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Sanguinaria Nitrica - Ears symptoms

Sanguinarinum Nitricum, Sanguin, Sanguinar, Sanguinarina Nitrica, Sanguinaria, Sang-n.

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HPUS indication of Sanguinaria Nitrica: Tickling cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sanguinaria Nitrica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Burning of ears, with redness of cheeks.

Earache, with headache, with singing in ears and vertigo.

Humming and roaring in ears with painful sensitiveness to sudden sounds in women at climaxis.

Cracking in r. ear while stroking cheek.

Every stroke of a hammer heard near a blacksmith's shop is painful to r. ear.

Vein on r. temple swells up in woman, 50, subject to neuralgia and old vascular deafness; after Sanguinaria Canadensis Sang. Ø, one dose, hearing improves for six days strikingly, and then reverts (R. T. C.).

Throat affections causing deafness and earache.

Sanguinaria Nitrica acts strongly on l. Eustachian tube (Hydrastis Canadensis Hydrast. on r.); acts on ethmoid cells specially (R. T. C.).

Increased redness of external ear, with humming and roaring in ears from increased circulation of blood through aural structures.

Burning ears, cheeks red.

Aural polypus.


Pains in the ears, with headache,

Pain deep in the left ear, only for a short time, during the pain in the forehead,

Slowly sticking pain in the left ear (after ten minutes),

Every stroke of a hammer heard near a blacksmith's shop is painful in the right ear,

Throbbing under the ears at irregular intervals, often only two single beats,

Cracking in the right ear, noticed while stroking the right cheek with the finger tips (third day),

Singing in the ears, with vertigo,

Humming in the ears, with determination of blood,


Beating whizzing in the left ear,

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