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Pulsatilla - Modalities Etc

Pulsatilla Nigricans, Pulsatila, Pratensis, Wind Flower, Pulsat, Pasque Flower, Puls.

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HPUS indication of Pulsatilla: Weeping
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Pulsatilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), Tension in stomach; pressure in left hip and in head; heaviness of the legs.

(Toward noon), Fiery circles before eyes.

(Noon), After walking, exhaustion.

(Afternoon), Anxiety; heaviness and heat of head; frontal headache; itching in right ear; toward evening, sticking toothache; 6 P.M., bitter taste; pain in stomach; rheumatism in nape of neck; till evening, pain in tibia; sleep; warmth in upper parts of body; 1 o'clock, chill.

(Night), Anxiety; bubbling in head; 2 A.M., toothache; offensive odor from mouth; bitter eructations; in sleep, hiccough; vomiting; colic; diarrhoea; pressure in bladder; in bed, involuntary micturition; emissions; rush of blood to chest and heart; stitches in scapulae; pain in arm; in bed, burning heat; sweat.

(Before midnight), Vomiting; on becoming warm in bed, itching over whole body.

(Midnight), Throbbing headache; thirst.

(After midnight), Dryness of throat.

(In the open air), Lachrymation; burning in cheek; colic and qualmishness.

(On awaking), Headache.

(Bending arm), Heaviness.

(Bending body backward), Pain in small of back; pain in hip.

(Breathing), Pain in chest.

(Brushing hair), Pain on scalp.

(Chewing and biting), Pain in tooth.

(Coming into a warm room), Headache, with obscuration.

(Coughing), Sensation as if stomach turned over; pain in abdominal muscles; stitches in back; stitches in shoulder; stitches in sides; pain in side.

(After dinner), Stitches through brain; shortness of breath; palpitation.

(Cold drinks), Toothache.

(After drinking), Coffee, uprisings of sour liquid; qualmish nausea; colic.

(Drawing inward walls of abdomen), Pain in stomach and abdomen.

(When about to eat), Pain in ulcer.

(Eating), Toothache; nausea.

(After eating), Seems intoxicated; sourish taste; bitter taste; eructations; qualmish nausea; pain in stomach; flatulent distension; offensive flatus; fulness.

(Every other evening), The symptoms.

(Exerting the mind), Headache in the forehead.

(On falling asleep), Shuddering and jerking in head.

(On hawking), Taste of bad meat in mouth.

(During heat), Thirst.

(Inspiration), Pain in pit of stomach.

(Looking intently), Headache.

(Looking upward), Vertigo.

(Lying down), Stitches in occiput; stitches in side.

(Lying still), Pain in small of back; falling asleep of forearms.

(While lying down), For midday nap, headache; stiffness and pain in small of back; sticking in an anterior portion of left thigh.

(After lying down), Headache in side on which he does not lie.

(Lying upon either side), Spasmodic symptoms.

(Lying upon left side), Anxiety and palpitation.

(Lying upon right side), Cutting in lower rib.

(Lying outstretched upon the back), Dyspnoea, with vertigo.

(Before appearance of menses), Chilliness, yawning, and stretching.

(During the menses), Black before the eyes; nausea at night; pain in stomach; pressive pain in abdomen and small of back; on breathing, sticking in chest; pain in side.

(Motion), Confusion and vertigo; pain in small of back; sticking pain between scapula; cracking in scapula; pain in elbow-joint; pain in wrist.

(Moving body), Sticking pain in chest.

(Moving head), Cracking in the ears; cracking in first cervical vertebra.

(Moving eyes), Headache in orbit.

(Moving muscles of face), Pain in eyes.

(Moving arm), Pain in shoulder-joint.

(Moving foot), Tearing in ankle.

(Opening the mouth), Sticking in last back tooth.

(After overloading the stomach), Tension in feet.

(On attempting to raise arm), Sensation of weight in shoulder-joint.

(Raising the eyes), Pain in forehead.

(Raising arm), Sticking in pectoral muscles.

(Reading), pressure in eye.

(During rest), Anxiety; stitches in soles of feet and toes.

(On rising), Pain in small of back; pain in side.

(On rising and walking about), Dizzy obscuration of vision.

(Rising after stooping), Pain in back.

(Rising from a seat), Obscuration of vision; weariness of legs.

(Scraping in chest), Cough.

(Scratching), Itching over body.

(After shaving off beard), Itching on side of neck.

(Shaking head), Sticking in left eye.

(While sitting), Vertigo; whirring and dulness in head; pain in abdominal muscles; itching in prepuce; sticking in left wall of chest; pain in right scapula; inclination to stretch feet.

(After sitting), Pain in small of back.

(Solid food), Qualmishness.

(During sleep), Jerking of the limbs.

(While slumbering), Qualmish nausea.

(Smoking), Nauseous taste; hiccough; qualmish nausea; asthma.

(Standing), Tearing, extending into anus; tingling and grumbling in feet; after sitting, pain in heels; pain in soles.

(Stepping upon feet), Pain in soles.

(During stool), Bleeding of anus; burning in rectum; drawing in back.

(After stool), Colic; sore pain in anus.

(Stooping), Vertigo; heaviness of head; pressive headache; headache in forehead; pain in root of nose; pain in small of back; tension about thighs.

(During suppression of menses), Qualmish nausea.

(After supper), Flatulent colic.

(On swallowing), Sensation of swelling, rawness, etc., in throat.

(During nightsweat), Cramp in the hands and arms.

(Taking warm things in mouth), Toothache.

(Talking), Pain on side of palate; palpitation.

(Touch), Pain in upper arm; pain on side of palate.

(Before urinating), Pressure.

(After urinating), Pain in urethra; burning in urethra; pressure and crawling in glans penis.

(After vomiting), Burning in pharynx.

(Walking), Vertigo; reeling; crackling in brain; pressive headache; obscuration of vision; pain in abdomen; itching in prepuce; weakness of thigh; tension about thighs; stiffness in right knee; pain in calves; pain in ankle; pain in inner malleolus; trembling of feet.

(Walking in open air), Vertigo; headache; pressure upon neck of bladder; sensation of stiffness in lower extremities.

(Walking a distance), Burning heat of feet.

(Walking over a high bridge), Vertigo.

(After walking about in the room), Fretful and without appetite.

(After walking), Pain in fourth lumbar vertebra.

(Warmth of bed), Toothache.

(Warmth of stove), Throbbing in the gums.

(Cold water), Toothache.

(In the wind), Toothache.

(When writing), Omits letters.

(Yawning), Pain in parietes of lower abdomen.


WORSE, from heat, rich fat food, after eating, towards evening, warm room, lying on left or on painless side, when allowing feet to hang down.



Clothes BED

Getting feet wet





LYING; one side (L)


Long after






Before menses




(Morning), Pain in legs.

(Evening nap), Toothache.

(Open air), The symptoms.

(Draft of cold open air), Toothache.

(Bending backward or forward), Pain in small of back.

(After eating), Jerks in stomach.

(External pressure), Throbbing headache.

(Lying upon the back), The pains.

(Lying on painful side), Cutting in one of the lower ribs.

(Motion), Tremulous anxiety; tension in stomach; falling asleep of forearms; pressure in left hip and head.

(Pressure of hand), Pain region of heart.

(Rest at night), Pain in bones of legs.

(Rising up), Stitches in occiput.

(Rubbing), Itching of pimples on neck.

(Scratching), Itching of pimples on neck.

(Sitting up in bed), Cough.

(While sitting), Vertigo.

(Loose stool), Tormina; sharp pain in abdomen.

(Stooping), Colic.

(Uncovering), Toothache.

(Vinegar), Sticking toothache.

(Walking), Headache in forehead; stitches and pressure in praecordial region; pain in small of back; pain from hip-joint to knee; tingling and grumbling in feet.


BETTER, open air, motion, cold applications, cold food and drinks, though not thirsty.




Gentle motion

Continued motion

After a good cry

Desires and aversions

Hunger but knows not for what; eats greedily, followed by vomiting.

Food tastes too salt.

Appetite for strong alcoholic drinks, beer; sour, refreshing things; herring.

Aversion to fat food, pork, meat, bread, milk.

Thirst rare; when thirsty drinks often, but little at a time, it provokes inclination to vomit.

Thirstlessness, with moist or dry tongue.


Increased appetite, in the evening (after five hours),

Appetite, but he does not know for what,

Ravenous hunger, immediately (but passing off soon),

Much hunger at an unusual time (thirty-fourth day),

With some appetite; bread, butter, and beer have little or no taste,

Swallowing difficult, as from paralysis of the pharyngeal muscles,

External Throat.

Loss of appetite, with a clean, natural taste,

Appetite quite gone, filthy taste, tongue much coated (after some days),

Appetite completely gone (after some days),

Aversion to meat and stale bread.

Aversion to butter; it tastes bitter,

Aversion to milk, in the morning, though he immediately relished it,

Extreme disgust for smoking,

Aversion to smoking, as if he had already smoked to satiety (after five hours),


Very violent thirst, especially for beer, after the disappearance of the fever heat, and a white tongue,

Thirst, without heat and without sweat, in the evening, immediately after lying down in bed; perspiration follows only in the morning, between 2 and 5 o'clock, with thirst; drinking always increases the perspiration,

(Thirst, at midnight, without being more than warm),

Thirst for water, in the evening,

Thirst during the heat,

Thirst for beer, which, however, has an unpleasant taste (after ten hours),

Thirst, especially for beer, chiefly in the morning (after a few hours),

Thirst for alcoholic drinks,

He longs to drink something invigorating and strengthening,

Loss of thirst,


Eructations, tasting of old rancid tallow, after eating cakes,

Loud eructations,

Bilious eructations, in the evening (after two hours),

Eructations (uprisings) of a bitter fluid into the mouth,

Bitter eructations, at night,

Eructations of gas (after one hour),

Sour eructations, in the morning,

Uprisings of sour liquid into the mouth, after drinking coffee,

Uprisings into the throat, preceded by rumbling crawling in the abdomen, and by colic,

Incomplete inclination to eructate; the eructations are ineffectual and do not actually occur,


Hiccough while smoking,

Hiccough at night, in sleep,

Inclined to hiccough, after drinking,

Position etc

Motion 19, 32, 33, 40. Exercise 5, 26. Walking 3, 10, 18, 21, 23, 16, 46. Rising 4. Ascending 26. Stooping 3. Must bend forward 19. Lifting eyes 2, 3. Moving eyes 3. Rest 3. Sitting 3, 10, 19, 21, 27. Lying 3, 27, 29; on back 26. Parts lain on 3, 4, 43.

Pains worse changing from a long-maintained position.

Early morning 1, 11. Morning 2, 11, 12, 13, 20, 22, 23, 26, 29, 37, 40. 4 P.M. 40. 5-10 P.M. 4. Evening 3, 4, 5, 8, 11, 19, 24, 26, 27, 29, 40. Night 4, 6, 10, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27, 28, 34, 40, 46.