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Ranunculus Sceleratus - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Marsh Buttercup, Ran-s.

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HPUS indication of Ranunculus Sceleratus: Burning pains
Ranunculus Sceleratus

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ranunculus Sceleratus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Upper extremities

Shoulder and Arm.

Extending downward under the right shoulder, a sensation as if the muscles for sitting erect had been overtaxed, and as if they were now relaxed,

Drawing in the region of the right shoulder,

Stitches in the left shoulder,

Soreness under the right arm, in the armpit,

Stinging itching in some parts of the upper arms,

Elbow and Forearm.

Gnawing in the right elbow-joint,

Long stitch in the elbow,

Long-continuing boring sticking along the whole of the left forearm to the tip of the index finger, where it is most violent,

Paralytic drawing in the forearm, immediately,

Stitches in the forearm,

Stinging burning in one spot of the forearm,

Hand and Fingers.

Drawing, with pressure, in the metacarpal bones of the right hand,

Transient drawing sticking in the ball of the right hand,

Continual gnawing in the palm of the left hand, in the evening (fourth and sixth days),

Frequent stitches in the dorsum of the hand,

Swelling of the fingers (second morning),

Aching pain in the right middle finger,

Sticking boring in the last phalanges of the index fingers (fourth day),

Boring in the metacarpal bones of the thumbs,

Gnawing in the last phalanx of the left ring finger,

Gnawing and boring in the phalangeal bones of the right fingers (after seven hours),

Darting in the bones of the left index finger,

Violent long stitch between the left middle and index fingers, in the evening (fifth day),

Fleeting stitches in the tips of the ring and index fingers, with gnawing in the bones of the same,

Lower extremities

Drawing-gnawing pressure in the right lower limb,


Gnawing and boring pains in the right knee,

Biting in the bends of the knees,


Painful drawing, with pressure, along the leg,

Jactitation of the muscles of the right calf,

Stinging burning in a small spot in the right calf,

Gnawing in the region of the outer malleolus of the right foot,

Foot and Toes.

Weak in the feet, as after a journey on foot (after seven hours),

Gnawing pains in the left heel (fifth day),

Gnawing in the region of the ball of the left foot,

Painfulness and stitches in the corn on the ball of the right foot; intolerable burning in this corn (after six days),

Sticking-boring pains along the whole of the sole of the right foot,

Stinging boring in the ball of the right foot,

Gnawing in the ball of the right great toe,

Boring and gnawing in the right great toe,

Tingling and jerking in the left great toe (after seven hours),

Sudden stitches in the forepart of the right great toe, as if a needle were thrust in deep, that made him cry out, recurring at short intervals (after one hour),

Sudden stitches in the right great toe, passing into a burning (after ten hours),

Itching stitches in the toes of the left foot,

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