of spectres, and of the dead.

Frequent yawning.


Epileptic convulsions, with violent movements of limbs, followed by weakness, eructations, and inclination to vomit (after suppression of catamenia).


Sharp drawing and jerking pains in muscles, agg. at night, or in bed in evening, as well as by heat of a room, amel. in the open air, and often accompanied by numbness, paralytic weakness, or hard swelling of parts affected.

Shootings and sensation of coldness in parts affected on a change of weather.

Tension in some of the limbs as if tendons were too short.

Shifting pains which pass rapidly from one part to the other, often with swelling and redness in joints.

Sensation of hollowness; of pulsations, knocking, or throbbing in inner parts; of extension in size, as if one part, or every part, were growing too large; of a band around the parts; of buzzing or humming in any part of the body.

Shocks in tendons.

Fitful pains with shivering, labouring respiration, paleness of face, and trembling of legs.

The shiverings increase as the pains become agg.

Pain as from a bruise or subcutaneous ulceration on touching parts affected.

Semilateral pains and affections.

Symptoms are agg. and renewed when seated after long-continued exercise; or on rising after having been seated a long time, as well as during repose, esp. when lying on side or back.

The symptoms which appear when lying on back are amel. by turning on side or by rising up, and vice versâ.

Movement, walking, pressure, external heat, and the open air, equally amel. many of the symptoms, while they agg. others.

Symptoms generally most violent in evening or at night before midnight, sometimes also in morning and after a meal.

The symptoms are agg. every second day in evening.

Agitation and uneasiness throughout body, with inability to sleep or to enjoy repose, and constant inclination to stretch limbs.

Frequent and troublesome pulsations over whole body, agg. during movement.

Great tendency of limbs to go to sleep.

Frequent trembling of limbs with anxiety.

Sluggishness and heaviness of limbs, with paralytic weakness, painful sensibility of joints, and tottering gait.

Weariness in morning, which is agg. by a recumbent position.

Fainting fits with deadly paleness of face.

Great sensibility and repugnance to open air.

Great desire to remain lying down or sitting.

Pain as from a bruise in bones of Emaciation.

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