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Sanguinaria Nitrica - Nose symptoms

Sanguinarinum Nitricum, Sanguin, Sanguinar, Sanguinarina Nitrica, Sanguinaria, Sang-n.

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HPUS indication of Sanguinaria Nitrica: Tickling cough

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sanguinaria Nitrica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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When snuffed up the nostrils it proved stenutatory, and left a sensation of heat for some time,

Dull heavy pain at the root of the nose, with a dizzy sensation, somewhat like the effect of alcoholic stimulus, with same feeling of lassitude (after six hours),

Severe pain about the root of the nose (third day),

Sensation of heat in the nose,

Odor of roasted onions in the nose,

Aversion to the smell of syrup,

Loss of smell and taste,

Smell in nose like roasted onion.

Rose-cold, with subsequent asthma; sick and faint from odour of flowers.

Loss of smell and taste.

Dislike to odour of syrup.

Nasal polypus.

and throat Catarrhal conditions of nose and throat, especially those due to colds and to poisonous plans; also Ruta Graveolens rue colds.


Profuse fluent coryza in the right nostril,

Fluent coryza, with frequent sneezing,

Watery acrid coryza, making the nose sore,

Alternations of fluent and dry coryza,

Painful coryza, during the fever (fourth day),

Dry coryza, as from a sudden cold (thirteenth day),

Much sneezing,

Sneezing very frequently, with tingling in the nares (after three hours, second day),

Snuffed into the nose it excites sneezing, and an increased secretion from the Schneiderian membrane,

Dull heavy pain about the root of the nose, with considerable coryza; with stinging sensation in the nose, causing considerable rubbing (second day),

Dull pain at the root of the nose, with tingling sensation like coryza, in the afternoon (second day),

Fluent coryza with frequent sneezing; agg. r. side.

Heat in nose; coryza, rawness in throat, pain in breast, cough, and finally diarrhoea.

Coryza, watery, acrid; with tingling; with heavy pain at root of nose and stinging in nose.

Dry coryza, as from a sudden cold.

Alternately fluent and dry coryza.

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