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Saccharum Lactis - General symptoms - Clarke

, Sac-l.

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HPUS indication of Saccharum Lactis: Weakness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Saccharum Lactis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Milk-sugar. Lactose. C12H22O11.

Hahnemann chose globules of Saccharum lactis as the chief vehicle of his remedies, because he considered it the most inert substance he could find. But his method of attenuating remedies had shown that no substance is inert in attenuations, and experience shows that no substance is absolutely inert in any form. H. A. Hare says of Sac. l. "Scientific and clinical studies have shown it to be possessed of very great diuretic powers when given in full doses." He says further, that its direct action on the kidneys and its slight action elsewhere indicate it in renal dropsy and renal inactivity.

that it acts best in cases where albuminuria is absent, and that it causes profuse diuresis in infants fed on it. I have frequently met with patients who could not take Sac. l. either unmedicated or as a vehicle without inconvenience. One patient when taking pilules of Sac. l. three times a day complained that they made his "eyes ache and feel weak." One of Swan's provers had this symptom "Sight fails.

eyes tire very easily." Swan is the authority for Sac. l. as a homoeopathic remedy. He has published (Materia Medica) a full pathogenesis of Sac. l., proved in the potencies from 30th upward, together with confirmed and cured symptoms. Eleven provers and observers contributed. I have bracketed the cured symptoms in my Schema. Sac. l. causes sensations of both coldness and heat. One of the cold sensations is this "Sensation of extreme cold passing in a fine line from centre of pubes to a point two or three inches above." Swan regards cold pains as a, keynote, and records this case Mr. S. had an excessively cold neuralgic pain in cartilage of both ears, the right being the worst, with tingling as if frost-bitten.

rubbing with difficulty restored the warmth. Lancinating, neuralgic pains in forehead.

in occiput. extending from region above ears down through ears into muscles of neck.

in both eyes. agg. by least breath of air.

skin sensitive to touch as in inflammatory rheumatism. These pains were icy cold, as if produced by an extremely fine ice-cold needle. As Sac. l. has "fine cold pains" and pains passing in all directions, Sac. l. 1m was given, and relieved all the pains within an hour. (Sac. off. has "cold expectoration.") The symptoms are agg. before a storm.

in damp room or basement.

morning and evening. by blue and yellow colours.

exertion. mental excitement. amel. By warmth of fire.

by red colour. after 4 p.m.

Awoke at midnight with severe pains about heart, which seemed as if it had almost stopped beating, with a numb pain about heart, lips, and tongue.

tingling in lips and tongue.

could not lie on l. side.

felt numb and strange all over.

pulse intermittent.