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Saponinum - Chest symptoms

Saponin, Santo.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Saponinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



8 P.M., feeling of formication deep in tissue of lung (eighth day),

One sharp stabbing pain in right lung; at 4 P.M., repeated stabbing pains in right lung, middle lobe; at 9 P.M., dull aching pains in left lung, also some sharp pains in right; symptoms all of short duration (second day),

In the afternoon had a dull pain in the pectoral muscles, of an aching character; also pain in the biceps, near its insertion; muscles sore on pressure (second day),

Dull pains through thorax (first day),

At the time of the chill there was a dull pain and feeling of constriction in the left chest (after two hours, second day),

Formication deep in tissue of lung.

Repeated sharp stabbing in r. lung; middle lobe; dull aching in l. lung.

Dull pains through thorax.

At time of chill constriction in l. chest.


Dull pain in region of heart.

Pulse accelerated; weak, hardly perceptible.


At 4 P.M., a peculiar cough, which is excited at every forced inspiration through the nose, only one cough at a time (fourth day),

Slight cough (second morning),

At 4 p.m. peculiar cough, which is excited at every forced inspiration through nose, only one cough at a time.

Heart and pulse

Dull pain in region of heart (first day),

Pulse 98 (sixteenth day); 104 (twentieth day),

Pulse went from 70 to 90; remained in high fever for four hours (after three hours),

Pulse 70 (first day); 74 (second day); 90, at 7. M. (third day),

Pulse 70 (ninth day),

Pulse very weak, hardly perceptible (second day),

Weak pulse (fourth day),

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