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Sabina - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sabine, Sabina Officinalis, Sabin.

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HPUS indication of Sabina: Minor joint pain

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sabina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Slight oppression of the chest, with desire to take a deep inspiration, which seems to relieve the oppression; after awhile when the inspirations are difficult, they cause a stitch on the left side behind the union of the cartilages of the short ribs, superficial (from chewing the berries),

Fulness in the chest, with cough,

Pressure rushing into the chest like a wind; the chest feels dilated and nevertheless oppressed (after twenty-four hours),

Cutting in the chest, above the pit of the stomach (after three hours),

Painless trembling in the chest, behind the right side of the sternum, frequently through the day; tremulous motion, sounding like a hollow rattling or snapping, as of electric sparks, somewhat like the creaking of new ice when walking over it (after eight days),

Intermittent stitches in the clavicle,

Aching pain in the whole extent of the sternum, increased by inspiration; sensation as if the sternum encroached upon the chest and curved inward (after six days),

The sternum is painful to touch,

Tensive pain with pressure in the middle of the sternum, neither increased by expiration nor inspiration,

Constant sore stinging pain in the xiphoid cartilage, increased by a deep inspiration and touch, most tolerable during complete rest, for a fortnight,

Spasmodic pressive pain in the front of the chest, above the pit of the stomach, extending across the chest like a band, and increasing on inspiration, after a long walk,

Burning with pressure in the right lower false ribs,

Burning stitches in the left chest,

Shooting stitches in the left chest,

Sharp stitches in the region of the right last true ribs, towards the sternum, only during inspiration,

Prickings in the left side posteriorly, in the region of the two last false ribs (after thirty-one hours),

Perceptible swelling of the breasts,

Aching pain near the left nipple (after one hour),

Tingling in the nipples, with pleasurable sensation,

Stitches in the left nipple (after two hours),


Sharp stitches below the sternum, increasing during inspiration; sensation as if breathing were made difficult by tightness of the chest, Painful dull stitches below the manubrium of the sternum on the left side (after thirty hours),

Crawling and tickling in the larynx, exciting cough and a slimy expectoration, sometimes the cough is dry,

Crawling in the larynx as if something were crawling out of it,

Dry hacking cough, and tickling in the trachea; expectoration streaked with blood the next day,

Breathing laborious, and with stertor,

Asthma, increasing to arrest of breath,

Painless shortness of breath, during rest and motion,

Heart and pulse

The beating of the heart is increased, more violent, alternating with pulsations throughout the abdomen, but neither in the head nor limbs, accompanied with drowsiness, without ability to sleep, in the afternoon,

The beats of the heart are stronger, sometimes more rapid, fuller, and felt over a larger space (after three hours); weaker after the siesta,

Pulse small, tense, at one time rapid, at another slow (after two hours),

Pulse beating with great force (after twenty minutes),

Pulse somewhat tense, at times more rapid, at times slower,

Pulse full and strong (after two hours and ten minutes),

Pulse feeble,

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