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Pulsatilla - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Pulsatilla Nigricans, Pulsatila, Pratensis, Wind Flower, Pulsat, Pasque Flower, Puls.

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HPUS indication of Pulsatilla: Weeping
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Pulsatilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Feels as if tired and worn out, though she has had no work to cause it,




(Sleepiness during dinner),

Irresistible sleep, in the afternoon,

Sleepy at an unusual time, either late in the morning or early in the evening,

Constant dreamy sleepiness,

He can scarcely keep awake, in the evening, yet without weariness (after four days),

Sleep much too long, with closed eyes; at first the sleep is only a nap, full of fantasies and dreams,

She feels unusually heavy for sleep (after some days),

She becomes overpowered by sleep, and is obliged to sleep in the middle of a meal, at noon,

Slumbering, with jerking of the arms and feet,

During sleep, the child drew the mouth back and forth, opened the eyes, distorted them and closed them again, and twitched the fingers,

While sleeping, he lies upon the back with the hands above the head,

During sleep she sat upright, with staring eyes, and said, "Drive that man away,"

Is frightened in sleep and starts,

Screams and starts up in sleep, frightened by a black dog, a cat; tries to drive away bees,

He moves to and fro during sleep,

Talking of foolish things, that seemed to float before him, while half awake, after midnight,

Talking in sleep (after forty hours),

Snoring through the nose on inspiration, while sitting, during the nap, in the afternoon,


Sleeplessness, with rush of ideas,

Sleep before midnight prevented by a fixed idea; for example, a melody constantly recurred to his mind, yet sleepiness prevented activity of memory and fantasies,

Sleeplessness on account of orgasm of blood,

Sleepless; he became perfectly wide awake every three hours during the night,

Sleeplessness, with extreme restlessness,

Cannot fall asleep, in the evening, on account of an anxious sensation of heat (after four hours),

Could not fall asleep for a long time, in the evening, in bed, then woke earlier than usual without being able to fall asleep again,

He is unable to fall asleep at night before 2 A.M.,

Sleep dull, stupid, restless, during which he tosses about,

Sleep at night restless; on account of an intolerable sensation of heat he was obliged to throw off the covers, with internal warmth of the hands, without perspiration,

During the first three nights, he could sleep only while sitting with the head bent forward, or to one side, and could not fall asleep before midnight,

After lying down, in the evening, he slept for an hour and a half without dreaming, then woke and remained wide awake until morning; was constantly obliged to turn over,

Is unable to fall asleep, in the evening,

Quite restless sleep, with tossing about the bed, as from too great warmth,

He easily woke, in the evening, before midnight,

*She woke before midnight and dreamed a great deal; quiet sleep only after 2 o'clock; the next forenoon she was so weary that she could have slept half the day,

Waking very frequently during the night and remaining awake; during the day sleepy,

Woke frequently on account of vivid dreams; for example, that he was falling,

At night he woke as if frightened and dazed; did not know where he was, and was not quite conscious (after five, and twelve hours),

She frequently sprang out of bed, because it seemed as though she would feel better out of bed,

A very light superficial sleep; afterwards it seemed as though he had not slept at all,


Vivid dreams of a subject that had happened or been spoken of during the previous day,

Very vivid dreams and fantasies, after midnight, that uninterruptedly exercised his thoughts and caused weariness; an almost constant recurrence of the same subject till he woke (after forty-eight hours),

Slumber full of dreams of disconnected subjects, that she dreams of one by one, with the echo of words, though the names do not correspond to the subjects of the dream; hence disconnected loud talking during such a sleep,

Dreams of quarrels (after twenty-four hours),

Dreams of frightful things; for example, that he had been beaten and was unlucky; sobbed and wept aloud in sleep, and on waking the dream seemed so vivid that he was obliged to take deep breaths, as if sighing,

Confused dreams at night, ; (after six to seven days),

Frightful dreams

he was obliged to get up (after five hours),

starting up in sleep in affright,

Dreams at night full of fright and disgust,

Sleep full of dreams, in which he starts,

Anxious dream in the morning, and anxiety continuing after waking; fearfulness and dread at frightful unreasonable fantasies (the same that appeared in his dream), (after six hours),

Lascivious dreams in the evening and morning, almost without sexual excitement,

Amorous dream, with seminal emission (third day),

Dread of men; she fancies a naked man is wrapped in her bedclothes and rolled up under her bed, while she has only a sheet to cover her; all her dreams are about men (after six to seven days),


Profuse sweat, in the morning (after forty-eight hours),

Easy perspiration, in the morning,

Slight general perspiration during a stupefied slumber, with vivid dreams, after midnight,

Slight general perspiration,

Inclination to sweat, in the morning,

Inclination to sweat during the day (after fourteen, and thirty hours),

Heavy perspiration at night (after some days),

Profuse offensive nightsweat,

Sweat all night, with stupefied slumber, full of visions and thirst for beer,

Nightsweats fourteen nights in succession,

Sweat during the sleep, in the morning, disappearing after waking,

Sweat only on the left side of the body (after forty hours),

Sweat only on the right side of the body,

Sweat on the right side of the face,

Perspiration on the face and scalp,

All day the sweat pours down her back (after some days),

Hand sweaty, in the morning, after rising,

Profuse sweat of the feet every morning in bed (curative action?), after the cure of a swelling of the feet,


Violent tremblings all over,

Trembling of the whole body, with cold perspiration (after three hours),

The child becomes very rigid from fretfulness,

In sleep he lies upon the back, with the hands crossed upon the abdomen, with the feet drawn up,

He lies in bed, most comfortably upon the back, with the feet drawn up; if he lies upon either side many spasmodic symptoms occur, for example, haemorrhoidal pain in the anus, headache, as if the skull would burst, pain in the joints, tightness in the chest, anxiety (after thirty-eight hours),

Impairment of motor power,

Excessive weariness from a short walk, for several days,

Could scarcely walk a few minutes on account of weakness, and was then obliged to sleep for hours, and so alternately the whole day,

Weakness of the whole body; he is obliged to lie down (after three hours),

Tremulous weakness,

The longer he lies in the morning the weaker he becomes and the more he wishes to lie, and indeed he desires to fall asleep again,

So great exhaustion after walking, at noon, that he cannot keep from sleeping, but the more he tries to keep awake the more sleepy he becomes,

Languor, prostration, and desire to yawn (after some days),

He is indolent and constantly wishes to sit or lie,

Faintness all the morning; she is obliged to call repeatedly for water (after some days),

Restless mood, as if he had not done his duty satisfactorily (after eighteen hours),

The child grunts and groans if it is carried, or when at stool,

Inclination to stretch,

Heaviness of the whole body (after eight hours),

Great heaviness and great chilliness in the arms and legs,

Sensation of immobility and stiffness of the body,

Everything about the body seems tight; she wishes to throw off her clothes,

Extremely distressing sensation in the whole body, causing despair, so that he does no know what to do; he cannot sleep nor in any way become quiet,

Sensation in the whole body as if he had been awake all night, with confusion in the head, as after intoxication (after twelve hours),

Feeling of discomfort over the whole body, in the morning after rising, disappearing on moving about (after twenty-two hours),

Drawing-tearing pains, here and there, in the whole body, in transient but frequently recurring attacks,

Jerking-drawing pains in the muscles, as if they were stretched on a cord, not in the joints,

Jerking pain in the left side (after four hours),

Painful paralytic sensation about the ligaments of the joints,

Stitches in fresh wounds, in the evening,

Numbness of the integuments, then general anaesthesia,

Distressing throbbing in the veins through the whole body, mostly felt during motion,

Troubles from the open air; he dreads it (after six to eight hours),

He longs for fresh air, although the colic and qualmishness are aggravated in the open air (after ten hours),

When lying upon the back the pains decrease, and disappear, but when lying upon either side they increase or recur (after twenty-four hours),

The symptoms are especially violent every other evening,

Symptoms relieved in the open air (after half an hour), , is most frequent and most marked. -Hahnemann.

Drawing pressive pain extending towards the uterus, with qualmishness, towards morning,

Cutting pain in the orifice of the uterus (after six hours),

Contractive pain in the left side of the uterus, like labor pains, obliging her to bend double,

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