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Sanguinaria Nitrica - Head symptoms

Sanguinarinum Nitricum, Sanguin, Sanguinar, Sanguinarina Nitrica, Sanguinaria, Sang-n.

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HPUS indication of Sanguinaria Nitrica: Tickling cough

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sanguinaria Nitrica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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R. T. C.).

Sensation of heaviness in head.

Determination of blood to head, with whizzing in ears; flushes of heat; accumulation of water in mouth.

Heaviness in head from vertex to centre of forehead, with pressing in glabella and buzzing in head; eyes dull.

Feeling as if head were drawn forward.

Distension of veins on head, esp. on temples, perceptible to the touch and sore.

Distension of veins in temples; sore when touched.

ache from stomach disturbances, overeating, rich food, drinking wine. Almost as useful as Nux Vomica Nux in old drinkers. Those who disorder their stomachs and weaken their digestion by beer drinking; they cannot eat; vomiting of even a teaspoonful of water.


Pain in the vertex,

Pain like a fulness in the sinciput, in the afternoon,

Headache, as if the forehead would burst, with chilliness and burning in the stomach,

Awoke with a severe frontal headache over the eye, which continued all day (second day),

Sharp frontal headache (Fincke, 10m),

Headache very severe through the whole front of the head, extending down into the cheek-bones, for two hours (after three hours, second day),

On taking a little exercise the frontal headache increases, and sympathizes with the stomach, like sick headache (third morning),

Pressive headache in the forehead,

Severe pain and sore feeling through all the front of the head and temples, with strong pulsation in the temporal arteries (third day),

Neuralgic pains of a constrictive kind, from the right side of the forehead to the zygomatic arch, all day (fourth day),

Burrowing pain in the upper part of the forehead,

A lightning like pain in the right side of the forehead and temple, at 5 P.M., lasting five minutes; repeated at 7 P.M.; at 11 P.M. a sudden transient pain like an electric shock through the forehead,

Pain in the forehead (after five days), Niedhard.

Transient pain like a pressure in the right side of the forehead, only while standing still, better while walking,

Slight frontal headache, soon (ninth day),

Slowly sticking pain in the forehead (after fifteen minutes),

Severe aching pain through the temples and in frontal region (first night),

Sides of the head (temples) feel pressed together, with darting pains over the upper portion of the eyeballs (after thirty-minutes),

Pressing pain in both temples, with occasional darting pain through head, in the afternoon (second day),

Pain very severe in the left temple, at times like a nail driven in the brain, with violent throbbing in the temporal arteries (third morning),

Pressing pain in the temples, in the morning (fourth day),

Moderate pain in the back of the head and neck, gradually extending downwards to the region of the kidney, where the pain is very severe, dull and heavy, in the afternoon (second day),

Head swims on lying down suddenly; gets pain l. side of back near waist, as from spleen; bowels confined; complexion spotty (cured in woman, 32.)

Headache over whole head from 5 p.m. to midnight; then free; and then sickness (vomiting) from 5 p.m. to midnight (agg.)

Headache, with rheumatic pains and stiffness of limbs and neck.

Periodical sick headache; with vomiting of bile; begins in morning, agg. during day, lasts till evening; agg. from motion, stooping, noise, and light; only endurable when lying still, and amel. by sleep or after vomiting; esp. severe over r. eye.

Headache returns periodically.

Terrific headache as if caused by approaching coryza which does not come, in forehead and middle of vertex, with pressure in eyes, which burn and are moved with difficulty.

Terrific headache during the fever.

Dull, pressive frontal headache.

Headache as if forehead would burst, with chill and burning in stomach.

Frontal headache extending into cheek-bones.

Headache or neuralgia over r. eye.

Headache as if it must burst, or as if eyes would be pressed out; amel. walking in open air.

Headache with shuddering.

Headache begins in occiput, spreads upward, and settles over r. eye.

Pain in head in rays drawing upwards from neck.

Headache with nausea and chilliness, followed by flushes of heat, extending from head to stomach.

Headache with flushed face.

Pains in head in spots.

Pains in head, which pass rapidly from one place to another, like electric shocks.

Pulsations in head (throbbing headache), with bitter vomiting, agg. from motion.

Headache rising up from neck.

Head very painful to touch; where pain has been.

Periodic headaches, when the headache comes once in seven days it begins in the morning on waking or wakes the patient up.

again When the headache is present it seems to be a general congestive headache; although beginning in the morning, coming up the back and extending to the right eye, the whole head is hot and aches.


One-sided looseness of the scalp and drawing in it, on raising the eyes,

The scalp on the right side seems loose,

Soreness of the scalp on touch,

Moving the scalp still painful (fourth day),

Sensation of mobility in the scalp.

Outer head

Enlarged veins on the head,


The top of my head feels as though it were cleaved from the base (sixteenth and seventeenth days),

Pressure on the top of the head, in the region of the anterior fontanelle, disappearing on walking,


Pressive drawing in the forehead,

A bandlike constriction across the forehead, just above the eyebrows, in the afternoon (second day),


Periodic sticking in the left temple,

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