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Sabadilla - Fever And Chill symptoms - Clarke

Cevadilla Seed. Asagraea Officialis, Sabadilla Officinalis, Sabadilla Officinarum, Sabad.

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HPUS indication of Sabadilla: Hay fever

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sabadilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Sensation as if the circulation were suspended.

Chilliness in evening always at same hour; frequently not followed by heat; the chills run up the body.

Heat principally in head and face, often interrupted by chilliness, always returning at same hour.

Fever without thirst, manifested only by chilliness, with intermittent heat, which is more perceptible in the face and hands than in other parts of body.

Hot perspiration in face with coldness of rest of body.

Intermittent fever which returns at same hour; chill, then thirst, then thirst with headache.

Shivering or external coldness and trembling of limbs without shivering, and with more violent thirst or complete adipsia; afterwards heat with moderate thirst, accompanied or followed by perspiration.

In the morning hours perspiration.

During the shivering pain in upper ribs, dry, spasmodic cough, and tearing in all the limbs and bones.

Delirium, yawning, and stretching during the heat.

Sleep during the perspiration.

Quotidian, tertian, quartan fever at regular intervals, with anorexia, pressive inflation of stomach, pains in chest, cough, shivering, weakness and thirst between the shiverings and the heat.

Thirst only between hot and cold stage.

Fever where the gastric symptoms prevail, with dry, convulsive cough in cold stage (quartan ague).

During the apyrexia painful weariness of the limbs without any other symptom.

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