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Pyrogenium - General symptoms - H.C. Allen

Artificial Sepsin, Pyrogen, Pyrog.

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HPUS indication of Pyrogenium: Fever
Common symptoms: Fever, Headache, Nausea, Restlessness, Vomiting.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Pyrogenium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(A product of Sepsis)

The bed feels hard (Arnica Arn); parts lain on feet and bruised (Baptisia Tinctoria Bapt); rapid decubitus (Carb ac)

Great restlessness; must move constantly to better the soreness of parts (Arnica Arn, Bellis Perennis Bellis, Eup)

Tongue large, flabby; clean, smooth as if varnished; fiery red; dry, cracked, articulation difficult (Crot, Terebinthina Ter)

Taste sweetish; terribly fetid; pus-like; as from an abscess

Vomiting persistent; brownish; coffee-ground; offensive, stercoarceous; with impacted or obstructed bowels (Op, Plumbum Metallicum Plb)

Diarrhea horribly offensive (Psorinum Psor); brown or black (Lep); painless, involuntary; uncertain, when passing flatus (Aloe Socotrina Aloe, Olean)

Constipation with complete inertia (Op, Sanic); obstinate from impaction, in fevers; stool, large, black, carrion-like; small, black balls, like olives (Op, Plumbum Metallicum Plb)

Fetus or secundines retained, decomposed; dead for day, black horribly offensive discharge; "never well since" septic fever, following abortion or confinement To arouse vital activity of uterus

Lochia; thin, acrid, brown, very fetid (Nitric Acid Nit ac); suppressed followed by chills, fever and profuse fetid perspiration

Distinct consciousness of a heart; it feels tired; as if enlarged; purring, throbbing, pulsating, constant in ears, preventing sleep; cardiac asthenia from septic conditions

Pulse abnormally rapid, out of all proportion to temperature (Lil)

Skin pale, cold of an ashy hue (Secale Cornutum Sec); obstinate, varicose, offensive ulcers of old persons (Psorinum Psor)

Chill; begins on the back, between scapulae; severe, general, of bones and extremities, marking onset of septic fever; temperature 103 to 106; heat sudden, skin dry and burning; pulse rapid, small, wiry, 140 to 170, cold clammy sweat follows

In septic fevers, especially puerperal, Pyrogen has demonstrated its great value as a homoeopathic dynamic antiseptic

there was automatic motion of the right arm and right leg.

rolling the head from side to side.

this kept up until it would turn her around from left to right till her feet would get on the pillow or touch the headboard.

she was brought out of this condition with Pyrogenium.

Mrs I, aged 35, mother of two children, swelling of calf of leg.

vesication formed on top of left foot, followed by a large ulcer, which eventually covered the whole foot As the diseased process extended up the leg, several abscesses formed in succession, the swelling continuing to spread to the hip About three inches below the trochanter a large abscess burrowed in the soft tissues, discharging great quantities of pus when opened.

Restless, unable to lie in one position.

motion caused great pain, but moving gave better.

must be continually moved, every hour or two every night, which a dose of Rhus Tox Rhus failed to better The feet, ankles and abdomen very much swollen.

urine scanty, with red sandy sediment.

constant sensation of repletion.

is very thristy yet unable to drink.

hungry, yet the least food causes repletion.

very peevish, whines like a child Swelling and pain still increasing.

face and neck yellow, emaciated and wrinkled.

temperature 103, pulse 120 After Arsenicum Album Ars, Rhus Tox Rhus, Lycopodium Lyc and Nux Vomica Nux v failed to give any better, Pyrogen cmm, one dose, followed by placebo every hour.

improvement began and continued for four days, when a copious, painless, watery, offensive diarrhea began.

another dose of Pyrogen was given and the patient went on to a rapid recovery.

April 7, 1895 Rode twenty-two miles in a big wind storm, chilling and disagreeable, on the 5th Taken to bed at once Hot and cold flashes, worse moving about Aching and sore all over Bones ache Very restless and nervous Impatient Head feels big, full and aches all through head and down neck.

worse coughing Nasal discharge fluent and thin Lungs sore and painful.

worse coughing Coughs considerably, some little expectoration, worse at night.

Pain starting in the umbilicus or a little above, and passing down towards the uterus, but at midway of abdomen it would be intercepted by the same kind of a pain starting from the uterus and passing upward till they would meet midway between the umbilicus and uterus, then gradually die out till another would come as before.

better momentarily by drawing her knees up to her chin and grasping her arms around them and holding them tight.

Mrs T B, pale, slender, delicate, but in good health.

primipara. was successfully delivered April 10th, 1901 One the 20th found her with a temperature of 102.

lochia scanty, pale, offensive.

but she felt well and had no pain Fever increased in severity gradually for several days, until temperature reached 105 and 106, with a pulse of 120-130.

still she insisted she felt well and would not go to bed Several remedies, Baptisia Tinctoria Bapt, Belladonna Bell, Ech, Tar, were given without effect Finally a severe shaking chill followed in a few hours by another sent her to bed, and the nurse was recalled Pyrogen was given Following day temperature 102.

lochia reappeared in natural color.

the abdominal sensitiveness ceased and in two or three days disappeared entirely She rapidly recovered.

Mrs W S C, a slender woman.

primipara. delivered June 10th, instrumental Severe peritoneal laceration, which was repaired The morning of the third day had shake.

cutting spasmodic pain in uterus, which was swollen and sensitive.

lochia dark, profuse, clotted.

both iliac regions sensitive to pressure worse left side Belladonna Belladonna gave no relief Fever continued to rise.

lochia darker, more offensive, containing threads and clots The odor and other symptoms indicating approaching sepsis she received Pyrogen with very gratifying results, and a rapid recovery.

Carrie, aged 16 years, been sick two or three months under allopathic care Breath, perspiration, expectoration, menses, urine and feces horribly offensive, carrion-like.

disgust up to nausea about an effluvia that arise from her own body.

soreness of the chest and abdomen, menses last but one day and a sanguineous leucorrhea that is of the same odor.

pulse 106, with a bad cough, worse coming into a warm room.

large, fleshy, pale, greenish or chlorotic face, mother having just died of consumption Pyrogen cm, one dose, and better in en hours, and on November 12th cough, odor and soreness nearly all gone, pulse 80, tongue clean Sac lac, and she remains well to this writing - Wakeman.

N B, child 4 years old, resided in a house in which plumbing was being prepared A few days after was attacked at 2 A M with Vomiting and purging.

stools profuse and watery Cold extremities, ears and nose.

forehead bathed in cold perspiration Tongue heavily coated, yellowish-gray.

edges of tip very red Great prostration Great restlessness mental and physical.

pulse 140, small and wiry.

temperature 99 Great thirst for small quantities, but the smallest quantity was instantly rejected Later in day stool was horribly offensive, of a carrion-like odor.

face pale, sunken, bathed in cold perspiration Tongue dark red and free from the heavy coating of early morning, intense thirst, but water worse both vomiting and purging After Ver, Arsenicum Album Ars, Carbo v and Bap had been given, with no improvement, the patient evidently sinking, impossible to count the pulse, thinking perhaps sewer-gas poison may have been the factor, and the clean, fiery red tongue called my attention to Dr Burnett's cures in the Homoeopathic World with Pyrogen I gave two doses on the tongue with prompt and permanent relief.

Miss E B, aged 14, complained of feeling weary, unable to go to school Applying thermometer, found temperature 102, pulse 108, and her father sent for me I found tongue abnormally red, thin, white fur at base Has a slight epistaxis in the morning which Bryonia Bryonia better, but failed to affect the fever As there was absolutely no pain and very few symptoms, she was allowed to wait a few days on placebo Sewer-gas was now discovered as the cause.

Pyrogen, one dose, was given with rapid recovery.

Inclined to talk all the time at night during the fever.

cold sweat over the body.

pain in the small of the back.

desires to urinate. it is scant.

talks to herself. urging to vomit, with cold feet.

restlessness better after sleeping.

purple spots on the chest.

cries out in her sleep that some one or a weight is lying on her.

heart beats hard, has a laborious action.

sensation as if the heart was too full of blood.

it beats very loud, heart sounds can be heard some distance from the thorax, always can hear her heart beat.

could not sleep last night for whizzing and purring of heart, when she did fall asleep was delirious Sensation as if a cap were on her head When she awakens and finds it there she knows that she is all right, that she is not delirious.

better after vomiting.

whispers in her sleep.

whispers to herself, if you ask her what she said does not answer.

sensation as if she covered the whole bed.

she knew that her head was on the pillow, but she could not tell where the rest of her body was.

Sensation as though he was crowded by his arms and legs.

when turning over in bed they were still crowding him.

as soon as the fever came on he commenced to urinate.

he can tell every time when the fever is coming on because of this urgency to urinate The urine is clear as spring-water Very severe pain in the right side.

knife-like pains going through to the back.

worse from every motion, from coughing or talking or taking a long breath.

better from lying on the affected side.

groaning with every breath.

redness of the face and also of the ears, it looked as if the blood would burst out of them After the fever leaves he still has the hallucination that he is very wealthy and he has a very large sum of money in the bank, and this was the last to leave him this idea that he had the money.

It was dressed by adhesive plaster, which was put on so tightly that it had to be removed in 24 hours, replaced by another and a few stitches taken.

but the whole hand began to swell, became very painful, gradually grew worse for eighteen days, during which patient had few hours sleep Whole hand and forearm were enormously swollen, almost black in color and mortification threatened Amputation was now decided.

At this stage a homeopathic physician found in addition to the symptoms above the patient delirious and excited.

he could not lie down, for the bed was too hard, nor could he rest the arm on anything, for everything on which it lay also seemed too hard Pyrogen 50m In a few hours he was sleeping quietly, temperature reduced and pain lessened Improvement was rapid and steady to complete recovery.