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Ranunculus Bulbosus - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Buttercup, Ranunc. Bulb, Ran-b.

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HPUS indication of Ranunculus Bulbosus: Itching
Ranunculus Bulbosus

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ranunculus Bulbosus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Tired and broken down all day, he would like to sleep all the time (after ten days),

Lassitude, ill-humor, with pain in the back, and pain as if bruised in the region of the short ribs (third to fourth day),

Great heaviness and lassitude in the whole body, in the forenoon (after seven days),


Great drowsiness in the evening, he falls asleep over his work; nevertheless he is unable to sleep several hours after going to bed (third day),

Great drowsiness in the afternoon; he sleeps three hours after dinner, and has done so for three days past (eighth day),

Irresistible desire to sleep two afternoons (third and fourth days),

Sleep before midnight; remains afterwards wide awake until 5 A.M., when he fell into a sleep full of dreams (third day),

Awoke early in the morning with perspiration (third day),

Frequent waking at night, he remains awake a long while, owing to want of sleep and anxiety in the chest (third day),

Wakes up earlier than usual, and is wider awake (second day),

Falls asleep late in the evening, and wakes early in the morning, with perspiration (second day),

Falls asleep late in the evening and wakes several times at night, not from any pain, but because he is not sleepy (fourth day),

Falls asleep late in the evening, is not sleepy, is unable to lie on the right side, wakes early in the morning (seventh day),

Falls asleep late several nights,

Disturbed sleep at night,

Very restless sleep, with increase of pain in the chest and heat,

Restless sleep, with emission, with pain in the small of the back, in the morning, and indolence the whole day,

Restless nights, unrefreshing sleep, with frequent flushes of heat,

Restless sleep, with violent aching of the chest and oppression (first day),

Lies awake several hours in the evening, although he is very tired, owing to an intolerable itching of the thighs and internal uneasiness; his skin is moist, he rises four times to urinate, although he had not taken more than the usual quantity of liquid in the evening (fifth day),

Anxious dreams that he is near drowning, etc. (fifth day),

Vivid dreams, such as that he is swimming, etc.,

Voluptuous dreams at night, without seminal emission (fourth day),


Physical uneasiness (first day),

Frequent turns of sudden weakness, in the afternoon, when sitting down; they seem to arise from the head; he feels as if his senses would vanish (after ten hours),

Great weakness all day, his head feels as if he had not slept enough, although he performs his occupation with ease if he chooses (second day),

Weak and debilitated during an afternoon walk; trembling of the limbs (fourth day),

In the morning, while writing and standing, he feels so weak all of a sudden that he comes near falling,

Jerks through the whole body, in the evening, when lying down to sleep (second day),

The whole body feels bruised, especially in the hypochondriac region (second day),

The symptoms of Ranunculus bulb. are especially perceived in the morning, and evening,

Changes of temperature, for example, on going from a warm room into the cold air, or the reverse, cause many symptoms,

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