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Sepia - Abdomen symptoms - Clarke

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HPUS indication of Sepia: Indifference

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Pains in the liver, when riding in a carriage.

Aching, throbbing, and shooting in hepatic region.

Boring or tensive shootings in hypochondria, esp. during movement.

Shootings in l. hypochondrium.

Attacks of contractive pain in r. hypochondrium.

Pain across hypochondrium at night on lying down, amel. from micturition.

Pain in abdomen, in bed in morning.

Pressure and heaviness in abdomen, with sensation of expansion, as if it were about to burst.

Excessive distension of abdomen.

Heaviness and hardness in abdomen.

Hardness in pyloric region.

Soreness of abdomen in pregnant women.

Enlargement of abdomen (in women who have had children).

Dropsical swelling of abdomen.

Abdominal spasms, with a clawing pain, as if intestines were twisted.

Incisive colic, esp. after corporeal exercise, or at night, with desire to evacuate.

Digging, cuttings, and aching in the abdomen.

Pain, as from a bruise in intestines.

Coldness in abdomen.

Burning sensation and shootings in abdomen, esp. in l. side, and sometimes extending into thigh.

Sensation of emptiness in abdomen.

Lancinations in groins.

Brownish spots on abdomen.


Putrid or sour taste.

Adipsia or excessive thirst, esp. in morning and in evening, sometimes with anorexia.

Great voracity.

Bulimy, with sensation of emptiness in stomach.

Eager desire for wine; for vinegar.

Creates aversion to beer.

Tabacum Tobacco smoke disagrees.

Weak digestion.


Movements and borborygmi in abdomen, esp. after a meal.

Frequent risings, generally sour or bitter, or else like rotten eggs, or with taste of food.

Nausea and vomiting after a meal.

Vomiting of bile and of food (in morning, with headache).

Vomiting of bile and food during pregnancy; straining so hard that blood comes up.

Pains in stomach after a meal, sometimes in evening.

Violent pain in cardia, when food passes into stomach.

Pressure in stomach, as from a stone, esp. during or after a meal, or else at night.

Too salt taste of food.

Repugnance and dislike to food, esp. to meat, and milk, which produces diarrhoea.

Disagreeable risings, with nausea, after eating fat food.


Excessive production and incarceration of flatus.


Nausea, sometimes when fasting in morning, amel. by eating a little.

Nausea, with bitter taste and risings.

Nausea from motion of a carriage.


Vomiting of milky serum (in pregnant women).

Nocturnal vomiting, with headache.

After a weal acidity in mouth, frequent risings, scraping and burning sensation in throat, pulsation in scrobiculus, hiccough, inflation of abdomen, sweat, feverish heat, palpitation of heart, cephalalgia, nausea, vomiting, pains in stomach, &c.


Sensation of emptiness in pit of stomach, just below ensiform cartilage; this is a very weak, "gone" feeling, which nothing can satisfy; this symptom may appear in any complication of troubles, in disordered menstruation, &c.

Painful risings, during which blood comes into mouth.

Acidity, with disgust to life.

Pain in the scrobiculus while walking.

Contractive spasm in stomach.

Waterbrash, esp. after drinking or eating, or preceded by a whirling sensation in stomach.

Cramps in stomach and chest.

Tearing boring in cardiac region, extending to loins.

Cutting boring from stomach towards spine.

Pressive shootings in scrobiculus, and in region of the stomach.

Burning sensation in pit of stomach and scrobiculus.

Throbbing in pit of stomach.

Painful sensation of emptiness in stomach.

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