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Rumex Crispus - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Yellow Dock, Rumx.

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HPUS indication of Rumex Crispus: Cough
Common symptoms: Cough, Raw, Sore throat.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Rumex Crispus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



The head began to ache, and ached severely until going to sleep, towards midnight (after three hours).

the headache returned on waking, and continued until noon, next day.

it was dull (third day).

very severe (fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth days).

continued the whole forenoon (tenth day).

affects most frequently the temples.

is felt in the occiput (sixth and eighth days).

over the right eye (sixth and seventh day).

in the forehead (twelfth day),.

Sensation as if the ears were obstructed, especially the left one.

the prover's own voice (as well as the voices of others) sounds strangely to him, producing a kind of titillation in the ear, and having a peculiar ringing confusing sound, and yet the sense of hearing is as acute as ever.

continued eighteen hours (after six hours, sixth day).

still continues, but not to so great a degree.

attended by slight ringing in the ears, at 10 P.M. (eighth day),.

Constant roaring in the left ear, as if a Conchiolinum conch-shell were held before it, the whole day, attended by a feeling as if a fine thread were tied tightly around the neck just below the ears.

the roaring is not relieved by pressing the finger into the ear.

this continued for a week, and then gradually disappeared (after nine days),.

Burning-stinging pain in the left side, near the heart, came on soon after lying down in bed.

gradually moved up into the great pectoral muscle, about two inches above and to the left of the nipple, and continued for a long time.

increased by a deep inspiration and by lying on the back or right side.

relieved by lying on the left side (tenth day),.

In three days he was attacked with a severe and durable cough, presenting a character entirely different from any he had ever experienced. It was a dry spasmodic cough, assimilating an early stage of whooping-cough. It was dry at first, came on in paroxysms, preceded by a tickling sensation in the throat-pit, and attended with congestion and slight pain in the head and wrenching pains in the right side of the chest. The time of commencement of the most violent paroxysm was a few minutes after lying down at night, which was usually about 11 o'clock. This paroxysm lasted ten or fifteen minutes.

after this he slept all night. A less severe paroxysm occurred in bed, in the morning, after waking, and at various times through the day. This state continued about two weeks, when there was a commencement of expectoration of adhesive mucus in small quantities, detached with difficulty. The whole duration was about a month. Some medicine were taken in the latter stages, but without obvious effects,.

Sensation as of a hard body, somewhat increased after food, and continued for four hours (second day).

same sensation as of a hard body in the stomach, ascending upwards to the throat-pit.

the sensation at the throat-pit descended towards the stomach upon every empty swallowing, but immediately returned.

continued for two hours, but gradually abated.

returned after dinner and continued for two hours or more (after eight minutes, fifth day),.

On retiring at night, first became aware of the protrusion of a small haemorrhoidal tumor (eleventh day).

troubled much all day, in all postures, by haemorrhoids.

sensation of heat and irritation about the anus, with sensation as of a foreign body there (twelfth day).

haemorrhoidal tumor still exists, but is slight.

itching of anus (fourteenth day).

great itching of anus (seventeenth day),.

Copious diarrhoeic stool, with colic pains just above the hypogastrium, and a very disagreeable rumbling in the bowels, together with nausea and loss of appetite. These sensations continued nearly throughout the day, with some four or five evacuations, which poured away in a stream, as if a large quantity would be discharged.

nevertheless, each discharge was suddenly arrested, and the inclination passed away entirely for a short time.

but on rising the urgency returned, and on returning to the cabinet a new stream of liquid faeces poured forth as before. At short intervals there occurred, throughout the day, inclination to go to stool, with much rumbling of the bowels, but the urgency to stool was not so pressing that it could not be well resisted (fifth day),.

Inclination to urinate not as frequent to-day as yesterday, but an unusual urgency with the desire to urinate.

must speedily evacuate the bladder, or there is a sensation as if the urine could not be retained (eighth day).

during the day noticed an urgency as soon as there is an inclination to urinate (nineteenth day).

same urgency. sensation as if the urine must be immediately voided as soon as the inclination takes place, as if it would be impossible to retain it long.

the sensation is apparently located at the neck of the bladder (twentieth day).

urgency as soon as there is an inclination to urinate, which is rather too often (twenty-seventh day).

urging to urinate (twenty-eighth day), .