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Ratanhia - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Ratanhia Peruviana, Ratanh, Krameria-Mapato, Rat.

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HPUS indication of Ratanhia: Constipation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ratanhia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), After waking, burning in eyes.

biting in right eye. eyes agglutinated.

lachrymation. toothache.

in bed, insipidity in the mouth.

distension of stomach.

griping in the stomach.

movements about abdomen.

burning and pinching in abdomen.

griping in lower abdomen and itching externally.

pinching in both groins.

on rising, pain in small of back.

jerking in the middle of the right thigh.

after rising, weakness and weariness in legs.

while sitting, tearing in right calf.

indolent and sleepy. chilly..

(Evening), While sitting bent over, pain in forehead.

burning in the eyes. tearing in right inner canthus.

stitches in left upper lid.

tearing in left malar bone.

toothache. thirst. pain in epigastric region.

sticking in right hypochondrium.

pain in right groin. sticking beneath left clavicle.

while standing, drawing and tension in left side of neck.

trembling in right thigh.

burning in thighs. drawing in calves.

while sitting, tearing in tendons of right calf.


A few hours after taking the drug, the patient experiences a general malaise, which is not very marked if the Ratanhia is taken by a man in perfect health, but which is, on the contrary, felt very sensibly by individuals to whom the drug is given for the purpose of arresting a haemorrhage, and provided this object has been attained.

this feeling of discomfort shows itself by frequent yawning, by repeated and labored attempts to draw a long breath, and by a sort of distressing constriction across the chest,.


At times, when walking, stinging like an insect's in various parts of body, neck, and arms, and especially legs; reduced by rubbing, leaving a feeling of soreness and itching there; on the spot there is a vesicle, which soon goes off,

Twitching in the skin beneath the right axilla,

Crawling beneath the skin of the right knee, alternating with sticking and tearing,

Tickling on the heels and soles (second day),

Burning stitches, now above the right knee, now in the right arm, or in the small of the back (third day),

A burning stitch on the inner margin of the left sole, so violent that he was obliged to cry out (third day),

Itching here and there over the whole body, relieved by scratching (first day),

Violent itching on the tip of the nose, relieved by rubbing (after five days),

Violent itching on the nose and upper lip, that often returns after scratching,

Itching and small red spots in the epigastric region,

Itching on the scrotum, that does not disappear after scratching (after three days),

Itching on the nape of the neck and between the scapulae,

Itching on the back, relieved by scratching, in the evening (sixth day),

Itching on the forearm; on scratching small itching pimples appear, but soon disappear (after ten days),

Itching on the outer portion of the left forearm, not relieved by scratching,

Itching on the anterior portion of the thigh, relieved by scratching, in the evening,

Itching in the hollows of the knees, that burn, after scratching, in the evening,

Tickling, voluptuous itching in the sole of the left foot,