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Sabina - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sabine, Sabina Officinalis, Sabin.

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HPUS indication of Sabina: Minor joint pain

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sabina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



In the morning there was a small spot on the inner side of the left leg scratched raw and ulcerated.

this little ulcer was again painful and itching on the second morning.

the scab was scratched off leaving an impure base.

in the evening there was also a slight but painful itching areola.

this areola was redder every morning, and the ulcer was painful even when not touched.

in the evening the areola was paler and painful only on pressure (it disappeared after stopping the drug),.

On the inner side of the left leg, a small spot, which had been scratched open, looks unclean and ulcerated.

this ulcer is painful on the second morning, and itches.

the scab is scratched off.

this leaves an impure base.

smaller areola in the evening, but always itching painfully.

this areola is redder every morning, and the ulcer is painful without being touched.

in the evening the areola is paler and painful only on pressure.

it disappears after ceasing to take the drug,.

Violent itching of one spot on the outer portion of the right leg below the middle, early in the morning.

after scratching, the skin is found excoriated, with burning pain and water oozing out.

it remains so for three days, and then becomes covered with a thick scab, which lasts about eight days.

itching in the border of the scab, and when this is scratched off, there is much and ready bleeding.

afterwards a sensitive red cicatrized skin remains for a long while, and is painful to pressure.

there are similar spots in the upper and inner portion of the left ear (twelfth day),.

Violent itching on a red spot on the outer portion of the right leg, below the middle, in the morning.

after scratching a part of the skin was found to be denuded, with burning pain and watering.

this continued, became first covered with a thick scab on the third day, which lasted eight days, with itching about the margins, and when scratched much, and easy bleeding.

afterwards it remained sensitive for a long time.

the scar was red, painful to pressure.

similar spots appeared on the upper and inner portions of the left ear twelve days afterwards,.

When sitting bent, sensation in the region of the stomach as if distended with air, which causes a distressing pressure, which is relieved for a short time by eructations of gas.

when remaining in that position for a longer time, it becomes very painful, and descends lower down into the left side of the abdomen.

it disappears entirely when sitting erect,.

Visible swelling on the dorsum of the penis, not far from the glans, the skin over which is movable.

the swelling feels like a cartilage, is flat towards the median line, but with a swollen border externally, is painless even to pressure, becomes harder during an erection, more manifest, with a peculiar, dull, tensive sensation, for eight weeks,.

Stiffness of the left wrist-joint, with some luxation pain.

in a few days the pain changed to a tearing sticking and distension of the joint, with incessant weeping and being beside herself.

she had to move the painful hand from side to side with the sound one or to keep it straight.

the hand could not be allowed to hang down.

continuing several days (Aconite Aconitum relieved the pain),.

Arthritic pain in the great toe of the right foot.

it was red, shining, swollen, with violent boring-sticking pains.

she was neither able to move foot nor toe, nor was she able to bear the least pressure upon it, stocking or bedcover (this continued several days).

afterwards this pain appeared in the right wrist, the hand was stiff, and the same pains were felt in it, unable to grasp the least thing with it.

afterwards it changed from the right to the left hand,.

The menses, which generally appeared four or five days too early, appeared at the right time for only a few hours, and looked watery, on the next day pure blood appeared, but only for two hours, and so in succession for four days,.

the scantiness of the discharge was probably owing to the large size of the dose, she had taken drops.

the next period was normal.