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Ranunculus Bulbosus - Modalities Etc

Buttercup, Ranunc. Bulb, Ran-b.

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HPUS indication of Ranunculus Bulbosus: Itching
Ranunculus Bulbosus
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ranunculus Bulbosus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), When walking, stitches in left side of abdomen; pain in chest; when talking, stitches in left chest; tearing in left wrist-joint; while walking; weakness in lower limbs; heaviness and lassitude in whole body.

(About noon), Pain at union of malar and temporal bones.

(Noon), While walking, pinching in umbilical region.

(Night), Toward morning, erections; emissions; itching of forearms; on going into the open air, vertigo.

(While walking in the open air), Congestion of blood to head; stitches in left side of chest; chilliness in outer part of chest.

(Changes of temperature), The symptoms.

(After dinner), Chilliness.

(During and after eating dry food), Bitterish taste in mouth.

(Entering room from open air), Pressure in both frontal eminences; pain in temples, etc.; in the evening, pain in vertex; stitches in fourth toe of left foot.

(On going up hill), Oppression of chest; sticking in side of sternum; cracking in patella.

(Inspiration), Burning sensation in throat.

(Lying down), Headache over right eye.

(Motion), Pain in left side of chest.

(Moving eyeballs), Aching.

(Pressure), Pressure in right side of abdomen.

(While sitting), Pain in occiput; stitches in dorsum of left foot.

(While standing), Pressure in right side of abdomen.

(Stooping), Pressure on sternum.

(Tabacum Tobacco smoke), Burning sensation in throat.


Toward evening, going from a warm room into the cold, or the reverse.

WORSE, open air, motion, contact, atmospheric changes, wet, stormy weather, evening. Cold air brings on all sorts of ailments.

AIR Damp Cold Open


Changing Weather





Motion of arms




(Eating), Nausea.

(Rubbing), Pressure in eyes.

(Standing and walking), Headache over right eye.


Rising from bed, in an even temperature.

Position etc

Motion 30. Turning body 30. Cannot lie on side 37.

Morning 29, 40. Afternoon 16, 40. Evening 3, 6, 8, 29, 36, 40.