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Rhus Tox - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Toxicodendron Radicans, Poison-ivy, Rhus, Rus tox, Rhustox, Rustox, Rhus Toxicodendron, Rhus Toxicodedron, Rhus-t.

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HPUS indication of Rhus Tox: Better motion
Rhus Tox
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Rhus Tox in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Weak, weary, as if deprived of sleep,

Weak and weary; desire to lie down; sitting is not enough for him,

Great fatigue from exercise,

Lassitude preceded the stool (after seven days),

Restlessness and sleepless nights, with drowsiness during the day, for eight years,


Restless, sleepless nights, must move about in bed constantly,


Yawning so violent and spasmodic that it caused pain in the articulations of the jaws, which threaten to be dislocated, in the morning and at all times,

Much yawning, as if sleepy, in the morning, and also in the evening,

Several were affected by yawning,

Frequent yawning in the morning on rising from bed,

Yawning with lachrymation, with the aching over left eyebrow (twenty-second day),

Yawning (after one hour, second day),

Great drowsiness, languor in the afternoon, requiring great exertion to move about (twelfth day),

Drowsy and stupid (in a few hours),

Sleepiness, yawnings, and indisposition to mental and corporeal labor, at 11 A.M. (after five hours, ninth day),

Great desire to sleep; constant drowsiness; with itching in the eyelids (after thirty-six hours),

Very heavy for sleep, she had to lie or sit down (after some days),

Extreme sleepiness immediately after eating; he could not keep awake,

Extreme sleepiness during the day and evening (twenty-seventh day),

Sleepiness, with headache, in the forenoon (after ten days),

Sleepiness during the day, even in the morning in bed; when she wishes to rise she very sleepy,

Sleep suddenly overtakes her, so that she is not in a condition to undress; therewith all the limbs feel paralyzed, about 6 P.M.,

Constantly wishes to lie down; during the day sleepiness, anxiety, sadness, dryness of the lips,

He is inclined to sleep while sitting, after walking,

Sleepiness in the daytime (eighth day),

Soporous slumber, filled with interrupted dreams full of difficulties,

Loud weeping in sleep,

While asleep in the evening he talked half aloud of the business of the day (after twelve hours),

In sleep at night he talks about his business, wishes to throw everything away and desires this and that,

Talks aloud in sleep, in the morning,

Uneasiness in sleep during the day he moves the hands back and forth in sleep, plays with his fingers and hands,


Entire sleeplessness (thirteenth day),

Sleeplessness for four whole nights; she could not remain in bed,

Sleeplessness before midnight, with or without perspiration,

Sleeplessness till midnight without heat; he was simply wide awake,

Much sleeplessness at night,

He had no rest at night,

No sound sleep after midnight; she tossed about uneasily on account of a distressing sensation, as if her whole body were burning, without thirst; with dreams full of anxious agitation,

She did not sleep for half the night, was despondent, apprehensive, and full of anguish at the heart,

After midnight restless slumber, filled with fretful, disagreeable thoughts and events,

Restless sleep, with tossing about, raising, and throwing off the bedcovers,

Sleep restless, interrupted, with much turning over,

Sleep restless on account of burning in the eruption,

Is unable to fall asleep at night; but as soon as he lay down he broke out into sweat without thirst, on account of which he had no rest,

Unable to fall asleep, after 3 A.M., but after awhile fell asleep, and then dreamed very vividly, and on waking again it seemed as though he had not slept at all,

Falling asleep late and tossing about in bed,

He started up every quarter of an hour during sleep, in the forenoon,

Woke very early with a vexed fretful mood,

Waked at 6 A.M., by an illusion to sleep in some gentle voice (seventh day),

He could not fall asleep in the evening on account of great mental activity, of an intolerable sensation of heat without thirst (on uncovering he became chilly), and of orgasm of blood, throbbing in the vessels, and an appearance of thick clouds moving before his vision; after midnight he became quiet and slept well,


In the morning after falling asleep the second time, it seemed to her that the head was hanging out of bed and the blood was streaming into it, so that she could hear it flow; together with the appearance of a horrible image which she was obliged to accompany,

Light dreams at night, concerning what had been considered and accomplished the previous day,

As soon as he wished to fall asleep his business came to him in anxious dreams,

Fearful dreams, for example, that the world was on fire, with palpitation on waking,

Dreams of subjects that during the previous evening had been listened to and talked about (after seventy-two hours),

Dreams of fire,

Dreams of accomplishing the plans that had been projected the day previous, associated with occurrences with which she had been busy,


Convulsions of different parts of the body, accompanied by slight delirium,


My whole body, from the top of my head even to the ends of my toes, was enormously swollen; for eight or ten days my eyes were closed; penis so badly swollen, could not void urine for five days; the symptoms were the same as those above described, only much more severe,

The left side of the trunk, from the axilla down to below the ribs, is swollen and painful,

Nervous twitching,

Twitching in various parts of the body, except the joints,

Twitching of various muscles,

Incubus, with inability to move, and sensation of pressure on the right upper portion of the chest, with superstitious fear, connected with the supposed presence and agency of some invisible, sly, and malicious being, in the night (after two days and a half,)

Incubus, with strong pain in occiput, after waking, at 1 A.M. (twenty-first day),

Paralysis of the whole body, in all the joints, worse on attempting to rise after sitting and towards evening,

Extreme mobility and physical activity through the whole afternoon (third day),

He became weak and dizzy after a meal,

Great weakness, as if the bones ached; he constantly desired to sit or lie down,

Unsteadiness of the limbs during the chill, on account of which he could not stand,

Desire to lie down,

She cannot keep out of bed,

Great weakness over the whole body,

Very great weakness,

Unusual weakness of the limbs, mostly during rest,

In the morning he does not wish to rise and dress,

Very great weakness, especially on walking in the open air,

(Great weariness immediately after eating),

Weariness, worse while sitting, relieved while walking; a decided stiffness on rising from a seat,

Attend church, and sitting in a pew alone have an almost uncontrollable desire to lie at length on the cushion (next day),

Great debility (second day); no inclination to rise from bed, but debility less (third and fourth days),

Extreme languor (after eighteen hours),

Languor on waking (after ten hours); increasing after rising,

Sudden faintness at 9 P.M., with perfect consciousness, could not feel the beat of the heart; cold rather than warm; internally he felt quite easy; he was in a quiet mood, but could scarcely walk (after forty-eight hours),

Faint and dizzy; she reeled after each dose (after some days),

Some become faint,

She reaches out hastily and trembles,

Unusual restlessness at night (thirteenth day),

Great restlessness (fifteenth day),

She could not sit still on account of internal uneasiness, but was obliged to turn in every direction on the chair and move all her limbs,

Great uneasiness at night,

At night it seemed as though something forced him out of bed,

She was unable to sleep after 3 A.M.; she rose very anxious, restless, and weak, wherewith she constantly trembled, especially in the knees (with sweat on the back),

At night he could lie only on the back,

On going downstairs he feels stiff; the stiffness disappears on walking on a level,

She feels stiff on rising from a seat,

The following in succession before 11 A.M. Loose dark-brown stool, with procidentia ani; pain in the right biceps brachii, the arm being at rest, and at the left Tuberculinum tuber ischii, after rising from a seat; the last repeated under the same circumstances (nineteenth day),

Fearful pains in affected parts, making him moan, while sitting,

Soreness in every muscle, which passes off during exercise (after twenty-two hours),

Flesh of affected parts sore to touch,

Shooting inwards and throbbing first where left ala nasi joins face, then in left temple, left forehead, behind left ear, and left shoulder; better by cold air and by walking; worse by warmth and by lying on painful side,

A stitch extending from the great toe to the middle of the left chest, while standing,

Constant tearing-drawing pain while sitting at rest, at 8 P.M.; it disappears when walking about (and after lying down there is no trace of it),

(Crawling pain in the face, spine, and sternum),

Sensation as though she were dashed with cold water,

Very sensitive to cold open air; sometimes it causes pain in the skin, though there is no aversion to the open air,

Sensitiveness to the cold open air (after four hours),

Slight vexations cause and aggravate the symptoms, for instance the discharge of coagulae after the menses had ceased, etc.,

Cold air or taking cold aggravates all the symptoms,

Sufferings during cold weather and the prevalence of northeasterly winds,

Many sufferings about 6 P.M.,

Sufferings after drinking cold water,

Extreme languor (third day),

All the sufferings were aggravated at 2 A.M., gradually improving till about 10 A.M., and growing worse towards evening,

Some bleeding from the uterus, without pain, in a pregnant woman, at the new moon (after seventy-two hours),

Discharge of blood from the uterus (menses), (after seven hours),

A laborlike drawing extending down to the uterus while standing,

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