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Ruta Graveolens - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Rue, Bitterwort, Herb of Grace, Ruta.

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HPUS indication of Ruta Graveolens: Bruised feeling

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ruta Graveolens in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Little appetite for dinner,

After eating and drinking, eructations tasting of the food,

Emptiness and gnawing in the stomach, as if he had not taken food for a long time (after ten hours),


Pushing cutting griping, as from flatus, in both sides of the abdomen (after two hours and three-quarters),

Emission of very offensive flatus (after two hours and a quarter),

Easy emission of flatus,

Emission of flatus, with a sensation as if stool would follow (after thirty-nine hours),


She is as hungry as usual; but immediately on beginning to eat everything disgusts and nauseates her,

Frequent hiccough, with some nausea (during the customary smoke), (after thirty-four hours),

Scraping and gnawing in the umbilical region, intermingled with nausea (after six days),


A pressive gnawing pain in the hepatic region,

Pressure in the hepatic region anteriorly near the pit of the stomach, causing restlessness,

Umbilicus and Sides.

Sticking jerks shoot from below the umbilicus to the mons veneris, on expiration, that takes away her breath; on hard pressure she feels nothing,

Violent stitches in the abdominal muscles of the umbilical fossa, obliging him to retract the abdomen (after one hour),

Coldness internally in the umbilical region, and a sensation as if something there was becoming loose,

Corrosive burning in the left abdominal region,

General Abdomen.

Abdomen distended, in the evening (third day),

Rumbling in the lower abdomen (after one hour),

Frequent rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen,

Heaviness in the abdomen,

Griping in the abdomen, with eructations, in the morning, on rising (fourth day),

Pressure in the abdomen, followed by great emptiness,

Burning in the abdomen,

Agreeable coolness in the abdomen and chest,

Sticking extending upward in the abdomen whenever she sat down,

A tensive pressure in the whole lower abdomen, extending from the umbilicus downward, at night, as if the menses would come on, aggravated by pressure,

Pinching-cutting pain, with discomfort, in the lower abdomen, as after taking cold (after forty-eight hours),


Appetite and Thirst.

He is hungry, yet as soon as he eats anything he experiences a tense oppression in the upper abdomen and chest, as if he were satiated (after five hours),

Little appetite (second day),

Aversion to meat and vegetables,

Unquenchable thirst for cold water, in the afternoon; he drinks frequently and much, without being distressed thereby (after twenty-four hours),

Thirst for cold water, in the afternoon (after thirty-three hours),

Eructations and Hiccough.

Eructations (immediately),

Eructations of only gas,

Frequent odorless eructations (second day),

Frequent hiccough (during the customary smoke), (after four hours),

Epigastric region sensitive,

Griping in the right side of the epigastric region, after eating some bread and butter,

Frightful pains in the stomach,

Warmth at stomach (after first dose),

Tension at stomach in great measure appeased by drinking milk (after third dose),

Burning gnawing in the stomach,

Gnawing pressure in the pit of the stomach, at night and in the morning (after twelve hours),

Uneasiness in stomach (after second dose),

Intermittent sticking tearing in the pit of the stomach (after twenty-four hours),

(Stitches in the pit of the stomach),

Nausea and vomiting

A kind of nausea in the pit of the stomach, with desire for stool that is relieved for a moment by emission of flatus,

Qualmishness on stooping,

Violent vomiting, with some vomiting of blood,

Constant violent painful vomiting, with spasmodic distortion of the head, trunk, and extremities,

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