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Sanguinaria Nitrica - Mouth symptoms

Sanguinarinum Nitricum, Sanguin, Sanguinar, Sanguinarina Nitrica, Sanguinaria, Sang-n.

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HPUS indication of Sanguinaria Nitrica: Tickling cough

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sanguinaria Nitrica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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White patches on mucous membrane.


General Mouth.

Mouth clammy and feverish (second day),

Burning in the mouth and stomach (after two hours, first day),

Spitting, with nausea,

Gums and teeth

Looseness of the teeth,

Toothache when picking the teeth,

Pain in the upper teeth,

Pain in a hollow tooth, especially when touched by food,

Pain in the right lower hollow molar after cold drinks, two mornings in succession,

Awoke with toothache in a right upper hollow tooth, and headache in the right side of the forehead, extending into the ear; the toothache was aggravated by cold water (and also by hot drinks), but relieved by warm water,

A slow short and long-thrilling sensation, ending in a gnawing, in an upper molar (after twenty minutes),

Pain in one or several incisors and in a hollow molar (after twenty minutes),


Sores on the gums and roof of mouth (Fincke, 10m),

Flow of saliva and looseness of the teeth; it seems as if they would fall out,

Sore on gums and roof of mouth.

Fetid breath, clammy mouth, sticky teeth.

Pain in hollow teeth, esp. when touched by food.

Toothache from picking teeth.

Pain in carious teeth after cold drinking.

Looseness of teeth (with salivation).

Bleeding, spongy, fungoid gums.





Light yellow coating on the tongue, in the morning (fourth day),

Tongue coated yellowish white (eighth and ninth days),

Tongue coated white, with loss of appetite,

Tongue feels burnt,

Crawling in the tip of the tongue, followed by an astringent sensation that extended over the whole tongue, on waking (first day),

Dry and raw sensation of something acrid, beginning in the right side of the tongue and extending over the whole tongue, soon after waking, in the morning,

Stitches in the left side of the tongue,

Prickling in the tip of the tongue (after fifteen minutes),

Pricking on the point of the tongue.

Tongue feels as if burned or as if sore; is coated white.

Red streak through middle of tongue.

Tip of tongue burns as if scalded.

Pricking in tip of tongue.

Stitches in l. side of tongue.

Crawling on tip of tongue followed by astringent sensation of whole tongue, on waking.

Dry, acrid sensations, beginning r. side and extending over whole tongue.


Yellowish white coating on the tongue, with bad taste in the mouth (second day),

Mouth clammy, with very disagreeable taste, with abundant accumulations about the teeth, and very fetid breath (third morning),


Fatty taste in the mouth,

The cake has a bitter taste, followed by burning in the fauces,

Slimy taste in the mouth,

Taste very much impaired (second day),

Awoke in morning with disagreeable taste in mouth (fifth day),

White coated tongue with slimy, fatty taste.

Sweet things taste bitter, followed by burning in fauces.

Loss of smell and taste; with a burnt feeling on tongue.


Burning in the mouth and fauces (first day),

Burning in the mouth and fauces, immediately (fourth day); lasting four hours and a half (fifth day),


Prickling on the tongue and hard palate, as if he had been chewing Mezereum Mezereum (after twenty-five minutes),

Prickling on tongue and hard palate as after chewing Mezereum Mezereum.

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