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Selenium - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Selen, Selenium Metallicum, Sel.

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HPUS indication of Selenium: Debility

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Selenium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Weakness, sleepiness, and yawning (twenty-seventh day),


Sleepiness early in the evening, followed by only partial sleep with much waking; in the middle of the night he becomes quite awake; after reading, sleepy again; only towards morning does he have sound sleep,

Sleepy early in the evening, contrary to habit he was obliged to lie down, and immediately fell asleep (second day),

Sleeps as if dead, all the forenoon,

Could scarcely rouse himself, in the morning (third day),

On waking from sleep he was at first unconscious and afterwards indolent, but all the more wide awake after washing,

Unable to fall asleep for a long time, in the evening,

Falls asleep late and wakes early,

Falls asleep late at night (third day),

Awakened at night by every slight noise,

Wide awake, very early in the morning (fourth day),

After 3 A.M., he remained awake and felt well,

In the afternoon he woke from a sound sleep full of dreams, precisely to the minute at the time he had determined upon (fourteenth day),

Very early waking always at the same hour however late he falls asleep, for several weeks,

Sleep full of dreams, with loud calculations (second night),

Sleep with many unremembered dreams,

Dreams of journeys and of desire for coition, with violent erections on waking (first day),

Dreams of quarrels, of an unnatural horrible cruelty,

Dreams of the occurrences of the day,

Historical dreams of distant people, at night,


Remarkable, emaciation, especially of the face, hands, about the loins, and on the calves,

He became very weak,

Irresistible desire to lie down and sleep; followed by aggravation of all the symptoms,

As long as the heat of the day lasted, he was obliged to lie down and remained half asleep; even his imagination was quite relaxed,

Obliged to stop suddenly while sitting and working and lie down, without feeling any other effects than that it is quite impossible to do the slightest thing,

After eating exhausted, desire to lie down without being able to sleep, on account of a throbbing in the vessels through the whole body; the pulsation is especially felt in the abdomen,

Very weak and irritable after coition,

Jerking in the whole body, in the evening on falling asleep,

Tearing in the left side of the trunk and head, stiffness in the nape of the neck and in the cervical muscles, impeding turning of the head (second day), (t.),

The slightest draft of air is intolerable; he takes cold easily therefrom, and then has tearing in the limbs,

All his symptoms are worse after sleep (to which he is very much inclined), especially on hot days,

Feels worse after the sleep, to which he is very much inclined,

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