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Sabina - General symptoms - Clarke

Sabine, Sabina Officinalis, Sabin.

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HPUS indication of Sabina: Minor joint pain

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sabina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Juniperus sabina. Savin. N. O. Coniferae. Tincture of the young, fresh tops of the branches. Tincture of the oil.

Abortion. after-effects of. After-pains. Boils. Condylomata. Cystitis. Dysmenorrhoea. Gonorrhoea. Gout. Inter-menstrual flow. Leucorrhoea. Menstruation, excessive. Miscarriage. Moles, promotes expulsion of. Nephritis. Nymphomania. Ovaries, affections of. Penis, cartilaginous swelling on. Phimosis. Retained placenta. Rheumatic gout. Strangury. Sycosis. Toothache. Uterus, bleeding from.

Stapf made the first collection of the symptoms of Sabina, and Hahnemann and his son were among the provers. A number of observations on women who had taken the drug to bring on the menses or procure abortion have also been added.

and some cases of fatal poisoning are on record. Sbi. acts as a widespread irritant, inflaming the pyloric end of duodenum and causing patches of inflammation in other portions of the intestines, especially the upper intestines, the omentum and peritoneum (R. T. C.). The action of Sbi. on the generative organs of both sexes is pronounced. It produces figwarts with itching and burning of the external genitals, phimosis of the male, swelling of the dorsum of the penis, gonorrhoea.

in the female uterine haemorrhages, and in the case of pregnant women, abortion. The haemorrhage is partly pale red and partly clotted, agg. from the least motion.

but may be amel. by walking. The flow is in paroxysms, and is accompanied by labour-like pains. A grand characteristic of Sbi. is a pain from sacrum to pubis, and this will be a guiding symptom in a large number of the uterine cases requiring Sbi. Other characteristics are ($51$) discharge of blood between the periods with sexual excitement and (2) obscure abdominal pains due to inflammatory states of the peritoneum. In the mental sphere there is much irritability, hysteria, and hypochondriasis, and a peculiar feature of it is that music is intolerable.

it produces numbness and goes through bone and marrow. A close botanic ally of Thuja Thuja, Sbi. is yet not too close to be complementary to that great anti-sycotic.

broad condylomata, fig-warts with much itching and exuberant granulations are characteristic. Like Thuja Thuja, it removes wart-like growths from the muco-cutaneous surfaces. It is suited to chronic ailments of women.

arthritic pains. tendency to miscarriage.

to the gouty diathesis. Peculiar Sensations are As if she would fall. As if parts of temporal eminence were pressed asunder. As if skin had grown fast in forehead. As if eyes would be pressed out. As if tooth would burst. As if he had to swallow over a foreign body. As of a lump in throat. As if vomiting would come on. As if something alive in abdomen. Right shoulder-joint as if sprained. Sbi. is one of the remedies which affect the heels. Farrington says it is suited to "plethoric women who suffer from what they call rheumatic inflammation" of the heels. There is an "intermittent aching" in the solar part of the heels. Intermittence and a paroxysmal character are a leading feature with Sbi. Pains are paroxysmal and labour-like Haemorrhage comes in gushes. Suddenly increasing and slowly disappearing pain. The symptoms are agg. by touch, though pressure amel. The dysmenorrhoea pains were amel. lying on flat of back with limbs extended. agg. Stooping.

sitting bent. letting limbs hang down.

motion. Walking amel. metrorrhagia. Lies on left side during sleep. agg. Evening, night, and morning. Sleepless and restless after midnight. agg. In warm air or room. agg. Warm in bed. amel. In open air. (Warmth amel. pain of dysmenorrhoea). Cold applications amel. wandering pains in joints. agg. By music. agg. Taking a deep breath.

amel. exhaling.