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Senecio Jacobaea - Generalities symptoms

Senecio Jacoboea, Senecio, Senec-j.

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Senecio Jacobaea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Senecio Jacobaea in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



For the past few days I have often felt tired, almost too tired to move, for a few minutes at a time (fifth day),

Feel very tired (fifteenth day),

Great lassitude, in the evening (first day); general lassitude (ninth and fifteenth days); lassitude (twenty-fifth day),


Frequent yawning and shivering, in the forenoon (fifth day),

Yawning and nausea, in the morning, on rising (seventh day); yawning (ninth day); morning, on rising, yawning; feeling of tightness in nose; yawning and inclination to stretch (tenth day),

Drowsiness all day (fifth day),

Frequent waking from sleep, at night (third and fifth days),

Restless before midnight (first night),

Lascivious dreams, with an emission (second night),

Lascivious dreams (fifth and seventh days),

Many vivid dreams, showing an active memory (third and seventh days),

Vivid dreams (fourth night),


Slight exertion produced syncope (eighteenth day),

Restlessness and vigilance (first night),

Great debility and prostration attended the copious diarrhoea (second day),

Disposition to lie down, great weariness and general malaise (second day),

Weariness and nausea (second day),

Great languor (third day),

Nervous trembling (fourth day); trembling (fifth day),

Stitches in different parts of the body, in the right and left foot, back of the neck, left and right arm, and the forehead (ninth day),

About noon, before dinner, sharp stitches, moving from one part to another, in both inguinal regions, lower jaw, right shoulder, left shoulder, forearms, and the temples, lasting about an hour (ninth day),

Sharp lancinating pain in different parts of the body, occasionally through the day, in the arms, legs feet, chest and face (tenth day),

Sticking pain in different parts of the body (twenty-second day),

Symptoms generally worse in the afternoon (first day),

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