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Rhus Tox - Modalities Etc - T.F. Allen

Toxicodendron Radicans, Poison-ivy, Rhus, Rus tox, Rhustox, Rustox, Rhus Toxicodendron, Rhus Toxicodedron, Rhus-t.

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HPUS indication of Rhus Tox: Better motion
Rhus Tox

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Rhus Tox in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Modalities etc

(While standing), Drawing extending to uterus; stitches from toe to chest; stitches in one of the last ribs; pain in nates; pain in thighs; stitches in thigh; after sitting, stitches across knee.


(Forenoon), Headache; after intellectual labor, pain over right eye.

(Afternoon), Anxiety at heart; headache in occiput; crawling in spot on occiput; during nap, accumulation of saliva; towards evening, paralysis of whole body; 6 P.M., sufferings; towards evening, chilliness.

(Evening), Pain in eyes; lids dry; lachrymation; pain in canine teeth; on lying down, nausea; pain in vagina; tickling cough; stitch from right side of chest to left; while sitting, stitches above praecordial region; on stooping, stinging in back; itching.

(Cold air), Singing in head; the symptoms.

(Open air), Fretfulness; pain in joints.

(Bending head forward), Pressure in cervical muscles.

(Bending forward), Pain in dorsal muscles.

(Bending part), Sprained sensation in left wrist.

(When in bed), Pain in biceps muscles of both arms.

(When biting and chewing), Teeth painful.

(On deep breathing), Sticking in left side.

(Cold), Pain between scapulae.

(When coughing), Pain in stomach; stitches in left side of chest; sweat all over.

(After eating), Vertigo; headache; pressure in stomach; distension of abdomen; apprehensiveness in abdomen; shivering.

(After eating and drinking), Eructations; nausea; griping in upper abdomen.

(Exerting vision), Aching in eyes.

(During expiration), Cutting to left of navel.

(After drinking beer), Headache.

(After drinking cold water), Prickings in neck and back; prickings in skin; sufferings.

(After drinking ice-water), Pain at head of left fibula.

(On falling asleep), Pressure in stomach.

(On going downstairs), Stiffness.

(On going to stool), Shortness of breath.

(Grasping anything), Pain in wrist.

(On hawking and clearing throat), Nosebleed.

(In the house), Melancholy; ill-humor, etc.

(During inspiration), Pain in left flank; stitch at left of sternum.

(When laying hand down), Twitching inward of thumbs.

(On lying down), Vertigo.

(While lying down), Drawing in limbs; stitches in a small spot on limb; pain in arm; stitches in the shoulders.

(After lying down), Sticking in tendo Achillis.

(Lying on affected side), Shooting and throbbing in left side.

(After a moderate meal), Fulness.

(During micturition), Eructations; pain in rectum; burning pain at root of urethra; pain in anterior portion of urethra.

(After taking milk), Sour taste.

(Motion), Headache; pain in small of back; pain in bones of left forearm; sensation in right forearm; violent stitches in hamstrings.

(On moving about), Pressure in stomach.

(On moving in bed), Pain in inguinal glands.

(Moving part), Pain in jaw; cracking in jaw; drawing in left elbow-joint; loss of power and stiffness of forearms and fingers.

(Pressure), Pain in abdomen; pain in outer ankle.

(On raising arm), Tearing from left axilla to middle of upper arm.

(During rest), Pressure streaming upward into temple; biting in urethra; weakness of limbs; tearing in elbow and wrist-joints; tearing in knee and ankle.

(Riding one leg over the other), Tension on posterior surface of thigh.

(On attempting to rise after sitting), Paralysis of whole body.

(Rising from sitting), Dizziness; pain in thighs; pain above right knee; tension in left knee-joint; stitch in hamstrings; sticking in right inner malleolus.

(Rising from stooping), Sensation of distension in abdomen; stitches in back.

(Rubbing), Feeling of sand in eyes.

(Shaking head), Sensation as if brain were loose.

(While sitting upright), Creeping and crawling across forehead and nose.

(While sitting bent over), Stitches on both sides of sternum.

(After smoking), Mouth fills with saliva.

(While standing and bending backwards), Pressure in small of back.

(Before stool), Burning in rectum.

(Stooping), Whirling; sensation in head; tearing in head; stitches in occiput; nosebleed; nausea; drawing over one side of nape of neck.

(Stretching out arm), Tension in elbow-joint.

(On swallowing cold water), Burning pain in stomach; pain in left side of chest.

(Swallowing), Pressure in throat; stitch in throat.

(Talking), Sticking in left side.

(Touch), Pain in limbs; pain in legs; stitch in hamstrings; sticking in tendo Achillis.

(Turning eyes), Heaviness and dulness of head; headache.

(Vexation), The symptoms.

(After waking), Cough.

(While walking), Vertigo; reeling and staggering; staggering to right; dizziness; flapping in brain; heaviness in left flank; cutting in abdomen; pricking itching in rectum; pain in left side; stitches in back; limbs stiff and paralyzed; pain in shoulders; pain in hip-joints; sticking in sides of knee; tension in calves.

(After walking), Heaviness in the upper part of head; in open air, headache; weakness in chest.

(Walking in open air), Sensation in head; sensation in mons veneris; heat in chest; stitches in the sides; weakness; weakness of legs.

(Walking upstairs), Pain above tendo Achillis of left leg.

(Warmth), Shooting and throbbing in left side.

(After washing), Ringing in right ear.

(After washing hands and rising mouth with cold water), Pain above left eyebrow.

(In cold wind), Discharge of tears.

(Work), Tearing in upper arms.


(Evening), On lying down, headache.

(Open air), Pressure in upper lid; burning beneath left nostril.

(Cold air), Shooting and throbbing in left side.

(Application of cold hand), Jerking toothache.

(Hot application), Pain in teeth.

(Bending body), Cutting in abdomen.

(Bending back), Pain in dorsal muscles.

(Bending head backward), Headache in occiput.

(Bending up knee), Cramp in calves.

(After eating), Nausea; fulness in stomach; fulness and fermentation in abdomen.

(Exertion), Irritability in air-passages.

(On lying down), Crawling, etc., in stomach.

(Motion), Stitches in shoulders; tearing in elbow and wrist-joints; aching in right metacarpus; pain in thighs; pain in calves.

(Pressure), Pain in head; pain in articulation of lower jaw; pain in right natis.

(Stooping), Creeping and crawling across forehead and nose.

(Swallowing), Stitches in throat.

(Walking), Pain in back; weariness in legs; heaviness of legs; tension in skin of calves; shooting and throbbing in left side.

(Walking in open air), Melancholy; ill-humor.

(Warmth), Pain between scapulae.