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Sarracenia - Abdomen symptoms


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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sarracenia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Disgust for food, which always seems hard and insufficiently cooked.

Frequent rising of food and of bitter water from the stomach, especially in the afternoon and at night, with fatiguing and ineffectual efforts to vomit.

Stomach excessively inactive, need to take light food and to masticate it much in order to digest it; also need to drink very slowly.

Difficult digestion, especially of pastry and fat food.


Very offensive flatus.


Bad digestion with regurgitation of bile, as in vomiting.

Pains in the stomach, with nausea, eructations, emission of flatus, vomiting, and diarrhoea.

Colic and cutting, with desire to apply cold water to the abdomen; vomiting and diarrhoea, chiefly in the evening and after eating and drinking.


Burning pains in the hypochondria and kidneys, with the sensation as if a red-hot iron passed through them; he is obliged to lie on his belly.

Inflammation and swelling of the liver.

Sensation of pain and of tickling in the liver, as if there were a mass of pus in that organ.

Pulsations in the region of the liver, aggravated by the least movement.

Pulsative pains in the liver intermingled with pains as from the thrusts of a knife.

General Abdomen.

Swelling of the abdomen as in ascites, with excoriating pains in the kidneys and intestines.

Inflammation and swelling of the abdomen with constipation and tenesmus.

The pains in the abdomen and stomach are so violent as to almost cause faintness.

Distensive pain in the abdomen and hypochondria with tenderness of the skin of the abdomen.

Sensation as if the abdomen were full of boiling water and of vesicles, which burst and increased the amount of water in the abdomen.

Sensation of tearing and excoriation in the abdomen and anus during stool.

Burning and lancinating pains in the whole abdomen, with a sensation as if the intestines were corroded.

Excessive burning in the abdomen with lancinating pain, borborygmi, and flatulent colic, principally in the evening, when riding in a carriage, after having eaten and taken a walk.

Spasmodic pains in the pelvis and thighs, frequently after urinating.

During menstruation, great debility in the pelvis, as if it were broken, with spasmodic pains in the legs, tingling pains, and many other sufferings.


Appetite and Thirst.

Great thirst, with momentary sensation as if one choking for want of drink.

Great thirst and boulimia, with burning pains in the stomach.


Burning, distensive, and contractive pain in the stomach with oppression.

The thirst passes off frequently, and then the stomach feels as if it were full of water.

"Pituite," with a sensation of coldness in the stomach.

Painful sensitiveness in the epigastric region.

Sensation of indurations and ulcers in the stomach.

Burning and lancinating pains in the stomach requiring her to hold and press upon the epigastric region.

Pain as from an abscess, in the stomach, and a sensation as if worms were moving about it.

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting, principally in the evening and night, also when sitting bent over at writing, and after eating and drinking.

Vomiting of food and bile, often without any effort.

Frequent vomiting of food and of yellow bile.

Vomiting of blood, with a dry cough or without cough.

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