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Sanicula Aqua - General symptoms - Clarke

The Water Of Sanicula Springs, Ottawa, Ill., Sanicula, Sanic.

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HPUS indication of Sanicula Aqua: Motion sickness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sanicula Aqua in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Sanicula Aqua Marina aqua. A Mineral Spring Water of Ottawa, Ill., U.S.A. (Containing, approximately, in grains per gallon)

Nat Mur Nat. m. 93, Calc Carb Calc. m. 23 1/2, Magnesia Muriatica Mag. m. 23 1/4, Calc Carb Calc. bicarb. 14 1/4, Calc Carb Calc. Sulphur sul. 9 1/2, K. Sulphur sul. 5, Nat. bicarb. 1, Nat. bro. 1/3, Fe. bicarb. 1/10, Natrum iodatum Nat. iod. 1/12, Silicea Sil. 1/2, Alumina Alumina 1/100, and traces of Lithium Carbonicum Lith. bicarb., Natrum Phosphoricum Nat. ph., Borax Borax.) Dilutions of the spring water. Triturations of the evaporated salt.

Amenorrhoea. Anterior crural neuralgia. Asthma. Bee-stings. Boils.

during pregnancy. Eczema. Emaciation. Enuresis. Excoriations. Foot-sweat. Gastritis. Gum-boil. Headache. Indigestion. Influenzinum Influenza. Intermittents. (Intestinal sand.) Itch.

suppressed. Itching. Leucorrhoea. Liver, soreness of. Lumbago. Melancholy. Milk, thin. Mouth, sore. Neuralgia. Neurasthenia. Night terrors. Nose, crusts in. Ophthalmia.

tarsi. Os uteri, dilated. Ossification, too early. Ozaena. Perspiration, excessive. Pot-bellied children. Pregnancy, sickness of.

dropsy of. Rectum, cramp in. Rheumatism. Rickets. Scurvy. Sea-sickness. Shoulders, rheumatism of. Throat, sore. Tongue, ringworm of.

burning. Toothache. Uterus, prolapse of.

soreness of. (tumour of). Vomiting, of milk.

of water. Wrist, boils on.

weakness, emaciation, itching, ill-nourished skin, pimply face, "dirty, greasy, and brownish" appearance of body, scrofulous ophthalmia and scrofulous eruptions, cold, clammy hands and feet, foul-smelling foot-sweat, profuse sweat of back of head and neck, hair dry and lustreless, thick dandriff on scalp and eyebrows, slow digestion, constipation, or else diarrhoea, stools turning green, pot-bellied, rickety children. On the other hand, when taken by a pregnant woman, Sanic. has caused premature closing of sutures and fontanelles prior to birth. The mental state of the Sanic. cachexia is characterised by lack of energy, with no stability of purpose.

jumping from one work to another, never finishing anything. There is also much depression, with sense of impending misfortune. Children are stubborn, wilful, get angry and throw themselves backward. Digestion is slow. Children vomit milk or thick curds soon after nursing. The menses are irregular, delayed, scanty, and attended with pain. Nervous sensibility is exaggerated, and there is general and local intolerance on least jar. This has led to its successful use in train-sickness and sea-sickness. The low vitality of Sanic. is evidenced in the cold clamminess of other parts besides hands and feet. Sherbino relates this case Mr. F. had neuralgia of coccyx, sacrum, and lumbar region, agg. by any movement, turning in bed, rising from chair, stooping.

amel. keeping still. Parts sore to touch. Cold sensation in lumbar and sacral regions as if there were a cold cloth there. Feet cold and clammy. Sanic. 10m cured after other remedies failed. The foot-sweat occurs between the toes, making them sore, as well as on the soles, which are as if one had stepped in cold water On the other hand, there may be "burning of the soles, must uncover or put them in a cool place," and "child kicks off clothing even in coldest weather." The odours of Sanic. are characteristic. The stool has an odour of rotten cheese, and no amount of washing will get rid of it. The flatus has the same odour. Vaginal discharges and condylomata of penis have an odour of fish brine. This has led to a number of cures. The digestive tract is greatly disordered by Sanic. Food has a long after-taste.

turns sour. Children vomit milk looking like "Schmierkäse." Appetite is increased.

or disordered. Craves salt.

craves fat bacon, which agg. Eating = desire for stool.

must leave the table. Great thirst.

drinks little and often.

vomits as soon as it reaches the stomach. Incontinence of urine and faeces. Urging from flatus, must cross legs to prevent faeces escaping. Sanic. is as great a remedy in constipation as in diarrhoea. There is no desire for stool till a long accumulation has occurred. After great straining stool partially expelled recedes. Large evacuation of small, dry, grey balls, which have to be removed mechanically. Stool square, as if carved with a knife. The diarrhoea is changeable in character and colour Like scrambled eggs.

frothy, grass-green. turns green on standing.

like scum of frog-pond. There is excoriation of skin about anus, perinaeum, and genitals. As well as weakness of rectum and bladder, there is uterine weakness and bearing down as if contents of pelvis would escape.

must place hand to vulva to prevent it. Walking, misstep, or jar agg. this, and also soreness of the uterus. Sherbino (M. A., xxvi. 133) relates the case of Mrs. X., who had been in poor health a number of years. Tall, anaemic. Has to urinate too often and too profusely, rises several times in night. Urine clear, pale. Has leucorrhoea, profuse, changeable in colour, at times milky, then yellow, agg. during stool. Weak and prostrated, rumbling in bowels before meals, amel. after eating and when stomach is full. Hands cold, clammy.

also feet, agg. in cold weather.

stockings always damp. Two doses of Sanic., 10m and then 50m, cured all the trouble. H. C. Morrow regards Sanic. as the chronic of Chamomilla Cham. (H. R., ix. 253). He records the case of a baby who had been ill through a summer with diarrhoea. Morrow cured it with Sanic. 50m (F.), a peculiar symptom in the case being that the boy wanted to lie on something hard, thin as he was. Morrow had himself suffered since a boy from effects of suppressed itch. Among his symptoms were.

"felt as if he had on cold, damp stockings," and "sweat about the head and neck when asleep, wetting the pillow far around." Calc Carb Calc. gave no relief.

Sherbino advised Sanic., and after taking it Morrow was in better health than he had been for twenty years.

Morrow also relates these cases (M. A., xxiv. 47) ($51$) A lady was constipated a year.

Had to strain very hard to expel the stool; at times faeces so large, hard, and dry, she was compelled to pick it out with the fingers.

Sanic. relieved. (2) A fig-wart on glans penis, with a discharge from its surface which smelled like fish brine.

Sanic. cured. Gundlach relates (M. A., xxvi. 97) these cases ($51$) Mrs.

K. felt an attack of fever impending.

Sad and despondent. Had fever the previous night with headache, but no thirst.

Mouth dry, tongue coated, bad breath inside lips and cheeks many little aphthous ulcers; no appetite bowels constipated; tired, numb, lame feeling in all limbs; chilly, craves warmth, yet head feels better in open air.

Sanic. 10m, every three hours, cured. (2) Mr.

C. complained that the roof of his mouth felt scalded, agg. taking anything warm in mouth, especially hot drink.

Smokers have this kind of sore mouth, but patient was not a smoker.

Gundlach remembered his own similar symptoms of the proving, and gave Sanic. 10m, which promptly removed the condition. (Sanic. causes a burning of the tongue so intense that it must be put out to cool here again is the "agg. by warmth" of the mouth). (3) Gundlach's horse was out of health, would not eat, bowels constipated, stools dark and scant.

Tired, rubbed his tail at every opportunity till nearly all the hair was rubbed off.

A veterinarian diagnosed "lampers," and said the gums would be found swollen and sore, and would need scarifying.

The gums were found sore and swollen, mouth slimy, tongue coated.

Sanic. 10m was given thrice daily, and no scarifying was needed.

He was well in a few days.

Sherbino (M. A., xxvi. 135) removed with Sanic. 10m and 50m these symptoms in a man suffering from the after-effects of Influenzinum influenza and much drugging Soreness through stomach and liver region.

Liver enlarged, great tenderness to pressure or jar.

Could not laugh without supporting stomach and bowels. amel.

When stomach full, agg. when it was empty.

G. M. Chase (M. A., xxiv. 336) relates a case of acute gastric catarrh.

Patient had had repeated attacks lasting three to seven days.

Two doses of Sanic. cured.

The mental symptoms were the chief guides Irritable, least word or action would "upset" her.

Misconstrues everything.

Melancholy, sad, depressed, no energy.

Fever but no thirst. Headache, cannot bear light or noise.

Offensive breath, but not from teeth.

Rheumatic pains in shoulders, agg. left, extending to chest.

Only amel. from heat; patient sat with back to the fire.

Gundlach (M. A., xxiii. 381) relates this similar case Mrs.

W., 55, after a violent cold two days before, had great pain in muscles of neck, shoulders, and upper back, pain constant, but made sharp by attempts to put her hands to her head or behind her.

Could not look round without turning whole body. agg.

From cold or motion; amel. from warmth and rest until she gets tired of holding head and body in one position, when she would have to move it.

Sanic. 30 made a rapid cure.

C. M. Boger (M. Couns., xvi. 265) relates the case of a light-haired carpenter, 35, who had hacking cough from trachea after rising in morning, also in evening.

Sneezing occasionally during day.

Crusty sores in right nostril.

Dull pain in frontal sinuses, agg. stooping.

Aching in muscles of whole back, stitches upward, agg. from motion.

Foot-sweat, making feet sore, stiffens stockings, destroys shoes.

Itching eruption over sternum.

Itching pimples on coccyx.

Sanic. 10m (F. C.) cured.

Gundlach (M. A., xxiii. 382) relates these two cases of constipation. ($51$) Mr.

A., always accustomed to take pills.

No stool, nor desire, for five days.

Dull frontal headache with vertigo; stooping or getting up suddenly = vertigo.

When walking gets blind and dizzy, has to stand still till it passes off.

Poor appetite; tongue large and flabby, coated yellowish.

Bad taste in morning; at times stomach full and oppressed after eating; accumulation of gas.

Stool scanty and requires great effort to expel. "Not done" sensation after stool.

Sanic. 10m cured promptly and completely. (2) Miss R., 20, constipated all her life.

Goes a week without desire.

Great effort required to expel stool, which would at times slip back.

Sanic. 30 helped at once.

W. J. Guernsey (M. A., xxiii. 382) relates several cases of bowel disorder in children. ($51$) R., aged one month, has sore mouth.

Jumps on waking from sleep.

Stool difficult with straining.

Sanic. 10m cured in a few days.

Three months later same child had swelling about eyes.

Discharge of water from nose.

Rubs nose constantly, looking frightened.

Sanic. 10m cured in five doses. (2) B., four months, stools loose, green.

Restless at night. Losing flesh.

Eyes look very heavy. Has had sore mouth removed by the mother with Borax Borax wash, Sanic. 10m, 50m, and cm, gradually cured. (3) S., aged seven months, stool loose and copious.

Stool becomes pale on standing.

Urinates much. Vomits large chunks of milk.

Wakens screaming in fright.

Sanic. 10m. All symptoms disappeared, but a large carbuncle appeared on right buttock, which, however, was less painful than its size would indicate, opened in five openings and discharged within a week, rapid recovery following.

Guernsey chose Sanic. on the italicised symptom, being the direct opposite of the special Sanic. condition, and as it is noted under no other remedy.

Opposites as well as similars may serve as indications.

Gundlach (H. P., xiii. 158) reports these cases ($51$) Printer, 40, suffering for some weeks from results of overwork.

Dull pain in forehead over eyes feels as if eyes being driven back into head; agg. in warm, close room by application of mind; amel. in open air.

Mind wanders when trying to apply it.

Cannot keep at any one thing.

No appetite. Bad taste, tongue coated white, agg. morning.

Dry mouth, no thirst. Fears he will lose his reason.

Sanic. 10m cured. (2) Mrs.

H., 45, constantly chilly mingled with flushes of heat.

Chills agg. moving, even turning in bed; amel. by external warmth.

Chills at irregular times; spread from below up.

During chill wants to be covered; during heat wants covers off.

Pains and aching in limbs, feels sore and bruised, both flesh and bones; can't put hands to head or behind for pain in shoulders.

Head dull, heavy. Warmth amel. pains, but agg. head.

Bad taste; wants sour things; some thirst with fever; urine dark, scanty.

Sanic. 10m cured. J. V. Allen (H. P., ix. 380) observed that in the eye cases of Sanic. there is marked photophobia without much inflammation.

The cases he cured had these symptoms Must close eyes continually; with this an awful discharge of thick, yellowish, greenish matter, excoriating any part it touches.

In one child there was as well greenish nasal discharge, excoriating nostrils and lips.

Peculiar Sensations are Head as if open and wind went through it.

Of cold cloth round brain.

Of scalp all drawn up to vertex.

Coldness in throat. Throat as if too large.

Back as if in two pieces.

Lumbar vertebrae as if gliding past each other, especially when rocking in a chair.

Feeling of distraction.

There is great fear of the dark; constant desire to look behind her.

Dreams of robbers. "Stool full of jagged particles" suggests the condition known as "intestinal sand." Square stool is also peculiar.

The symptoms are agg. by touch.

Child cannot bear to be approached.

In bed one cannot bear to lie near or touch another.

Cannot bear to have one part touch another; sweat where parts (as crossed thighs) touch.

Part lain on sweats. Must loosen clothing.

Slight pressure agg. more than hard. agg.

From strain; from riding in cars. agg.

Descending. agg. Motion; raising arms; putting arms behind back; working. agg.

Misstep, walking, jar.

Cough = bursting in vertex. amel.

Rest. agg. Leaning head forward; amel. leaning it back.

Awakes at night with arms under head.

On waking child rubs eyes and nose with fist.

Light and noise agg. Eating agg.; urging to stool whilst eating.

Also agg. before eating (hunger); and amel. after breakfast; and when stomach full.

Swallowing agg. amel.

Vomiting. agg. At noon. amel.

In open air. agg. Warm room (head and skin symptoms chiefly). amel.

Warmth; wraps up head in cold weather. agg.

Becoming cool after running (pain in jaw). agg.

From draught of air, especially cold air.

Cannot bear cold wind on back of head or neck. agg.

Change, especially to damp weather, Periodicity, chills every other day.

Symptoms of the proving recurred repeatedly during five years.

Smoking agg. eructations, amel. nausea.

Pains go right to left; front to back; and back to front; shift much.


The water of Sanicula spring is without odour or colour, and has an agreeable and slightly alkaline taste. It was proved by J. G. Gundlach, who, with his family, drank it for more than a year. Writing in H. P., September, 1890, Gundlach says Though some five years since the proving was made, we all (that is, my family) still suffer from the effects, and I fear never will fully get over them, as nearly all the symptoms still recur." Sherbino proved Sanic. in the potencies, and a large number of the symptoms of both provings have been confirmed. We have in Sanic. one of the best-proved remedies of the materia medica, a polychrest and antipsoric of wide range. My Schema is taken from the arrangement of Frank W. Patch in Med. Adv., xxviii. 16l. Brackets indicate cured symptoms. The cachexia of Sanic. is its most pronounced feature

hungry before meals

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