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Sanguinaria Nitrica - Genitals Etc symptoms

Sanguinarinum Nitricum, Sanguin, Sanguinar, Sanguinarina Nitrica, Sanguinaria, Sang-n.

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HPUS indication of Sanguinaria Nitrica: Tickling cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sanguinaria Nitrica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pain from the kidneys seems to penetrate into the right iliac fossa, and then to shoot through to the sigmoid flexure of the colon, then extending down to the rectum (after three hours, second day),

Dull heavy pain across the kidneys (third morning),

Pain in the bladder (thirteenth and fourteenth days),

Some difficulty in discharging urine, having somewhat of an ardor urinate,

Increased desire to urinate, voiding only a little at a time, but as often as every hour during the day (eighth and ninth days),

Constant desire to urinate, but there is not any increase in the amount of urine voided (twelfth day),

Frequent micturition, even at night,

Frequent micturition at night, always of much watery urine,

Urinate often, quantity natural, color dark-yellow (thirteenth day),

In the evening, the urine is a little more copious than during the day, very high-colored, and throws down a reddish sediment on standing (third day),

Increase in the quantity of urine (ninth and tenth days),

The urine increases in quantity about one-half and was voided often (first day),

Increase in the quantity of urine (ninth and eleventh days),

Urine higher-colored, and not quite as easily voided (third morning),

Urine scanty, red, and high-colored, in morning (eighth and ninth days),

Dull, heavy pain across kidneys.

Pain from kidneys penetrates r. iliac fossa, then shoots through sigmoid flexure to rectum.

Frequent and copious nocturnal urination, urine as clear as water.

(Retention of urine consequent on gravel and calculus.).

Urine is thick and white next day (agg. from 200th.)

R. T. C.).

Copious urination goes on all night with much amel. to chest symptoms (in a lady.)

R. T. C.).

Very copious urine at night, with pain in l. hypochondrium; agg. from coughing; amel. from pressure and lying on l. side.

Urine dark yellow; high-coloured, red sediment.

Ardor urinae.


Burning sensation in the glans penis (twelfth day); the pain continues (thirteenth day),

Burning in glans.


Menses appeared a week too early, with black blood,

Menses much more profuse than usual, with less pain and weakness in the small of the back than usual; but with headache in the right side of the forehead and side of the head, with a sensation as if the eyes would be forced out of the head, worse in the right eye (second day),

Catamenia at the right time; very offensive putrid smell, bright red; the blood deposits clots in the vessels like lumps of flesh; towards the end the blood became darker, and the offensive odor abated; the first four days the flow was very copious, and the catamenia lasted ten days (seventh day),

Cessation of the menses (fifteenth day),



Emissions two nights in succession, after which he felt very well,

Emissions two nights in succession; after which he felt very well.

Gleet; old cases.

Climacteric disorders, esp. flushes of heat and corrosive, fetid leucorrhoea.

Burning of palms and soles at climaxis compelling to throw off clothes.

Painful enlargement of breasts at climaxis.



Dysmenorrhoea of feeble, torpid subjects, with tendency to congestion of lungs, liver, or head.

Burning pain between breasts in afternoon, agg. on r. side.

Shootings in bosom and pain in mammae as from excoriation.

The nipples are sore and painful.

Stitches in nipples, esp. r.

Sharp, piercing pain in r. breast, just beneath nipple; agg. deep breath, some dyspnoea.

Pain in r. breast extends to shoulder, can hardly place hand on head.

Threatened abortion, pains in loins extending through epigastric and iliac regions and down thighs.

Hydrops uteri.


Abdominal pains as if menses would appear.

Menstruation too early, with a discharge of black blood.

Menses more profuse than usual; with headache r. side; at night time, very offensive, putrid, bright red, clotting, becoming darker towards end and less offensive.

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