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Ratanhia - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Ratanhia Peruviana, Ratanh, Krameria-Mapato, Rat.

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HPUS indication of Ratanhia: Constipation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ratanhia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Ulcerative pain in the chest, during and after coughing,

A burning stitch in the last ribs, near the back, on stepping while walking (first day),

Transient pain, as if cut to pieces, frequently returning, in a small spot in the upper part of the sternum (second day),

Sharp stitch in the sternum, just above the ensiform cartilage, with a sensation as if pointed instrument were sticking in it (first day),

Painful sensation of constriction in both sides of the chest,

Coarse stitches behind the right ribs, as if a foreign substance were sticking there, in the afternoon (fourth day),

A dull stitch in the right side of the chest, soon after dinner (first day),

Sticking and drawing above the left clavicle, as if the skin were drawn inward, in the evening (third day),

Sticking burning and cutting beneath the left chest, along one rib, in the evening (first day),

Sharp sticking, now in the left ribs, now in the small of the back, in the region of the hips, etc.,

Stitch on the left ribs so violent that she cried out, during dinner (fifth day),

Several fine stitches beneath the left breast, on the ribs, extending downward (first day),

Pain, consisting of a throbbing-burning cutting and ulcerative pain beneath the left breast, near the it of the stomach, relieved by pressure, and aggravated by motion (first day),


Violent pressure in the chest as from a stone, with shortness of breath, on slight exertion; he was obliged to rest in order to get his breath again (third day),

Rush of blood and heat to the chest, with difficult breathing (third day),

A large coarse stitch, as with a knife, in the sternum, that takes away the breath, on ascending steps; he feels the pain at every step (first day),

Frequent tickling in the larynx, provoking cough (eighth day),

Dry cough; some tight mucus is loosened, with great difficulty (after eleven days),

Heart and pulse

Sharp sticking in the praecordial region, rather external (first day),

Pulse often as full as in gastritis,

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