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Sabina - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sabine, Sabina Officinalis, Sabin.

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HPUS indication of Sabina: Minor joint pain

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sabina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Transient burning pains in the vesical region (first days),

The whole length of the urethra is inflamed and painful, with purulent gonorrhoea, from the fourteenth to twenty-first day (from introducing the powdered leaves into the urethra),

Smarting in the urethra, during micturition,

Violent desire to urinate, but little urine is passed; after which she feels as if the would pass more (after a quarter of an hour),

Intermittent, almost painful desire to urinate (after four hours),

Irresistible desire to urinate,

Frequent emission of much urine, for the first eight days, with very little thirst; even at night he wakes to urinate; the urine is turbid when passed,

Urine passed in small quantities, but frequently high-colored, and highly charged with the odor of Sabina (after one hour and a half); passed frequently, but no strangury (after two hours and ten minutes),

Urine passed twice in an hour, slight increase in amount, and Sabina odor strong,

Increased emission of dark-yellow urine,

Copious emission of urine,

Retention of urine, with burning and dribbling discharge,

Peculiar odor of drug in urine,


Dark redness of the glans,

The fraenum is swollen and too tense,

Dull stitches, with pressure from the glans backwards through the whole penis,

Violent stinging itching in the glans, early in the morning,

Paroxysmal pain in the fraenum,

Burning sore pain of the figwarts and glans, worse when touched,

Contused pain in the right testicle,

Tensive sensation, with pressure in the left testicle, frequently recurring,


The os tincae is open, the blood looks red, the discharge is profuse and paroxysmal, especially during motion,

Miscarriage at three months and a half preceded by discharge of thin black blood,

Miscarriage; metrorrhagia,

Milky leucorrhoea, causing itching,

Leucorrhoea, with itching of the pudenda,

(Permanent disappearance of leucorrhoea, of a starchlike consistence, yellowish, ichorous, fetid, and of painful discharges of blood, which occurred every fortnight, fetid, resembling meat washings; the menses then appear regularly), (curative effect),

Severe stitches, deep in the vagina, from before backward,

The menses, generally too early, now came on eight days late,

The menses appear without pain, but are three or four times more profuse than usual; she passes clots of blood after rising,

The menses continue for nine days very profusely,

Violent menstruation returned three days after the menses had ceased, with violent colic and labor-pains; the blood was partly fluid, partly clotted; there was less discharge of red urine with strangury, and discharge of a slimy fluid from the vagina,

Increases the sexual desire to a great degree, and the consequent gratification in females,



Violent and frequent erections, day and night,

The figwarts become painfully sensitive,

Painfulness of the foreskin, he cannot draw it back,

Intermittent drawing pressive pains in the right spermatic cord,

Immoderate irresistible sexual desire,

Increased sexual desire, slight excitement brings on violent and continuous erections, with aversion to coition,

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