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Sarsaparilla - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Smilax, Sarsaparilla Officinalis, Sarsap, Sars.

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HPUS indication of Sarsaparilla: Flatulence

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sarsaparilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



He longs for his dinner, with an ardent desire,

No appetite and no hunger; food had not enough flavor, and after a meal it seemed to him as if he had eaten nothing; as if the stomach were without sensation,

Loathing at the thought of the food eaten,

Thirst for water, in the afternoon, 2 o'clock, after chill before dinner (first day),

Absence of thirst during meals, contrary to his habit (first to fourth day),

Eructation, with taste of the food, after dinner (fifth day),

Bitter eructation during dinner; ceases after the meal (second day),

Belching of bitter water, before and once after dinner (fourth day),

Ineffectual inclination to eruct, with spasmodic twisting in stomach, immediately after dinner, lasting one minute,

Hiccough after dinner, three spells (second day),

Severe stinging under the right ribs and in abdomen, one hour after dinner (sixth day),


Cutting around the navel, then moving about in the abdomen, disappearing after passage of flatus, forenoon (eighth day),

Frequent discharge of flatus all day (after eight days),

Discharge of offensive flatus,

Discharge of flatus of fetid odor, evenings (third day),

Discharge of flatus upwards and downwards,

During the diarrhoea rolling and fermentation in abdomen, with discharge of stinking flatus (seventh day),

Straining constriction in hypogastrium, vanishing after passage of flatus, evening and forenoon (seventeenth and eighteenth days),


Constriction in the stomach, with nausea, vanishing at night (ninth day),


Stinging in left hypochondriac region, particularly on bending toward the right; continuing a long time, forenoon (first day),

Dull pressure in the region of the liver; she often had returns of it; felt only in the morning on waking; better after getting up and walking about; after Sepia Sepia high, it disappeared for ten or twelve days,

The left hypochondriac region pains as if bruised, with throbbing, 1 P.M.,

Umbilicus and Sides.

Cutting around the navel, always on gaping (eighth day),

Cutting in a small spot about the navel, morning (eighth day),

Painful pressure inwards and pinching in left side of abdomen, in small spot, aggravated only by deep inspiration,

Pressing pain in left side of abdomen,

Cutting pain on a narrow line of the left side of the abdomen, transversely towards the back; then rolling in the belly and disappearance of the pain (sixth day),

Stinging, now in the right, now in the left side of abdomen (seventh day),

Stinging in the left side of abdomen (soon),

Stinging in left side of abdomen, in the morning while sitting; vanishing while walking,

General Abdomen.

Great fulness in abdomen, after eating or drinking anything,

Distension of abdomen (sixth day),

Flatulency, with dulness in the head,

Rumbling in abdomen, with feeling of emptiness in the same,

Rumbling and rolling in abdomen, every day, without diarrhoea and without distension,

Rolling in the belly and fermentation,

Rumbling and clucking in abdomen, with feeling of emptiness in the same,

Rumbling and growling in bowels,

Loud quacking in abdomen, as in spasms; remitting for a while after eructation (twenty-first and twenty-third days),

Abdomen very sensitive on pressure, 10 A.M.,

During menses frequent griping colic,

Colic, with diarrhoea,

Colicky abdominal pain in the morning (second day),

Feels as if empty and disembowelled in abdomen, soon after breakfast (eighth day),

Frequent spasmodic sensations in abdomen,

Constriction of intestines,

Contracting pain of the bowels, then violent rumbling and grumbling; now around the navel, now upward toward the chest, now again downward, as if diarrhoea were to follow, forenoon (second day),

Pinching and rolling in abdomen, from 5 P.M. till midnight, preventing sleep,

Pinching and rumbling in abdomen, after eating; later passing up on left side towards the stomach, and only dispelled by doubling up,

Pinching colic during menses,

Cutting in abdomen, with scanty stool,

Violent cutting in abdomen, 5 P.M., then semifluid diarrhoeic stools (sixth day),

Severe pinching in abdomen,

Severe pinching in abdomen, and thereupon painful contraction of sphincter ani,

Pressing drawing in abdomen, as after cold,

Motion in the bowels, with burning (soon),

Motion in abdomen, as before diarrhoea, all day,

Feeling of inactivity of bowels,

Burning and heat in abdomen,

Coldness and motion in abdomen (ninth day),

Internal chilliness in the abdomen,

Hypogastrium and Iliac Regions.

A moving and tossing about in lower belly, as if he had taken a purgative, but without diarrhoea, the whole day (after forty-eight hours),

Pinching in left inguinal region,

In right groin severe tension,

On appearance of menses, soreness in the bend of the right groin, and urging to urinate,

Slight soreness in right groin (sixth day),

Soreness in the left groin, as the pain in the testicles and spermatic cords got better (eighth day),


Appetite and Thirst.

More appetite than usual, for several days,

(Wants nothing but juicy fruits),

Gnawing hungry sensation,

No appetite for smoking tobacco, the taste of which seems to him to be entirely changed (fifth, sixth, and seventh days),

All his appetite is gone,

No appetite for breakfast (sixth day),

No hunger or appetite; he ate but little at noon (second day),

Ability to go about all day fasting,

Thirst, even in the morning, continuing all day, with general warmth (third day),

Thirst, frequently throughout the day, with one who is usually not thirsty,

Entire absence of thirst during the whole proving,


First bitter and sour then empty eructations,

Sour eructations before and after attack,

Continual eructation, with shuddering,

Bitter eructation in the morning, after rising, with bitter taste in the mouth (second day),

After eating the usual wasser soup, and drinking a little cold water after it, the soup eructated with a bitter taste (fourth day),

Belching up of bitter sour matter, evenings; he had to spit it out three times,

Belching of sour water, afternoon,

Continuous sour eructation,

Frequent empty eructation, forenoon and evening; evening (second day), and forenoon (fifth day),

Sour eructation after breakfast,

Constant imperfect eructations,


Hiccough, 6 P.M., for a long while,

Hiccoughing eructation (soon),

If he eats ever so little, it nevertheless distends his stomach as much as if he had eaten a great deal,

During menses griping in pit of stomach, extending toward the sacrum,

Griping in pit of stomach, extending toward the sacrum,

Spasmodic twisting in stomach,

Often spasmodic sensation in pit of stomach,

Pressure in pit of stomach, evening, while singing (fourth day),

Pressing pain in epigastrium and directly under the ensiform cartilage, increased by touch,

Pressure in stomach, with soft stool,

Sense of weakness in the stomach,

It is very subject to lie heavy on the stomach and to produce indigestion,

Heat and burning in the stomach (soon),

Heat in the stomach, as after spirituous beverages, after eating a mouthful of bread (sixth day),

Nausea and vomiting

Constant nausea, without inclination to vomit, afternoon (third day),


Nausea, with an acrid sensation on the tongue and in the swallow,

It has nauseating effects,

Much nausea, with constant ineffectual inclination to vomit, the whole forenoon (first day),

Severe nausea, mornings, increased to vomiting, with increased herbaceous taste in the mouth,

Nausea after breakfast,

Nausea, with vertigo,

Nausea, with headache,

Nausea, with constriction of the stomach,

Nausea and exhaustion after dinner,

Nausea in the throat, caused by the rising of a nauseous vapor into the mouth, with affection of the head,

Nausea and inclination to vomit; it comes up constantly (third day),

Constant inclination to vomit,

Efforts to vomit,

She has to vomit often, and each time her nose bleeds,

Vomiting of bitter substances with great efforts,

Sick stomach and prostration, kind of coryza, had to lie down, and could not move; pulse somewhat retarded,

Vomits her breakfast after pain in the stomach,

Sour vomiting, ; with headache,

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