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Rhus Tox - Genitals Etc symptoms - Clarke

Toxicodendron Radicans, Poison-ivy, Rhus, Rus tox, Rhustox, Rustox, Rhus Toxicodendron, Rhus Toxicodedron, Rhus-t.

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HPUS indication of Rhus Tox: Better motion
Rhus Tox

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Rhus Tox in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Retention of urine.

Frequent and urgent want to urinate, day and night, with profuse emission.

Incontinence of urine, esp. during repose (at night or when sitting).

Urine emitted in a divided stream.

Emission, drop by drop, of blood-red urine, with tenesmus.

Diminished emission of urine, although much drink may be taken.

Deep-coloured, irritating urine, which soon becomes turbid.

White, turbid urine.

Urine clear as water with a snow-white sediment.

Swelling of urethra.


Profuse eruption on genital organs (closing the urethra by swelling).


Inflammation of the glans.

Running vesicles on the glans.

Swelling of the glans and prepuce; prepuce dark red.

Red spots (blotches) on the interior of prepuce.

Swelling and thickening of scrotum (with intolerable itching).

Erysipelas of scrotum.

Scrotum flaccid and hanging low.

Moist eruption on scrotum.


Menstrual flow light-coloured and acrid, causing biting pain in the vulva.

Soreness of vagina soon after (or hindering) coitus.

Menstrual discharge = violent pain in vulva.

Pain as from excoriation and shootings in vagina.

After labour, vitiated discharge from vagina, with shootings upward in the parts and a bursting sensation in the head.


(Uterine polypus with metrorrhagia.)

Discharge of blood and clots of blood from uterus, with labour-pains.



(Hydrocele; from over-lifting).

Frequent erections at night, with want to urinate.

Strong sexual desire in morning.

Erysipelatous inflammation of the external genitals.

Membranous dysmenorrhoea.

Menorrhagia from strains; from wetting.

Discharge of blood during pregnancy.

R. T. C.).

Bearing-down pain; when standing.

After-pains of too long duration, after severe labour, with much and excessive straining.

For weeks after delivery pain in r. limbs with numbness from hips to feet (varicose veins).

Abortion from strain.

Axillary abscess after delivery.

Breasts painfully distended, red in streaks, rheumatic state.

Amenorrhoea from getting wet; with milk in breasts.

Diminished secretion (or suppression) of milk; with burning over body.


Catamenia premature and too profuse.

Catamenia of too long duration.

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