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Sabina - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sabine, Sabina Officinalis, Sabin.

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HPUS indication of Sabina: Minor joint pain

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sabina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Griping above the navel,

Twisting-griping pain about the umbilicus (after one hour),

Pressive pain above the umbilicus,

Painful drawing in the right side of the abdomen, towards the genitals,

Aching intermittent pains in the right renal region,

A kind of bubbling by the border of the short ribs, in the angle beneath the pit of the stomach, as if the cartilages were bent outward, and as if cartilages and muscles were raised; he is made somewhat anxious and obliged to sit upright,

The colic, as from taking cold, returns several times a day,

The abdominal parietes are very tense (after two hours),

Excessive distension of the abdominal parietes, as if she would burst,

Abdomen distended and painful,

Rumbling in the intestines (after five minutes),

Rumbling in the abdomen, in the evening, so loud that the bystanders hear it, a very fine high tone,

Rumbling in intestines (after one hour),

Inflammation of the bowels,

The abdominal muscles feel bruised, in the evening in bed,

Griping in the abdomen, especially in the left side, in the morning in bed,

Great pain in the track of the colon, with the free evacuation of the bowels (after one hour and a half),

Pain as if the intestines were constricted,

Pain in abdomen,

Cutting in the bowels, with rumbling,

Drawing pains in the abdomen, which is somewhat distended,

Painful oppressive heaviness, low down in the abdomen, aggravated by external pressure, to which she is accustomed on the first day of the menses (second day),

Drawing pressure in the hypogastrium towards the genitals, as if the menses would appear,

Violent stitches in the lower abdomen, as from without inward, while lying in bed in the evening,

Severe stitches from without inwards, in the hypogastrium, in the evening in bed,

Compressive pain in the left iliac region,


Painful, anxious, oppressive sensation in the region of the pylorus, very sensitive to hard pressure, especially before a meal,

Loss of appetite; food has a natural taste, but he is immediately satiated,


Colic, as if he had taken cold, and would have diarrhoea; flatus was passed and the colic ceased,

Flatulence (after five and ten minutes),

Flatulence, with intense taste of Sabina (after one hour),


Eructations accompanied with nausea (immediately and afterwards),


Writhing and pinching in the abdomen, in the umbilical region; frequently recurring with increasing violence and a sensation as if vomiting would come on, without nausea (after one hour and three quarters),


The whole epigastric region is bloated and distended,

Oppressive feeling in the pit of the stomach, unaffected by inspiration and expiration,

Pain in stomach,

Violent pain in stomach,

Aching pain in the region of the stomach and liver,

Sensation as if the stomach were too full, as if she had eaten too much, with rumbling in the abdomen,

Pressive pain in the epigastric region; on pressure it is painful internally, as if beaten,

Pressure in the pit of the stomach, followed by stitches,

Pinching with pressure in the right side near the pit of the stomach, in a small spot,

Severe stitches from the pit of the stomach through to the back,

Sticking tearing in the epigastric region,

Feeling of warmth and burning in the stomach, in the cardiac region; desire to eructate, and eructations tasting of the drug; soon followed by frequent tasteless eructations; the burning in the stomach diminishes after every eructations (after ten minutes),

Heat in stomach (after ten minutes),

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and pain in umbilical region (after forty minutes),

Several short attacks of nausea and disposition to vomit (after a quarter of an hour),

Nausea, as when fasting,

Nausea with cough (after two hours),

Nausea and feeling of fulness,

Nausea and desire to vomit, accumulation of saliva in the mouth,

Slight nausea and pain in bowels (after two hours and ten minutes),

Nausea, after breakfast (second day),

Nausea and vomiting, for a long time, after miscarriage,

Nausea, and vomiting of food taken the day before; the milk thrown up is curdled and tastes sour (after half an hour),

Qualmishness, after eating,

Acidity in the stomach after every meal; occasional hiccough, then heartburn (first day),

Retching, immediately,

Desire to vomit, early in the morning in bed, disappearing after rising,

Frequent vomiting of large quantities of green matter looking like bile,

Vomiting of bile,

Repeated violent vomiting,

Incessant vomiting (the gall-bladder had burst),

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